L’oreal #SwatchAndShoot Exclusive Event

Hey loves! How was your weekend? Mine’s okay. I had tons of fun at StyleCon Asia. I attended their two-day event and don’t worry, I did vlog about the highlights so that’ll be up soon. In the meantime, let me share you the highlight my week last week (did that make sense? Isn’t that a bit redundant? Whatevz :P)

Okay so, last May 31, 2016, we were invited to attend L’oreal’s #SwatchAndShoot event where we were one of the lucky people who get to test/swatch L’oreal’s newest product, the La Palette Nudes Eyeshadow Palettes (in Rosé & Beige). Alongside these palettes, they also introduced the Velvet Pinks lipstick collection. The event was held at L’Artizan, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City.

L’Artizan is such a beautiful venue for these types of event. They served us delicious pastries, macarons and eclairs. Ooh, just thinking about them makes me hungry! And it’s already past 11PM!

The event didn’t have a program itself but there were several activities that we can participate in, such as: the swatchfest where in we can swatch and review all of L’oreal’s newest products. The cinemagraph, where we can shoot video stills with minor movement, while trying out their products (I’ll show it to you later, loves). And then the video studio, wherein we can use their equipment, to either review the products, or do a collab with our co-beauty bloggers and publish the video in our channel.

Anyway, here are the even’ts highlights

First thing we did of course is, we had to swatch those gorgeous palettes. Oh, that arm is courtesy of Gen-zel. I’m sure you loves know her. She’s soo cool about us borrowing her arm lol.

These palettes have the prettiest shades, my personal favorite is Beige actually, but don’t worry, I’ll be reviewing each and everyone of these for you. Oh and the packaging is just so sleek! It looks pretty high end, don’t you think?

After eating some snacks and drinking some tea, we went to the Cinemagraph section and had our video stills taken. I find it so amazing how they do these videos/.gif! Being a bit of a techie myself, I’m here hoping, I can learn to do all of those things someday…. Anyhoo, below’s the finished product.. (That’s a .gif, btw. You can find the video in my Instagram here and also you can see my Facebook post here.)

L'oreal Swatch and Shoot Cinemagraph

We didn’t get to try the video studio because it was already late and truth be told, we were kinda shy filming in front of an audience. You see, it’s different when you’re filming alone in front of just your camera, alone in your room (and sometimes, it’s kinda awkward enough) but to have a whole filming crew do all the work for you. Uhm.. nope.. di ko pa kaya yung ganung level. Bwahahahha

So far, I really had fun during the #SwatchAndShoot event and I really loved the concept. It was very intimate and everyone was able to participate and have you seen that cinemagraph? OMG. That is sooo cool! Oh and look at those palettes! I got some new stuff to review for y’all!

So I have a question for all of you, loves..

What’s your favorite palette so far?

Have you tried them yet?

What are your thoughts?

What’s your favorite L’oreal product so far?

Let me know!

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  • Rachel Roque

    Excited for your review of the palette. I saw that Cinemagraph in you FB page before and it still looks fascinating up until now. My fave L’Oreal product would be their tint (I dunno the exact line ’cause I left in in my other bag). I am loving L’Oreal i feel like I almost have 10 products from them.

  • Emily Gatus

    I currently do not own a palette, but L’Oreal’s La Palette Nude seems promising! I haven’t dared to try learning about eye make-up in general because all the make-up I have is either for brows or for lips. L’Oreal’s palette looks like a great one to start with because they have really wearable colors which aren’t boring at all even if they seem neutral. I’ll be looking forward to reviews and tutorials featuring this product!

  • Sandrah Araja

    This is such a great event! My favorite pallete is the City Color Barely Exposed that you gave to me. :* Almost my entire palletes were fake and cheap like my nichido which costs for only 100 hahaha! That’s why I thank you Ms. Yette for giving it to me. :* My favorite product from L’oreal is their Mat BB Veil. The one that I’m asking you, if you still remember I’m owning 1 l’oreal product only that’s why it’s my only favorite

  • Zahra Zadeh

    I love L’oreal and I adore their lipsticks They are my faves ♥ The palettes though are amazing ♥ Waaahh Will get my hands on them soon enough
    I love their lipsticks in the shade Pure Garnet, my all time favorite and Fairy Touch which is good for everyday makeup look

  • Anna Carolina Carzada Lechador

    Wow, thank you for sharing your lovely experience at the Lartizan, I know you really enjoyed the event. the eye shadow palette are a must have I like the color and hoping for your personal review about those palettes. I know Miss Genzel shes very nice, and I loved her photography and style too Enjoy and More Blessings miss yette.