KJM Cosmetics Cheek & Lip Stain – Review, Photos & Swatches

you’ve been following me for quite a while now, you will know that I’ve always been fond of lip and cheek tints. They’re great multitaskers and they’re very easy to use. I get to look all made up with less the time and effort. That’s why when I saw these items all over my Instagram feed, I knew I had to get some.

KJM Cosmetics Cheek Lip Stains are meant to enhance natural tones, this explains why stains may look different from one person to another. Results depend on how much stain you put in too. The colors will develop overtime, making the stain look more natural and beautiful.
KJM Cosmetics


KJM Cosmetics’ packaging reminds me of those lip tints that I used to collect when I was a kid. They come in a glass packaging with a roller ball as an applicator. I actually don’t mind this because it’s a liquidy product, so you’ll be able to apply it evenly onto your lips or dot it on to your cheeks then blend it with your fingers. It’s pretty practical and in fact travel friendly. The bottle doesn’t leak so you can keep it in your makeup kit and take it wherever you go.

The entire line comes in 10 shades ranging from reds, pinks, purples and corals — all aimed to give you that natural flush or MLBB shade depending on where you use it. I prefer to use these on my cheeks especially the darker ones but for the lighter ones, I can wear them both on my lips and cheeks.

As mentioned, these are liquidy, which is pretty common when it comes to cheek & lip stains. However, compared to most of the stains that I have encountered before, this one is very easy to blend. It does not take a lot of effort. It doesn’t settle easily in one spot, where you need to blend super fast, otherwise you’ll have a weird dot on your face.

Below are the shades that I have…


Plum to deep raisin shade depending on application & opacity


Blushing red shade to bloody red shade, again depending on application.


Baby pink shade to bright pink.

I prefer to wear these types of shades on my cheeks only since they’re a bit darker and they don’t really sit well on my lips. I look sick as you can see. But they look really pretty when you put an ample amount on your cheeks.

This, I can wear both as lip and cheek stain. I just don’t apply it in its full opacity on my lips. I’ll tell you why later. I love the effect it gives me on my cheeks. As you can see, it gives me that “blushing” look.

This is one of my favorites. “Ang lakas maka-koreana” indeed! It gives me that fresh and youthful look. Even if you’re really tired and you look so messed up without makeup, just apply your base and use this as your cheek and lip stain then it’ll do the work for you! I love this!


Fruity orange shade to bright carrot shade


Bright to deep purple shade. Depending on application

I also use these both on my cheeks and lips due to its lighter shade. You can definitely build this up on your lips for a bolder color but I prefer not too.  Malakas din sya maka-koreana since Koreans like their coral/orange shades.

I don’t like this on my lips because again, it makes me look sick. But boy! This looks gorgeous when worn on the cheeks! I find this shade unique because I don’t have a shade similar to it be it in powder or liquid formula. Definitely a fave!

From what I have, these cheek and lip stains are actually pigmented and can go on with 1-2 swipes/layers. When it comes to using them as cheek stains, 2-3 dots are all I need. When using them as a lip stain, however, 1-2 layers are all I need. I’ve seen some people apply them to their lips into their full opacity. I tried it but for some reason the product just doesn’t sit well on my upper lip. Also, this tends to dry up my lips over time, and the more layers I apply, the more dryer it feels.

Another thing to note is that because they are really liquidy, some may get on to your teeth during application, and you might accidentally taste them. Just a bit of warning though, they don’t taste good and they kinda sting a bit during application. I’m not sure if it’s a plumping effect or something. I didn’t have any reaction on my cheeks or lips. However, if your lips are overly sensitive, that’s something you might want to take into account if you’re considering to buy one of these things.

These actually lasted pretty long on me. Depending on my base and depending on where I wear them, they lasted a good amount of 5-6 hours. But if I wear them outside, while running errands, they only last me 3-4 hours.

Oh and before I forgot: Beware of fakes! Can you believe that they’re now faking these?! This is only Php 110 and pati ba naman ito di nila pinatawad? REALLY?!! The labels of the fake tubes/glasses are gold. They no longer release their products with gold labels. This is how their newest labels looks like. Black sticker with gold font. To be sure, you can buy these products from KikaySiMaria store. Information is down below.

Overall, I highly recommend this product. For the price, and the quality you get, what more can you ask for? The hype is definitely real, and I can vouch for it. I suggest you get the more unique shades, but regardless, some shades may be common but what makes them different is their pigmentation and their blendability. Not all cheek stains are as pigmented as them and as easy to blend.

How about you? 
What’s your favorite cheek and lip stain?
Have you tried this product before? 
What’s your favorite shade?
What’s your favorite scary movie?
Let me know! 


Contains: 10ml
Shades: 10
Where to Buy:
@kikaysimaria_store (Instagram)
Kikaysimaria (Facebook)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kikaysimaria/
Instagram: @kilaysimaria_store

Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • Almari Santos

    Love the shades! I’m a fan of liptints as well but puro online stores lang. Wish they had a physical store as well. </3
    I'm a newbie blogger as well. Hope you can find time to visit my blog. A. ❤ almariwrites.blogspot.com

    • Hi Almari! thanks for reading my blog. They have a physical store at Pop Culture in Trinoma. Have fun swatching!

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve been seeing this nga lately from my IG feed. But honestly, I’m not really a fan of lip and cheek tints. I just find them sticky as a cheek tint, and very slimy as a lip tint. Oh well, kanya kanyang preference. But good thing these shades looked good on you.

    • Not a fan of them way back either but because I’ve been traveling a lot, I needed a multi-tasking product, so I decided to give them a try.

  • Emily Gatus

    I’ve been curious about these tints because ang lip tint lang na kilala ko ay kulay red =))) I’m loving Vibe and Bloodshoot Bewitched also looks great, but it already looks similar to Ever Bilena’s new plum tint which I recently bough (also awesome, but kinda hard to build up! I need to use 3 layers at least for it to show up, or maybe it’s just because it’s very similar to my lip color). Everything looks fantastic on you, Ms. Yette! Pink Puff would probably make me look more morena than I already am huhu and nakakatakot yung Summer Kiss, baka magmukhang kakakain ko lang ng cheese-flavored snack hahahaha =)))