Laneige X Lucky Chouette Serum Drop Tints – Review, Photos & Swatches

Pinks, cute owls and a nice new line of lip products. Who here won’t get excited with Laneige’s newest beauty collaboration. I know I am! For Laneige’s 3rd installment to their “Laneige Meets Fashion” collaborations, our favorite Kbeauty brand partnered with the character brand, Lucky Chouette. Lucky Chouette leads various styles and young culture with its hybrid and smart-casual street chic concept, graphic elements, fun-loving and humorous artworks.

Chouette means owl in French and it also symbolizes good fortune. This encounter between Laneige and the fashion brand, Lucky Chouette gave birth to these lovely pair of owls that promise to bring good luck to all – Bella Chouette and Vely Chouette. You can find them in their newest collection which is composed of the brand’s best selling BB cushions, limited edition multi-face palette (which I will all be reviewing soon) and of course these new serum drop tints.


Vivid color tint keeps the lips moisturized with its ingredient of serum oil


The serum drop tints come in a pink plastic tube with illustrations of Belly and Vely Chouette on the cap. I really do love the packing. It’s really girly and cute However, as much as I do love pinks, and owls, oftentimes, I find it hard (or rather tedious) to look for the shade that I want to wear. The shades are of course, indicated at the bottom. But since the packaging is not transparent, and the color of the packaging’s cap (photo down below) hardly tells the lip tint’s shade so you really have to look at each of tint’s name at the bottom. And if you don’t know the shade’s name by heart, you will have to open each of them one by one.

They also come with a bent teardrop-shaped applicator allowing you to be more precise in terms of applying the lip tints.

The Serum Drop Tints come in 9 shades with mostly corals and pinks. If you are familiar of Korean beauty trends, you’ll know that they love their MLBB shades but they’re also very big on coral/orange tones. You will see that in this line . Because when I show you all of the shades, you’ll notice that when we start with the orange tones, most of them tend to kinda similar with each other.

The Laneige Serum Drop Tints have a bit of a thicker formula compared to most of the lip tints that I have encountered so far. It also feels a bit oily but not to the point that the product is moving all over my lips. It stays put, and I think that the thickness and the oiliness has something to do with the “serum” part. It’s very moisturizing when first applied but it sets after like a couple of minutes or so. The formula is also very ideal to those who have severely dry/chapped lips since it wont emphasize the lines of your lips and like I said, it’s quite hydrating.


Light pink shade


Hot pink shade


Cherry/reddish pink shade


Classic, warm tone red.


Tomato red


Lightest among the coral shades


Reddish coral shade


Rosy red shade with a hint of coral


Darkest shade in the entire line.
Deep berry-red shade.

These lip tints offer a decent pigmentation, especially the darker ones (Marilyn Red, Sassy Girl, Urban Coral, Misty Rose & Bite Me). However, because my lips are highly pigmented the lighter shades don’t show up the way they should look like. In fact, the coral/orange shades look very similar to each other when I wear them. In terms of coverage, I usually put 2 layers (sometimes 3 – depending on the shade) on to my lips and that gives me the ample amount of coverage that I need.

Despite the thicker/serumy formula, it’s still very lightweight. They have a glossy finish when first applied but after 30 mins to 1 hour after it sets, the gloss fades and you get nice hint of color (for the lighter shades) or a beautiful stained lips (for the darker ones). They last on me for at least four-five hours but the color and the gloss fades gradually.

Overall, I am very happy with this entire line and seriously speaking, I really can’t take my eyes off them. From the packaging, to the shades, to how they look like on my lips. I lah-ove them. I highly suggest you get one or two shades because they’re really REALLY pretty. Specially if you love owls like I do.

How about you?
Have you tried this one?
What’s your favorite shade in this entire line?
What’s your favorite Laneige product?
What’s your favorite lip tint?
Do let me know!


Laneige Serum Drop Tints
Shades: 9
Net Wt: 6g
Price: Php 1150 ea



Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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