Oishi Snacktacular 2016 Event

A week ago, a co-beauty blogger/friend of mine, Gen-zel asked me to cover an even on her behalf. It’s the Oishi Snacktacular 2016. It was my first time experiencing such a fun and crazy event. To my knowledge, this is Oishi’s third time conducting Snacktacular and this is also to celebrate Liwayway’s 70th year in being in the business.

This year, they opened their doors to public last July 15 to 17, 2016 at SM MOA, Music Hall. Entrance is free but each booth had specific fees according to the activity (except for the photo booth). Each of their booths are also interactive and once you participate, you will be given certain points. You can redeem your prize at the registration area once you’re done with all of the booths. Celline actually got a shirt!

Below is my vlog highlighting all of the activities that we did that day. As usual, I was with my blogger buddies, Kim and Celline.

First we went to the Photobooth/Pack-A-Pose area. This booth’s free and the concept is that the more people you squeeze into that giant Oishi Giant Pawn Crackers frame, the more points you get. You also have to share it in order to get additional points. Below is our picture:

A photo posted by Yette 🎀 (@yettezkiedoodle) on

Photo courtesy of @celline08. Kuya held my cam but did not take our pic

Our next stop was the Make Your Own Snack (Php 20) booth/area. This booth allows us to pick a maximum of two bases (chips) and two flavors. I picked Oishi Pawn Crackers then Ridges Potato Chips. Then for flavor, I picked, my all time favorite, Barbecue.

Third stop, was the Snack Catcher (Php 200). It’s like the human claw or something. Where in you are strapped into this thing and you can get as many snacks as your arms and legs allow for a limited time. I was very reluctant to do this given that I don’t have the longest arms and legs but I thought I’d give it a try. I managed to get 28 snacks. I was satisfied regardless. It was awesome! :) (Oh and Celline & Kim got 40+ snacks! How cool waz zat?!)

We also went to the Oishi Twirl (Php 20) where we ate the ice cream version of the Oishi Choco Chug. We also get to pick two toppings. I picked my favorite Oishi Chocolate Pillows (this is my mom’s favorite too. She buys dozens of these whenever we buy some groceries, lol) and Chocolate O-Puff Marshmallow.

Then we went to the Cuckoo Blaster (Php 100), another physical event, where we need to catch as many balls as possible. The more balls you catch, the more snacks you redeem. Bokya ako dito. I was never good in P.E. I only caught 3 balls. Bwahahaha :))

Next we went to the Slush C+ (Php 20) booth where we picked whether we want the Pomelo Grapefruit or the Calamansi flavored slushee. It’s actually quite refreshing considering that it was quite a hot day.

Finally, our last stop was the Snack Shack (Php 295) this had one of the longest lines ever. And it was worth it. You will be given one minute to fill in a 2 feet giant pack with all of your favorite Oishi snacks. You/they should be able to close your pack otherwise some of the snacks you placed will be removed. The heavier your pack is, the higher your points are.

All in all, I had tons of fun during the event. Nakakapagod, yes, but it was definitely worth it. I went home with two paper bags filled with Oishi snacks and by the time I reached my room my Ate already took the other paper bag, lol. Oh, during the first day, they had special guest stars like Slater Young, Alex Gonzaga and KathNiel. Trust me, as early as 10:30 AM, the event area was crawling with KathNiel fans.

I failed to take a picture of my entire loot, and I’m sorry for that. Like I said, napag-fiestahan na kagad. What can I say? We love snacks! Anyway, I’ll be sure to tell my family to join next year’s Snacktacular because I’m sure they’ll enjoy all of the activities.

How about you?
Did you attend this year’s Oishi Snacktacular?
Are you planning to attend next year?
What’s your favorite Oishi snack?
Do let me know!

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  • Sandrah Araja

    Great and fun experience! 😍 Favorite ko yung Ridges nila in cheese flavor! ❤

    • My fave is Ridges Barbecue, Marty’s, Prawn Crackers, Kirei and their plain Potato Chips

      Oh and Pillows too

  • Hazel Asoy

    I love Oishi products as well. Even though I’m trying to control myself from eating too much junkfood, I still eat snacks like Pillows. I like Marty’s as well… lahat ng flavors! Hahaha

    Wannderzel by Hazel

    • My fave is Ridges Barbecue, Marty’s, Prawn Crackers, Kirei and their plain Potato Chips

      Oh and Pillows too

  • That looks so much fun! My son was watching the video too and he said, if he was there, uubusin daw nya lahat ng chips! ^-^ I also love Oishi snacks (lahat naman yata love sila, as they’re one of the biggest companies that produce chips and all!)

  • Jermaine Lingon

    wow ang bongga ng mga booth nila. Kirei and Marty’s

  • dhess mercadero

    Sobrang fave ko kung mga Oishi Products since bata pa ako.Sayang Hindi ako nakapunta.Gusto ko pa naman itry hung human crane.Pero may next year naman .