Detail Makeover Contour & Blush Effects Palette

If you’ve been following my blog for quite some time, you’ll know that I love to contour. I live for contouring products. I feel like it’s a magical product  because it can easily transform your face: make you look like someone else (like Paolo Ballesteros) or slim down your face (like what I usually do – tyvm!). Either way, when used properly and with the right color for you, a good contouring product can be one of your makeup must-haves.

Add definition to the face using the 2 contour shades, bring back warmth to the face using the bronzer, create a natural flush on the cheeks with the 2 blush shades, and make those cheekbones glow and pop with the pearl highlight. This is definitely a value-for-money all in one palette.
Detail Makeover


Detail Makeover Contour & Blush Effects Palette comes in matte black carton packaging with a magnetized closure. It reminds me of City Color Contour Effects Palette only this one is a lot bigger since this contains a lot more product. It also comes with instructions on how you can use each shade which is a good thing if you’re a newbie in terms of contouring. Personally, I’m not too fond of the packaging because it’s not that sturdy. It’s okay if you’re just keeping it on your makeup stash but for travelling purposes, I feel that it might be too flimsy.

The palette comes with 6 different shades: 2 contouring shades, 2 blush colors, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. Let’s start at the first row. First row consists of the darkest contouring shade, the bronzer and one of the blush colors. The first contouring shade (matte) is a lot warmer than the other. I don’t use this at all because it’s too orangey for my taste and it has the tendency to look muddy. This shade will probably look good for those who have a darker skin tone but for those with light to medium skin, try the other shade. The bronzer (matte) is a nice shade should you wish to just warm up your face. You can also use this for contouring if you have a really fair skin since it’s not too warm. I don’t use this as much but it’s a nice addition. The first blush color (matte with tiny specs of glitter – hardly visible) is a vibrant coral shade. Something I personally would wear during summer.

Then there’s the second row. There’s the lighter contouring shade (matte), which I prefer to use. It’s a bit more cool-toned compared to the other shade and it’s a lot more ideal for contouring, if you ask me. There’s a highlighter included (satin) . The shade is pretty but it’s not something I often use. It’s a bit too gritty for my taste. Then lastly the blush, (matte with tiny specs of glitter  – hardly visible) a beautiful rosy-pink blush. I love this shade actually and I use this quite often and sometimes, I mix it with the other blush as well to create a more neutral shade.

All of these shades are actually quite pigmented and they’re very easy to blend. A little goes a long way so make sure to just apply little by little and tap off the excess product, otherwise you’ll end up with a huge streak of contour/blush or highlight and we all don’t want that. I don’t have any huge concerns regarding the texture of these powders, except with the highlight. As I mentioned earlier, I find it to be a bit ‘gritty’, but that’s maybe because I’ve gotten used to highlighters that are finely milled. If you have skin imperfections, you might want to steer clear of this highlighter, because as intense this highlighter may be, it can emphasize all of those areas.

FROM THE PALETTE; 2nd row contour shade, Highlighter, 2 blush shades mixed

I’ve been using this non-stop ever since I got this and so far I’m very pleased with the results. This has been my go-to palette aside from my Lorac Pro Contour Palette and I’m really loving it. None of the shades are patchy at all and they blend easily. They last for a good amount of time so long as you have a nice base. On me, they last for at least six hours provided that I stay on an air-conditioned place or it’s not too hot. I don’t have an oily skin so I’m not sure how it work or last with people with oily skin. But I believe that it really depends with your base or if you have a good setting spray.

All in all, I am really happy with this product and I highly recommend this to all who would like to try a budget-friendly contouring palette. It’s a nice alternate to those that are mid-range to high end products. I’m happy that there are now more affordable options because way back, there’s really no contouring (or even a bronzing shade) available in drugstores. You’re going to have to experiment.

If you want to try contouring but would like a more affordable option then try this one, you won’t regret it. It’s only Php 499 per palette, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. With the large pans and the vast colors to choose from, what’s not to like?

How about you? 
Have you tried contouring?
What’s your favorite contouring palette?
Have you tried anything from Detail Makeover?
Let me know!


Detail Makeover Contour & Blush Effects 4 in 1 Face Contouring, Bronzing, Highlighting & Blushing Kit
Price – Php 499
Net wt – 0.158 oz x6/4.5g x 6
Availability – Cosmetix Unlimited & Detail Makeover Websites; Selected malls


Cosmetix Unlimited –
Instagram – @detailmakeover
Website –

Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • abegaill villacruz

    Until now, I haven’t tried contouring yet. I just don’t have the courage to do so. Haha. But I’ve seen this palette many times already. Ayoko lang bilhin kasidi ko naman magagamit. But true eough, when I swatched it, it’s pigmented talaga. Definitely worth it. And super affordable din. It’s kinda big though for travel purposes, well for me. Watch out for detail makeover’s sale, kasi before I saw it on a buy one take one.

    • Try with the affordable ones first. Ako kase gusto ko paliitin mukha ko so I jumped into the bandwagon right away, hahah. I tried the ELF dual blush thingie, since that’s the only thing that was available back then. Then I tried the Sleek Face Contour Kit then eyeshadow singles. If you’re not ready to commit to it yet, try contouring with eyeshdaows first or practice practice muna

  • Emily Gatus

    I’m glad this has your seal of approval because I’m eyeing it!!! I’m waiting for Detail Makeover to have a sale (because they almost always have one on important occasions) so I can get this and some other shades of their Matte in Detail lippies Is that Loth you’re wearing??? Love the blushes in this palette, very universal colors hihi and I love the fact that they have several contour shades you can choose from! If only this had a mirror, I would get it without any hesitation!

    • Yes, this is a definitely a good & affordable alternative to all of those pricey contouring palettes that are available nowadays. And yes, I’m wearing Loth.