Matte in Detail Swatchfest

Hey loves! Another post that is way overdue. I got a hold of these babies last July and I’m sorry for the delay. I know some if you have been asking me to give you my thoughts about the new shades that I got…and here it is! Here is a complete swatchfest of all of the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks that I personally own.

I believe Matte in Detail comes in 17 shades but what I do have here are 14 shades. Therefore, I swatched them all for you guys, including the ones that I already did in my previous review. So enjoy!

Below are some additional photos. Just in case.

D1 Samantha — Dark, warm 90s brown; Pigmented & very easy to apply

D2 Dimple — Barbie, Nicki Minaj pink; Patchy, hard to apply & extremely tacky

D3 Rox  — Periwinkle shade; Very easy to apply but needs to layers to even out

D5 Rox  — Midtone brown shade; Very pigmented & easy to apply; Goes on smoothly

D6 Nash — Peachy Pink shade; Not as pigmented; bit tacky & patchy but definitely manageable

D7 Naima — Bright magenta shade; pigmented

D8 Asia — Fire engine red; pigmented but hard to apply & patchy in some areas

D9 Jhen — Peachy, brownish-nude shade; Pigmented & goes on smoothly; a bit tacky though

D10 Rhea — MLBB shade; Pigmented & covers with a single layer; goes on smoothly

D13 Katherine– Dark vampy red; Pigmented;  Patchy & hard to apply

D14 Joyce — Light, peachy nude shade; Pigmented & very easy to apply

D15 Krysle — Greyish brown neutral; Pigmented & easy to apply as well

D16 Fhaye — Dark cherry red shade; needs 2 layers but very easy to apply & goes on smoothly

D17 Femmy — Bright, blue-toned red; Pigmented & very easy to apply as well

So those are all of the shades that I own from the Matte in Detail line. As you can see, six of their newest shades, three of which I REALLY love aside from the ones that I already own. For the list of their entire line, please feel free to visit their website.

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If you ask me if there’s anything that’s changed with the way I see these liquid lipsticks, there’s actually none. I still stand by my previous review. My favorite shades by far are D1 Samantha, D3 Rox, D5 Loth, D10 Rhea, D13 Krysle and D17 Femmy.

How about you?
What’s your favorite shade so far?
Do you like liquid lipsticks?
Have you tried this brand?
What are your thoughts?
Let me know!


Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks
Shades – Comes in 17 shades
Price – Php 225 each
AvailabilityCosmetix Unlimited & Detail Makeover Websites; Selected malls


Cosmetix Unlimited –
Instagram – @detailmakeover
Website –

Some of the products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • Dane Salazar

    OMGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeey! been waiting for this! although i watched Anne klutz’s latest swatchfest vid and I cant wait to buy Krysle. Ivebeen looking for another shade of brown, cause the ones that I have, have a slight hint of red. I’m excited! Ive been eyeing on colourpop’s point zero too. as in i look for swatches of krysle and point zero every day online just to make sure they’re both a GO for me.

    • Yes, Krysle is a lot more cool-toned compared to all of the browns in this line. I haven’t seen point zero yet, although I’m definitely interested!

      • Dane Salazar

        finally bought point zero. unfortunately, it tends to wash me out a bit if i dont put anything on my face (foundation, blush, etc.). nonetheless, it’s a unique shade which i gotta have.

  • Rachel R

    I’m looking at D10 and D15 for those are my safe shades. HAHA. Thanks for posting this one! I really want to try this for such a long time but was hesitant to do so. My go to liquid lippy had always been colourpop so I’m looking out for new ones (the kylie ones will rip my money, no to that )


    • They’re all very pretty. Thanks too!

  • Anna Lechadores

    I liked the D5, D9, and D14. bagay sainyo everything miss yette. thank you for sharing

  • Bhelaiz

    Love this swatchfest.. Interested in D5-Rox and d15 -krysle. I guess it’ll suit my skin tone..

    • D5 is Loth while D3 is Rox. Sorry, typo…

  • abegaill villacruz

    When detail makeover had their sale here in antipolo, I made sure I would buy lots of matte in detail shades. I bought 6 of them and I’m so happy! Ganda ng color payoff. Affordable pa! have Loth and Femmy among the shades I bought. I also love their new liquid lipstick line, Stannic, pero I haven’t bought one yet.