Cathy Doll AA Series Now Here in the Philippines!

BB Creams, CC Creams, DD Creams and even ZZ Creams, all of them are out and about lately and you can see them almost everywhere. However, recently, Cathy Doll launched their newest product, the AA Series. AA? Yes, you read that right. But I’ll get to that later.

Last November 24th, they held a small, intimate event at Italannis, Shangri-La Plaza, where they invited a group of bloggers to introduce their AA or Automatic Aura Series. Below is my vlog summarizing the event’s highlights:

When I first heard about the AA Series through the invitation I got, I was very curious. Especially about the matte powder cushion. Really? AA Matte Powder Cushion? Srsly though, I had to find out what’s up with the product. I mean, I’ve heard about cushion foundations, BB and even CC cushions but not AA or EVEN Matte Powder cushions.

The event was hosted by the beautiful Ms. Nikki Tiu also known as Ms. AMW ( Aside from the live demo of the AA series, they also demonstrated how to use the Ready to White Cream Pack. They actually suggested to use it prior to applying either of the AA products. What really impressed me the most is that the cushion is indeed matte compared to the other cushions that you can find in the market today and it does provide a really nice coverage. Oh and before you get any ideas, the AA Cushion, though it says Matte Powder Cushion, is not powder at all. (Stay tuned for my review!)

Each table were provided testers so we can see what shade matches our skin tone. The AA Matte Powder Cushion comes in 3 shades: #21 Light Beige, #23 Natural Beige and #25 Sand Beige while the AA Cream comes in 2 shades only: #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige. Though they have the same names they don’t actually look the same. The AA Cushion is a tad lighter while the AA Cream is a bit ashy (at least in my shade – I am in the shade #21 in both cushion & cream).

What’s new and interesting about this line is the AA part. AA not only stands for Automatic/Auto Aura. It also stands for Anti-Aging and Anti-Acne. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, then I’m guessing BB and CC Creams aren’t really your thing and cushions aren’t really in your list of products to try. Well, that might change with the AA series. This series is specially targeted not only to automatically brighten your complexion (hence, Auto Aura) but also to cover your blemishes/imperfections, control oil, protect your skin from harmful UV rays (AA Cream has SPF 45 PA+++ while Matte Cushion Powder has SPF 50 PA+++) and many more. Don’t worry, I’ll do a review about these babies soon.

Don’t believe me? Well, you might want to take Mario Maurer’s word for it.

The AA Series are now available both in Zalora and in selected Department Stores Nationwide. The AA Matte Powder Cushion retails for Php 1,100 while the AA Cream retails for Php 750 each. They also have the sample size, and I believe they will be available in 7/11 soon (will update you once they are).

A photo posted by Yette 🎀 (@yettezkiedoodle) on

A photo posted by Yette 🎀 (@yettezkiedoodle) on

I am definitely excited to try these products and don’t worry, as soon as I have, I will let you know my thoughts. How about you? Have you tried cushion foundations? Have you heard about the AA Series? Will you give it a try? What’s your favorite cushion foundation? What’s your favorite Cathy Doll product? Do let me know!


Selected Watsons, SM, Robinsons & Department Stores.
Zalora Website, 7/11
Please visit Cathy Doll PH’s FB page for further details


Instagram: @cathydollphils
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  • I’ve heard about Cathy Doll months back but then I thought they’re just the same will the other Asian brands. I’ve tried April Skin cushion and loved it. Same goes with WLab White bloom.
    This is the first time honestly that I heard about AA and I sure need that anti-aging and anti-acne! 😭 I’d love to try both the matte cushion and cream!