Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in 'Classic Natural' Review. Photos & Swatches

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in Classic Natural – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi loves! It’s been a month since I reviewed something and quite honestly, I missed doing reviews. Back then, it used to be the only thing I’ve been doing most of the time in this blog. I want to bring that back. Here’s hoping. haha..

Anyway, for today’s review, I’ll be reviewing one of the products I included in my Feb Faves 2017. I have been loving this ever since I got it and it’s something that I use during days when I really don’t want to exert extra effort with my makeup. Today, we’ll be reviewing the Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in ‘Classic Natural’. 

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in 'Classic Natural'

The powder features an autogrinding technology that gives you an ultra-fine and hydrating powder that quickly blends and evens out skin complexion. It controls oil and shine while keeping skin radiant and well-moisturized.* It also has SPF 30 to provide double sunscreen protection.
Celeteque Dermo 

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in 'Classic Natural'

It’s not the first time that I’ve heard something about these grinding powders. I’ve seen them from Smashbox and Nyx. Packaging is no different as well, only Celeteque Dermocosmetics are well-known for their white exterior and glossy finish.

If you haven’t encountered grinding powders yet, basically this works by twisting the outer rim clockwise in order for the powder to come out (or should I say, “grind”? lol). Anyhoo, the grater works really well and it grinds the powder quite smoothly.

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in Classic Natural

The product also includes a puff that works nicely with the powder. I prefer to use this actually whenever I apply this product rather than a brush because the puff packs quite a punch in terms of coverage. Also, the puff is also a bit smaller compared to the regular puffs that you can buy at dept stores. It fits nicely onto the compact so if you’re going to pick up spare puffs, try to pick up something smaller than the average.

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in Classic Natural

The Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder claim to have anti-aging benefits. It has Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E) to hydrate and nourish our skin, and make it healthy-looking, Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture for long-lasting skin hydration and Silica to control excess oil.

The powder comes in three shades: Light Porcelain, Classic Natural and Deep Beige. I got the shade Classic Natural and it matches my skin tone almost perfectly. Classic Natural also has a nice yellow undertone.

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in Classic Natural

The powder has a softer texture compared to other powders I have tried. It’s also a bit creamy. I prefer to use this on its own or on top of normal concealers.

Celeteque Dermocosmetics CC Microhydrating Powder in Classic Natural

I find the coverage of this powder really impressive. On its own, with just two layers, I was able to fully even out my skin tone and make my blemish spots less visible. I wasn’t able to fully cover my under eye area, hence I prefer to use this on top of a concealer.

The powder gives a semi-matte finish but it’s not cakey or chalky if worn on its own. It’s very lightweight and it doesn’t cling to my dry patches. But when worn on top of liquid bases, it tends to look cakey on me and for some reason it feels heavy. This, however, only lasted on me for 2-3 hours. I have a normal to dry skin type but I tend to sweat a lot specially on my T-zone and this powder can’t really withstand too much of that, just an FYI.

There is a faint hint of scent that I can’t put my finger on. Kinda “lotiony” but definitely not bothersome. Honestly, I would not have noticed it if not for this review.

Overall, I’m happy with this product and I like using this during my no makeup-makeup days, or when I really don’t want to look so glamorous but I have to look presentable. It’s such an easy product but can really prep up your look. The powder packs quite a punch when it comes to coverage and I love how innovative the product is. Sure, it doesn’t last long and the outer packaging attracts dirt like craaa-hey-zy.. but it gets the job done. And for that I give it a two thumbs up.

If you have normal to dry skin like me, or better yet, if you have dry skin and you prefer powder products than liquid bases, then you might want to look into this. Sure the price is a little steep but it’s definitely unique and having this will be a nice addition to your kikay kit. However, you have an oily skin, then this might not be the one for you, since longevity might be a problem.

How about you?
Have you tried this product?
Have you tried grinding powders before?
Have you tried anything from the Celeteque Dermocosmetics line?
What’s your favorite so far?
Do let me know


PRICE: Php 930
COMES IN: 3 shades (Light Porcelain, Classic Natural & Deep Beige)
AVAILABILITY: Available in all Watson’s Store;


Visit Celeteque DermoCosmetics: https://www.celetequedermo.com.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Celeteque
Twitter: @CeletequeDermo
Instagram: @CeletequeDermo

Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • This is my first time hearing and reading about grinding powders. I have oily skin and based on your reco, I could have a problem with its staying power. Sad. Anyway, I learned something new today. Thanks Miss Yette!

  • Ookay. So I am reading several positive reviews of this powder, yet I still haven’t used mine. Gusto ko na tuloy syang i-open kaso I have lots of powders – both compact and loose – na nabuksan ko na. Argh! Btw, what lipstick are you wearing here? I like it ♥

    Mhisha of The Touch of Yellow.