Budget Beauty Series: SilkyGirl Go Matte Lipcolor – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey loves! I have another budget friendly review for you today, and yes, these are again, lipsticks. You know I lah-ove lipsticks so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review something that’s new in the market today. These are the SilkyGirl Go Matte Lip Colors.

This matte Lipcolor is formulated with Shea Butter, Safflower oil and Papaya extract to moisturize, nourish and smoothen lips. With its long-lasting light texture, you can now go about your day comfortably, and confidently.

SilkyGirl Go Matte Lip Colors come in 10 different shades, ranging from nudes, pinks, berries to even bolder colors. What I have here are five of their shades and so far I’m in love with all of them but of course, I do have some favorites.

These lippies come in a black plastic packaging with a transparent part, showing you the real color of each lipstick. It’s actually very convenient, because mostly, we rely on the lipstick’s sticker labels, which can sometimes be deceiving but in this case, it’s practically what you see, is what you get.

Go Matte lipsticks aren’t your usual “hardcore” matte lipsticks. Compared to the matte lipsticks that are coming out today, these are like your old school matte, that won’t really suck the life (or moisture, lol) out of your lips. They glide on like butter, even without a lip balm underneath and they’re very hydrating as well. Their finish is more of a demi-matte so it’s not overly drying on your lips.


Brownish nude lip color ideal for day to day wear. Perfect for those with fair to light skintones.


Wild Pink is more of a retro-barbie pink. You know those Barbie dolls/toys that were released in the late 80s/early 90s? This was more of their color. It’s a beautiful, wild/electric pink with a hint of coral.


Siren Red is a tomato-red shade. It has more warmer tones so it’s ideal for those girls who prefer their reds to be more orangey.

Nearly nude is indeed a nude lip color. However, compared to the tube, I would say that this is more of a peachy nude lip color once applied. Finally, I found a nude lip color that doesn’t wash me out or make me look sick! This can be your ideal everyday color if you are into matte and nudes. It’s something that you can wear to brighten up your look or something that you can pair with a heavy eye makeup.

Despite how electric this shade looks like from the tube, when applied, this looks more of a bright pinkish coral shade. It’s pretty actually. I think this shade is really ideal for summer, but if you want to wear it for daily use (well, who’s stopping you anyway? :P) you can definitely just stick with one layer and you’re good to go.

This is definitely for those who would like to wear something bold, yet comfortable for your lips. It’s not my type of red due to it’s warmer tones, but it definitely makes a statement.


Baby Pink shade with a hint of salmon. Perfect for everyday wear and ideal for those with fair to light skin tones.


Beautiful wine shade with a hint of magenta. Perfect for days when you want something different aside from your usual nudes.

Despite what it looks like on the tube, this actually looks more like a peachy pink shade on me once applied. Perfect for those with fair to light skintones.This is one of my favorite shades as it is very wearable and it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing too much or not enough makeup it definitely goes with anything.

Another shade that I love. When applied, this exotic wine shade looks more of a bold magenta on my lips. It’s really beautiful yet very wearable for day to day wear.

SilkyGirl’s Go Matte Lip Colors have a rich color payoff and these lippies apply like butter. However, some of them are not true to their color. I guess it really depends on your lips’ pigmentation. If your lips are like mine, which is highly pigmented, the “Nearly Nude” shade may not look as “nude” and the “Wild Pink” may not look as “wild” when applied. Same goes for all of the shades.

As for coverage, you will need to apply at least 2-3 layers in order to get it’s full color opacity. Don’t worry though because they’re very lightweight. Of course you will still feel that there’s something on your lips but I doubt you’ll feel uncomfortable having them on.

Longevity-wise, this lasted on me for more than 4 hours, provided that I didn’t eat oily foods. It didn’t feather nor bleed. I also didn’t smell anything in particular which is definitely a good thing.

Overall, I really love these SilkyGirl Go Matte Lipsticks and I do hope that they get to come out with more variants, shades and, actually… I want to try out their entire line! My favorite shades are of course, Mystic Rose and Exotic Wine but I did enjoy all of the shades too. I’m glad that SilkyGirl is now here in the Philippines. They will soon be available in Watsons so if you guys are wondering where you can get them then stay tuned. As for me, I sure can’t wait to get more of them

How about you?

What’s your favorite shade so far?

Have you tried SilkyGirl Cosmetics?

What’s your favorite demi-matte/matte lipstick so far?

Let me know


PRICE: Php 279
NET WT: 4g
COMES IN: 10 shades (4 are new)
AVAILABILITY: Will be available in Watson’s soon.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SILKYGIRL.Cosmetics
Website: http://silkycosmetics.com/

Products were provided for review. Opinions were mine. Click here for my desclaimer. Thanks

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  • Sandrah Araja

    I like the shade Exotic Wine! 😊 Never heard of this brand before! Is this a local brand? My favorite matte lipsticks are EB Matte, F21 All day matte and Golden rose velvet matte. You should really try Golden rose! 😄

    • Nope. It’s a Malaysian brand I believe.

      I know, I know! I need to try that brand! I will! But first, I need to review these lippies I have before I try new ones!

  • Rachel Roque

    I love Neatly nude and mystic rose so far! I actually never heard of this brand before and it really is making an impression. It is pretty cheap. Gotta look forward on this one. My go to matte lipsticks will be the ones from Maybelline. They really are taking their lipsticks up there.

    • Yes! I will definitely let you guys know once it’s avail!

      • Rachel Roque

        Thank you!

  • Zahra Zadeh

    Never seen this brand before but their lippies looks great Love Mystic Rose and Wild Pink Mystic Rose has the same shade of Pink Sugar’s rumor. Eyeing on those light shades

  • Anna Lechadores

    oh I like the mystic rose and wild pink. Do you know how much each sis and where can we able to buy while they are not available in watsons?? Thanks

  • Emily Gatus

    I learned about these lippies from one of the youtubers I follow, and I’m glad to see more colors on your blog! I’m loving Mystic Rose and Exotic Wine I also have really pigmented lips so I tend to go for the deeper colors. I’m excited to see SilkyGirl products in Watsons!