I Am Driven: I Am SM Woman 3-Night Fashion Event

Hi loves! Long time, no talk! So sorry for the lack of update, you guys. Aside from the fact that I’ve been very busy (which never changed), I’ve also been sick lately.  Anyway, last June 15, 2016, I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to attend I Am SM Woman’s 2nd of their 3-Night Fashion Event (June 14 to 16, 2016).

 I Am SM Woman’s mantras (or themes) are: “I am Confident, I am Driven, I am Exceptional, I am Strong, I am Beautiful, I am SM Woman”. And during the second night, I believe the theme of their fashion show is “I am Driven“.  SM Makati’s third floor was closed from 5:00pm on wards and it became a giant runway featuring the said theme. The theme features smart, business casual looks with minimalist colors such as black, white, blue, beige, denim and muted pops of color. I loved the entire collection, and would you believe that this is like my first time to witness a fashion show? Yeah, I know how lame that sounds. Nevertheless, here’s my vlog featuring the highlights…

The fashion show was headed by SM Woman’s brand ambassadors Armina Aranaz (Accessories Designer, SOFA Founder and Fashion Entrepreneur) and Teresa Herrera (Model. Host and Art Entrepreneur). They’re so pretty and I lah-ove all of the clothes that were featured. If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t buy tons of clothes or shoes. I love makeup and accessories but I’m not so much into fashion, hence the lack of OOTDs in my IG lol. But this fashion show sure changed my mind.

Like I said, I don’t always buy clothes, but when I do, I go directly to SM Department Stores. I try Divi, of course, (because who doesn’t love a cheaper price tag, right?) but nothing fits. If something does, by the time I go home to try it, I look like a balloon, it doesn’t fit properly. Besides, the look I get when I ask the price and the fact that there is no fitting room is just not worth it. Unlike at SM, the variety, the sizes, the quality of the material, the options to choose for are endless. And the prices are very affordable. That’s why when we were given Php 3,000 GCs to spend at a 2-hour VIP sale, I was like “Count me in!”

SM Woman has reached unprecedented heights as a fashion brand that seeks to make stylish clothing more accessible for every woman. From the quality of its materials to the range of sizes it offers, its classic designs to trendy ones, and flattering cuts that ensure a perfect fit every time – the brand spared no expense at redefining an all-new style with a bevy of exciting, fresh offerings. SM Woman now caters to every woman in a way that it never has before – from day to night, every season and every occasion.

I bought three tops with my GC and I loved all of it. Their prices range from Php 700-1,200 with discount. I still have Php 500 GC remainin (hahaha) so I’ll be sure to spend that soon! Anyhoo, I had tons of fun during the event and the shopping spree was amaze-balls too, lol. I loved spending time with my co-beauty bloggers/friends and the fact that we did some shopping together, that was fun!

Gen-zel, Celline, Kim, Andy, Janina & Moi  ★  (Photo Courtesy of Celline)

They’re all pretty right? To see fashion for every woman, from day to night, follow them on SMWoman on Facebook, @smwoman on Instagram and @_smwoman on Twitter.

How about you? 

What’s your favorite among the entire collection?

Let me know!

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  • Sandrah Araja

    wow shopping spree!