Laneige Two Tone Collection – Review, Photos & Swatches (Video)

Hey everyone! I missed you so much. So sorry for the lack of updates. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately but I’ve been active in Snapchat so if you have Snapchat, go add me up. My username is yettezkiedoodle. Anyhoo, I’m here to review Laneige’s newest makeup collection. I am so excited because ever since I got it, I knew I had to try it immediately and let you know my thoughts and opinion about them right away. So here it is…

I know, I know, it needs improvement or something. I’m not used to reviewing stuff via my YT channel yet so I hope you can excuse all the lulls and all that jazz. Anyhoo, below are the basics and also some pictures


New Two Tone Lip Bar. Newly upgraded with Two Tone Color X Two Tone Texture
It gives glamorously sparkling Two Tone Lip, as if gloss was applied on top of Two Tone gradation makeup. Meet moisturized and glamorous lips tinted with Two Tone gradation.  


Known to be Song Hye-Kyo’s personal pick among the newly released shades, Juicy Pop is a combination of a red and yellow shade, helping you to create that beautiful, juicy, ombre lip. The sub-color (yellow) does not show up on my lips but it does help even out the transition. If you have a lip concealer or a foundation underneath, or perhaps a lesser pigmented lips unlike mine, then it will be more visible.


Known Lee Sung-Kyun’s pick among the bunch, Maxi Red is a combination of salmon and red shade. I personally love this because it makes my lips look sweet, soft and supple. Unlike Juicy Pop, both the main and sub color in this particular shade is very visible on my lips.


Now this is actually my favorite. Dear Pink is actually quite similar to Maxi Red only it is combined with a pink shade rather than red. It gives you the same effect, only, I believe, this one makes me look younger and radiant for some reason. Ang lakas maka-kpop!


Another “ang lakas maka k-pop/Koreana” shade. I find this shade really interesting due to the white sub-color. It doesn’t show up (of course) but it helps even out the transition/ombre. Orange Blurring also gives that radiant, youthful look.

The Two Tone Lip Bars also feature two toned textures. The main color provides a glossy finish, while the sub color provides a semi-matte finish. This actually works especially if you have severely dry lips since they do not emphasize dry lines, chapped lips, etc. They also leave a stain or hint of color once they start to fade. Usually they last more than 4 hours on my lips but these lippies are not transfer proof so if you eat, drink, etc. They will start to fade.

Now let’s move on to the shadow bars…


New Two Tone Shadow Bar completes quick expression of various eye makeup look!
Let’s complete attractive eye makeup easily and quickly with Two Tone Shadow Bar that has Artist’s color blending know-how for actress’ contour eye makeup


Combination of coral and darker champagne shade. Ideal for that “fresh” everyday makeup look. Love pairing it with a nude or coral lip.


Combination of lighter champagne & rose gold shade. Doesn’t really show up on my lids. Ideal for those who wants minimal eye makeup. Just to define their eyes/lids.


Combination of vibrant orange and a lighter champagne shade. Great for summer and ideal to be paired with the lip bar ‘Orange Blurring’


Most neutral shade. Combination of coffee and bronze-y shade (duh!) perfect for everyday use. It’s my favorite among all four shades.

Here’s what each of the shadow bars look like when worn. I forgot to mention in the video, that though a translucent/loose powder may prolong its staying power, these shades will no longer be as shimmery. There are tiny specs of glitter practically everywhere in these shadow bars, so when you set these with a loose powder, those glitters will no longer be as visible.

Without the translucent/loose powder, they only last for three hours but with it, I was able to wear it for more than four hours until it completely faded. If you have really oily lids, this may not work for you regardless if you set it since it really takes a while to set EVEN if you set it with a powder. I also failed to mention that you can use the shade ‘Humming Coral’ as a blush/cheek product. For more information, please feel free to check out this page.

All in all, I’m really in love with this collection. I find this entire collection genius because they make makeup seem a lot less complicated. In just a matter of seconds, or minutes, your ombre lip is good to go, and with just a few strokes, you now have a two-toned eye makeup.

If you’re not a fan of the matte lip trend that’s been going around for months now or if you want to be a tad bit closer to our idol Song Hye-Kyo, then I suggest you try these. You wont regret it. They’re one of the most comfortable lip products I’ve ever used and the shadow bars? OMG. Instant favorite. Regardless of its staying power, it’s still an instant hit. You don’t need to fuss about your eye makeup all you need is just to rub these on your lids, pat pat pat to blend then you’re good to go! I highly recommend these babies!

How about you?
Have you tried these products?
Have you tried Lip/Shadow Bars?
What’s your favorite Korean makeup?
What’s your favorite product from Laneige?
Do let me know!


Laneige Two-Tone Collection
14 shades (Lip Bars); 4 shades (Shadow Bars)
Net Wt: 2g
Price: Php 1,200 ea.



Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • If money is no object, I’ll get all these shades! I’ve been a fan of Song Hye Kyo since her Endless Love days pa. Bagay sayo yun Maxi Red and Darling Pink. Would love to try Orange Blurring and Maxi Red for myself too ^-^

  • Jermaine Lingon

    I’m just starting to learn about make up and ganito pala yun. It’s my first time to learn about these lip bars and shadow bars. Thank you for the good review sis. :-D. if i would choose, i will try the darling pink.

  • Bhelaiz

    There’s also a lipstick that has the same concept from althea korea. Hadn’t try it yet, but I’m considering to purchase one. It’s Witch’s Pouch Selfie Like Shot Dual Lipstick. i think It is more cheaper. But i am not sure about the quality. so im crossing my finger with that. Love the color of the eyeshadows, esp. the Coffee bronze. but i had a really oily lids. so i guess this product is for me. But i really like the color and packaging. Thumbs up to this review

  • Sandrah Araja

    I love the packaging and everything! Yung knowledge na kinonduct nila then, ganito kinalabasan. Brilliant idea! Lakas makafresh ng mga shades. Unique concept!

  • Anna Lechadores

    Darling pink and coffee bronze are Gorg. Thank you for sharing the beautiful product miss yette. My favorite korean product is the etude house and rucys vanity. Like ko korean kasi they are light and long lasting.

  • Dane Salazar

    I can see myself wearing darling pink and maxi red. I’ve noticed that lip tints and ombre lips suit me more because they make me look fresher and younger eheheh. and they tend to bring out my natural flush on the cheeks. I’m really into nude browns, but every time i wear a brown lippie i feel that i look more matured and the lippie cannot work on its own. I mean I gotta contour, bronze, and stuff, but this hasn’t stopped me from buying brown lippies.