Zen Zest 15 – The Beauty of Scent

Hi everyone! I missed you guys! I missed the internet! You might be wondering why I said that. You see, we didn’t have internet since Tuesday last week due to some cable issues, whaatevz. Can you imagine that? My work depends on the internet, so I had to crash in my best friend’s house but I still wasn’t able to blog. Anyway, our phone and internet seems to be back now (Thank God!) so we’re back to our usual programming.

Last week, May 23rd, Zen Zest celebrated their 15th year anniversary together with some beauty and lifestyle bloggers at Le Petite Souffle in Century City Mall. 15th year! Wow! I’ve been an avid fan of Zen Zest since I was in college and OMG! 15! Here’s a short video showing you the event’s highlights.

The event was very intimate and it really focused more on celebrating the brand’s 15th year in the business. We were given these cards indicating 4 Zen Zest categories so that we can pick and choose what we like best from the brand.

First, I went to the Eau De Toilette section. We were allowed to choose 2 fragrances. Their EDTs are my favorite! I just got Thistle the other day and I’ve been using that scent for like years along with Coral. So of course, I got Coral then I also wanted to try Mulberry so that’s what I got. :) (Their EDTs are worth Php 230 each)

Then I went to the Classic CollectionAnd of course, if you know me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab me some body wash & body scrub. I got the Honeydew Melon scent. (Their Classic Body Wash costs Php 140 while their Classic Body Scrub is worth Php 150)

Third, I went to the Aromatherapy section and I saw that they have three categories: one for Relaxing/Sleep, the other one is for Uplifting and finally, Energizing. I got their entire Energizing line (4 pieces) which is composed of a massage oil (Php 220), room spray (Php 250); linen spray (Php 250) and a roll-on (Php 120). I got their Energizing line since I work during the night time and I really need to wake up during those hours and like everyone, I prefer to sleep during those hours, so I need something to keep me up. The Energizing Collection comes with the perfect mix of green tea and grapefruit oils which recharges the body, and gets you ready for the next activity.

Then finally, I went to the Home Fragrance Collection(Mabili etong linyang to!) Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ones that I wanted anymore (anti-mosquito and cabinet spray), so they gave me two of their home fragrances – Citronella and Grapefruit which actually smells good! (their Fragrance Blends costs Php 500 each)

After picking our favorite scents and products, we ate some snacks and they had a mini program proper for us, hosted by Ms. Liz Lanuzo, she gave us a bit of  background about Zen Zest.

Back in 2001, Zen Zest founder, Michelle Asence-Fontelera noticed how expensive imported bath and body products were and how no local brands provided the same good quality at affordable prices. It was Michelle’s answer to the need of every Filipina to elevate her beauty, style, and home without breaking the bank.

For three months, she trained under a chemist and learned how to formulate her own products. With a P350,000 capital borrowed from her family, she opened Zen Zest’s first humble stall in SM Megamall and earned exactly P4,178 on her first day of business.Michelle was able to grow Zen Zest with over 100 outlets nationwide and abroad, and registering 100,000 bottles of Zen Zest fragrances sold monthly. Today, they have expanded their product line to include body scrubs, home fragrances, and baby colognes – their latest venture.

Zen Zest has already broken through the Asian market and their stalls have reached Japan, Bahrain, and Brunei where their cocktail collection of scents with clever names such as Cosmopolitan, Margherita, and White Russia are big hits.

I had a really nice time during the event and it was nice catching up with my fellow beauty bloggers. The event was very simple and intimate and the food’s delicious, btw! I’m so glad and honored that they invited me to celebrate with them, to think that this is one of my favorite local brands.

Oh and with the amount of scents that I have for me and my house?! Ooh! We’re good here. I don’t need candles anymore

How about you?

Have you tried Zen Zest?

What’s your favorite product from the brand?

Let me know!

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  • Sandrah Araja

    Inspiring story behind Zen Zest. ❤👍 Never tried their products. But I’ll surely try them! ‘cos they sell their products for very affordable price. 😊

    • You should really try Zen Zest! Their scents are really affordable and you’re bound to like something!

  • Rachel Roque

    As far as I could remember I did use Zen Zest before but I don’t know what scent it was.I really loved it plus it is cheap.Now,we usually buy their home fragrance since my mom saw it at a store and fell in love with it.

    • I don’t know my first scent but I did try their body sprays way back when I was in college and I’ve fallen in love with the brand ever since.