Aryana Beauty and Body Pink Party Event (Vlog)

Hey loves! How’s your weekend so far? Mine’s just about to start. But before we bid adieu to another week, let me share with you another vlog that I took at the Aryana Beauty and Body Pink Event. I actually took more photos during the event but lo and behold, it got deleted. FROM THE MEMORY CARD! I thought I already backed it up with my laptop turns out I didn’t. And what’s worse is that I realized this days after, just when I was about to edit the photos. I am so pissed at myself because I thought like I usually do, I already copied it to my laptop. I searched high and low but it’s not here. Good thing I’m done editing and exporting this vlog otherwise I’ll have nothing to post.

Anyhoo, I’m sorry loves. I didn’t mean to blog about this or air this out on you loves but whatevz. I’m sorry too to Aryana Beauty and Body for the lack of photos. Ggggrrr. Enjoy the vlog, loves

The event was held last June 8, 2017 at GM Events Venue, Makati. They introduced us to their newest logo, their  newest products with naughty names such as the Boner Beauty Toner, Touch My Body Whitening Soap, Sun of A Beach Sunblock and Creampie Night Cream. They have the most interesting products, from veins eradication gel, to a black toner. They also told us that they are the official retailer of the Glutax5GS Brand. So if you find some retailers that sell them, please let Aryana B&B know.

For more information about Aryana Beauty & Body, please follow them at:

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  • Jhake o.

    The theme looks like a debut party. The Beach Please tub is big ha and looks really promising!

    • Yes it does! Hahah