YetteYette is a homebased-freelancer by day and a makeup enthusiast/blogger for life. A blogger for more than eight(8) years, Yette never really thought of one day be blogging about makeup even though she’s always been in love with it. Though she’s always been fascinated with everything related to girly stuff, (aka cmplykikay, kheekay15 or kheex15 in some of her online journals) she kept her blogs mostly about herself, family, TV/movie addictions and her forever frustration/obsession – web & graphic design. It was only late 2012, (when her entire website was suddenly wiped clean due to a payment mishap) when she finally decided to give in to her (other) forever obsession… beauty, makeup and all things related to ‘ka-kikayan’.

Though she’s always been aware of the basics when it comes to makeup, she never really thought that there’s still a lot to explore. Through her exploration, she will be taking you to a multitude of not only hauls, (which she often does more than a normal blogger, lol :P) but to a series of thorough, detailed product reviews, unboxing (beauty boxes/samples), first impressions, FOTDs, NOTDs and many more, with some geek-related posts on the side.

Yette believes that having her website wiped clean last 2012 was a blessing in disguise. At least, she was able to start a new, and find her true inspiration, makeup, beauty (inside and out) and all things related.

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Hope you enjoy your stay at Yettezkie’s Doodles and come back for more updates! Ciao!


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