Pink Sugar Newly Released Lippies – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey loves! How’s your week so far? Mine’s been hectic, as usual. Teehee. Anyway, a lot of you have been asking me to do a review or at least give you my thoughts about the newly released lip products of Pink Sugar. I’ve had this for more than a month already and I have been using some of these shades non-stop so I think now’s the right time for me to share my opinion about these lippies. However, I would just like to remind everyone that I already did a detailed/thorough review about the Creamy Mattes and the Sugar Tints here and here so this post will no longer be as detailed. FYI.

Let’s start with the Creamy Mattes

The original creamy mattes line came with 10 shades, and now they added 4 brownish, nude and hot pink shade. The HD Lipsticks have 14 shades in their original line so adding these 4 shades to the original 10 makes both lines even.

I like that they added nudes, and MLBBs to the bunch because that was actually one of my concerns when I saw their original line. There aren’t a lot of everyday shades that you can use. Now you have at least number to choose from, including the ones that are included in the original 10.


Girl Next Door is a light peachy nude shade that is perfect for those with fair to light skintones


Hot Mess is a light pinkish nude shade also perfect for those who have fair to light skintones

This shade looks too light for my preference but it’s perfect for times when you want to rock that heavy smokey eye look. It’s also ideal for everyday wear for those who have fair to light skin tones. I’m actually impressed with this because despite how light it is, it’s not patchy and it applies evenly onto my lips.

Similar to Girl Next Door, this is pretty light for my liking and would also look well when paired with a heavy eye makeup. It’s weird actually because from the tube, it looks like my ideal MLBB color but when applied it’s too light, at least for me. But if you have fair to light skin tone, I think you’re going to like this, just as I’m sure you’re going to like the first shade.


XOXO is a dusty rose shade, which reminds me of Desire & Maybelline’s Touch of Spice. I actually believe that this matches almost if not all skin tones due to it’s really flattering shade!


Hotline Bling is a cherry, hot pink shade but still very wearable regardless of the season.

This is definitely my favorite shade among the new releases from Pink Sugar Creamy Mattes. It’s my ideal MLBB shade. You know me loves, I love my mauvey/MLBB lippies. This is a nice addition to my collection. It’s a nice shade that I can use for my day to day errands. It’s definitely what you want if you’re an office girl, or if you want something that you can wear in order to look fresh or made up. It’s really pretty and I hope that Pink Sugar will come up with more shades like this.

I haven’t been wearing hot pinks recently but this shade might change that. It is a hot pink but it’s still very wearable even when you’re just running errands or when you’re on your office. It just gives you that fresh and youthful glow without gaining too much attention.

Packaging, pigmentation & texture-wise, NOTHING has changed which is actually a good thing because they hit all of those three categories. They still offer the richest pigmentation, there’s no tugging involved the packaging is very direct and straight to the point. Nothing’s changed (along with the scent – just something to take note of) 

Now let’s move on to the Sugar Tints

Just like before, Pink Sugar came out with another 5 shades, making their entire Sugar Tints collection 10. 5 Summer/bright shades and 5 nude/neutral shades. I actually liked the idea and I’m so glad that they came up with additional 5 shades (especially neutral shades) because at least we can have more variety to choose from. Similar to the creamy mattes, nothings changed with regards to the product itself. There’s only a slight difference when it comes to the packaging. They now have sticker labels at the bottom of the tube, which makes such a huge advantage because now we can distinguish which is which (amirite? :P)


Naughty Nude is a pale, “concealer lipstick” type of shade, at least for me. It will look good for those with fair to light skin tones.


Hunny Bunny is a light brown shade. Reminds me of Mac’s Velvet Teddy.


Queen Bee is beautiful dusty mauvey shade with a hint of brown. Kinda like the Sugar Tint version of Desire as well as Maybelline’s Touch of Spice, only this has more brown rather than pink.

This shade is just too light for me and the more I wear it the more  it looks weird and unpleasant on me. Because it looks too light on me, it emphasized all of the dry patches and lines of my lips. As mentioned on my previous review about these lippies you will need to exfoliate prior to applying this one, so maybe that was the case. Regardless, I don’t really like how this one looked on me. This may be ideal for those with really fair to light (at least) skin tones and those who would like to wear those really heavy eye makeup.

This is like my favorite nude lipstick among all of the new shades that they released. It’s a perfect light brown shade, ideal for those who would like to wear rather simple on their lips and also excellent for those who would like to rock something heavy on their eye

This is my favorite shade among the entire five. It’s the perfect mauvy shade that’s excellent for daily use or even for those days when you want to amp up your look. It’s a very versatile lip color that wont go out of style.


Code Red is a beautiful, classic red shade suitable for all skin tone


Vampy Vixen is indeed a vampy plummy shade ideal for most if not all skin tones

This is actually a classic Marilyn Monroe shade. I’m glad that Pink Sugar incorporated this shade in their Sugar Tints line because now we have a classic red shade in a more long lasting formula.

I really like this shade because it definitely catches anyone’s attention, but it’s not too vampy that it makes some people a bit uneasy. Also, due to the warmer tone it kinda balances everything (Did that makes sense? Lol)

Well, do I need to explain anything? As you can see, nothing’s changed. Pigmentation, texture, formula, everything’s the same. Even that tutti-fruity scent that I really love from the first release, you can still find them here. Of course, there are also some cons. Similar to the ones that were previously released, this may be drying for some people but for me, it isn’t. Just make sure to exfoliate and moisturize prior to application. Also, some of these shades do not apply as even as the others. For example, Naughty Nude looked a bit patchy and I had to layer it with 2-3 coats to even out the coverage. Perhaps this was why it emphasized all of the dry lines of my lips. However, aside from that, I don’t recall having any other issues with this particular batch.

Overall, I’m really happy with Pink Sugar’s newly released lip products. They’re very versatile and I’m sure a lot of women will love them as well. I wish that they can come up with more shades. I know that they just came up with these but hey! A girl can dream, right?

How about you?

What’s your favorite shade from this line so far?

Have you tried Pink Sugar yet?

Have you tried anything from this line?

Comment down and let me know!



PRICE: Php 349

COMES IN: 14 shades (including the new release)


PRICE: Php 349

COMES IN: 10 shades (including the new release)


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Twitter – @pinksugarph
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Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • Rachel Roque

    These are the shades that I would absolutely buy. It looks stunning (’cause nudes are love). I do love XOXO and Hunny Bunny but among the two I lean on Hunny Bunny more so I will definitely purchase this one. I just love the fact that Pink Sugar listened to their customers and really did launch new shades. In love with this!

  • Sandrah Araja

    Xoxo and Queen Bee are the best shades for me and will suit on any skin tone. I never tried their products before, I’m longing to have their Queen Bee. The first time I saw that shade, it was love at first sight 😍

  • Emily Gatus

    I’ve been in love with Queen Bee and XOXO ever since swatches came out, but I only have budget for one lippie (student budget huhu)! Which one do you suggest I get? They’re pretty similar in terms of color, but when taking into consideration wear time and comfort, which one is worth my money?

  • Lei Diwa

    I would like to try the Xoxo, Queen B and vampy Vixen it really looks great on you If I get a job I’ll buy them thanks for the wonderful swatches

  • Zahra Zadeh

    Hotline Bling, XOXO and Vampy Vixen are the bae

  • Anna Carolina Carzada Lechador

    I liked the queen bee and hot mess, both are very elegant for my opinion. Thank you for sharing Miss Yette. love your photography style More Blessings