Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device Review + Skincare Routine (Video)

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device Review + Skincare Routine (Video)

Back when I started my blog, I often get asked to post about my skincare routine. Some even requested for me to do a video about it. That’s actually one of the reasons why I created my YouTube channel. But because of how limited my time was, and because I’m kinda fickle-minded when it comes to my skincare products, I opted to postpone.

Until I joined Beauty Bound Asia wherein we were asked to do our skincare regimen. There, I used mostly SK-II products which were all provided by YouTube and the brand itself. That video was nearly 2 years ago, and as you may have already guessed, I’m already done with most of those products. Which is why I needed to replace them with other products that are somehow in my price-range (because SK-II is expensive, and there’s no way I can afford that, lol)  but also work for me.

I’m now satisfied with my current skincare routine, and with the products that I’m using. And with that, I thought, why not give you a peek of what I usually do before I go to bed and also let you guys know what I’ve been loving so far. Below’s my updated skin care routine featuring my current favorite Facial Cleansing device – Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device.

If you would like to know the items that I used in the video, then please feel free to go to my YouTube channel. All of the products that were mentioned in the video are indicated in the description box. But for now, I would like to give you my personal thoughts about this micro-foaming cleansing device that I used in the video.

These are all of the items that you will be seeing when you open the box. You have your trusty instruction manual that basically tells you everything you need t know about this cleansing device (don’t lose it, if I were you). You have your handy AC Adaptor that fits from 100-240V,  the device’s stand, the measuring cap (Yes, cap. I’ll explain later). You also have your 2 attachments: the foaming attachment and your soft brush and finally, the device itself.

The device is very easy to hold, as you can see from the video, and it has a nice feel. It’s not too heavy and it’s not too light. It feels very sturdy and it’s made from quality material. The buttons are very easy to press and the device as a whole is very easy to use. The switches as well as the indicators make the device seem less complicated, and it feels very waterproof. Like, it’s impenetrable (just don’t submerge it in water completely, lol).

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

The device features the “3 Steps to Truly Clean Skin” concept. Basically, first you loosen/melt off your makeup using the Warming Makeup Removal PlateThen, when you’re done removing your makeup, simply cleanse your face using the Foaming Attachment, then exfoliate, using the Soft Brush Attachment.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

As previously mentioned, the box contains 2 attachments and 1 measuring cap. The foaming attachment, the soft brush, and the measuring cap. Measuring Cap because it serves as the cover of the device’s head, but it also serves as a measuring ‘cup’ of how much water you’re going to put at the center of the device.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

The operation display panel (switches) like I said before, is very easy to understand and use. Just make sure you read the manual thoroughly so you won’t miss anything. But here’s the basic rundown. There are three main areas in the display – the facial cleansing switch and its indicators, the makeup removal switch and its indicators and the charging indication and notification lamp.

There are two modes each per feature. Like for the makeup removal switch, you can choose how warm you want the “plate” to be and for the facial cleanser, you have two choices as well, ‘Soft’ and ‘Normal’. Just press the button once or twice to get to your desired preference.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

The warm makeup removal plate, as I’ve mentioned features two temperatures/modes. The low temperature measures approximately up to 43°C while the high temperature measures up to approximately 48°C. To switch between each mode, simply press the ‘Warm’ switch for Low, press it twice for ‘High’ and to turn it off, just press it again. It takes about 30 seconds for the device to reach its usable temperature and the indicator light flashes while it’s warming up.

Apply your makeup remover while waiting for it to reach your desired temperature. You can use either a makeup cleansing cream or oil with this device. Once the indicator is glowing, simply apply the makeup removal plate on to your skin and glide it in a circular motion from the inside out. Do take note that the appliance will turn off automatically approximately 30 minutes after the makeup removal indicator begins glowing. To clean, simply wipe the plate off with a tissue or wash with water each and after every use.

To use either of the attachment, just pop off the cap, and press either of them until you hear a ‘click’ sound. Let’s start with the “foaming wash” attachment. I love this feature actually, because it turns ordinary facial cleansers to foaming ones. To use, simply open the facial cleanser compartment at the back, put an ample amount of your preferred facial cleanser, use the measuring cap to add water into the center of the device’s head, and voila! FOOOAAAAMMM!!

The foam actually depends on the facial cleanser that you use and the amount you placed on the compartment. Really thick and sticky facial cleansers may end up clogging the device. Do not use those any exfoliating cleansers in this device (like Apricot Scrub, etc..) as the device might malfunction and you’re going to have a hard time cleaning it afterwards.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

The soft brush attachment also foams regular facial cleansers, but they’re not as thick and concentrated. This brush is really soft. Softer than all of the facial brushes that I have used. I usually use this two to three times a week to really deep clean and exfoliate my skin. To use, simply pop off the cap, place your regular facial cleanser on to the compartment then add water at the center of the device’s head.

Whatever attachment you’re using, the device recommends that you wash your face in three sections (cheeks & forehead). The device will automatically turn off approximately one minute after turning it on. During that time, you will have 20 seconds to wash each section of your face. You will know when your 20 seconds is up when the device stops for a while then turns on again.

To clean, simply rinse the foam off the attachment with water then remove. Manually clean each attachment separately and as for the device itself, just open the facial cleanser compartment, pour water onto the foam dispenser (device’s head) then press’ Wash’ to rinse. Shake the main body to remove excess water, lightly wipe it with a towel or tissue then place it in the stand to dry. Make sure that you also leave the facial cleanser compartment cover open.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

When fully charged, the device can be used for approximately 1 week (it still depends on how much you use it but that’s basically it for normal usage) and when the battery is low, the charging notification lamp at the display panel will flash once per second. To charge, simply open the socket cover, make sure that the device is thoroughly dry including the socket area then plug in your AC adaptor. Charging completes in 2 hours but the device won’t be damaged if you happen to keep it plugged for more than 2 hours. While charging, the notification lamp will steadily glow until its complete.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

Overall, I am really in love with this device and it makes my skin care routine really exciting. I’m not really the type of person who likes face brushes or skin care devices but this sure changed my mind. It made skincare fun and interesting because you get to experiment with other facial cleansers because of the foaaaamm! But that’s just me lol.

Panasonic Micro-Foaming Cleansing Device

How about you?
Have you tried using any type of facial cleansing device?
Have you tried using face brushes?
What’s your experience so far?
Do let me know.


Model: EH-SC50
Price: Php 4,999


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