Budget Beauty Series: iWhite Korea BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi all! For our sixth installment, I would like to introduce to you something that I’ve recently discovered while roaming around at SM Dept Store. It’s practically dirt cheap. They sell these for  nearly Php 25. It’s cray cray. You might have encountered this before, but nevertheless, let me just tell you my thoughts about this crazy, inexpensive product. It’s the iWhite Korea BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream.

Your Everyday BB Cream! Provides natural coverage for that no makeup makeup look!

Formulated with over 10 kinds of Natural herbs to truly take care of your skin while making you look great!

iWhite Korea

Costs: Php 24.50

Comes in shades: Light & Beige

Available at selected Watsons and HBC branches nationwide.

The BB Cream’s packaging is fairly simple and I would say, unique among its kind. It comes in a foil packet that can be divided in to half. It has an easy-tear feature so you don’t need to have scissors with you whenever you opt to use it. Depending on how you use your BB Creams, each half can either last you for 1-2 uses. I like these types of packaging if you would just like to try the BB cream or if you’re going on a really short trip, because you don’t need to worry about storage. However, in terms of storing it in my stash, once you open it, you need to find a place to keep the foil packet steady, otherwise it will leak. If you would like to take this with you during  those long trips, I suggest you place this in a separate resealable plastic bag so if in case it leaks it wont get everywhere. OR, you can just use the entire half whenever you do your makeup so you don’t need to worry about storage.

This BB Cream comes in 2 shades: Light and BeigeI am in the shade of Light and so far it matches my skin perfectly. Both shades are more yellow toned, which is something that I like because it’s really suitable for more Pinays.  The formula/consistency of this product is actually very liquidy thereby making it a lot easier to blend even with just using your fingers. It’s very lightweight so it wont set nor emphasize the dry areas of your face.

It offers a sheer to light, yet buildable coverage. At the photo above, I used the entire half of the sachet, as I’ve mentioned before, usually an entire half lasts me for about 2 uses, but in this case I used all of it. At first layer, it concealed some of my rednesses and it made my pores less visible. It also evened out my skin tone. Then at the final/second layer, it finally concealed some of my minor blemishes as well as my broken capillaries near my mouth. Of course, I still had to use some concealer but still. It offered a nice coverage for a BB Cream.

I prefer to apply this with a brush. But of course, by using a brush you risk wasting bit more product since it’ll just get absorbed (since it’s very liquidy). It’s a bit tacky once applied but it can be remedied with a setting powder. It’s also not that overly dewy, compared to those other common BB creams so if you’re not into those, then you might like this one. Longevity-wise, since I have a normal to dry skin, this lasted on me for more than five hours or so without using primer underneath. If you have oily skin, you might want to use a primer first.

This BB cream surprisingly doesn’t have any scent. Or if it does, maybe my nose is messing with me because perhaps it’s very subtle, that I can’t smell it? Lol.

All in all, I really think that this is a good BB Cream. It’s really cheap/affordable, it’s quite handy and it can compete against other drugstore BB Creams. I just hope that they can come up with a more travel/storage friendly packaging, say a tube, etc. Regardless, if you’re looking for a new BB cream to try without going over your budget, I suggest you try this one. This is especially ideal for those with normal to dry skin, but as I’ve said, if you have oily skin, just use a primer underneath.

How about you?

Have you used this BB Cream?

What’s your favorite BB Cream?

What’s your favorite iWhite Korea product?

Let me know!

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  • Zahra Zadeh

    Used this already It smells like a car freshener to me… the ones with the green pine tree shape (if you know what I mean) hehe not bothered by it though hehe Love the coverage of this 25 pesos bb cream though I just lve using their 2 minute whitening miracle and their facial cream =) ♥

    • Yes. It appears that my nose was messing with me when I wrote this review. It does have a subtle citrusy scent. Not overwhelming though. I do love their moisturizers

  • jeremy

    I like this one, fair enough quality for its very affordable price. Too bad doesn’t work well on my oily skin but then again I still like it. I transfer it in a mini container btw:) I love their aqua moisturiser!

    • Yes, I used to do that with my other BB Creams but sometimes, it’s quite tedious to transfer BB Creams to diff containers that’s why I didn’t recommend it initially.

      • jeremy

        Oo nga e:) so far, this is only the bb cream I transfered into container. Mostly kasi nasa tube naman bb creams I have tried:) I forgot to ask pala if what’s lipstick did you used here in youe photo? Thanks!:)

        • It’s the Pink Sugar Sugar Tint in Purple Pleasure:)

  • Rachel Roque

    I actually use this one (a result of impulsive buying but it’s worth it though) not everyday but on my lazy days. Unfortunately, the shade light is still dark for me so I usually mix this one with a lighter one or just use it on the edges of my face for natural contour. I do love BB cream because it gives benefits to the skin and my fave one so far will be Tony Moly’s Aura BB cream. (but I have been using one sachet for 5 uses, is that only me? HAHAHA)

    • I hope they can come up with more shades in the future. Wow 5 uses! Nice!

      • Rachel Roque

        Konti lang kasi ako maglagay kaya soooo sulit!

  • Anna Lechadores

    I already tried this one last week, The result for me is fair enough. Your nose is messing with you sis, because for me its smells like a lemon or orange. good for a bb cream. I like and and I can say that high schools student can actually try it because its very cheap and nice.

    • Yeah, my nose was messing with me when I wrote this, lol. It does smell citrusy.

  • Sandrah Araja

    I bought this BB cream in the shade of beige. Nagkamali ako ng dampot, light dapat pala talaga ako Yung mga beige kasi nakalagay sa light na lalagyan. Pero di ko pa siya natatry.

    My favorite bb cream is Tony moly cotton petite bb cream delight then next is missha perfect cover bb cream.

    My favorite iwhite product is their nose pack.

  • Emily Gatus

    I’ve been seeing this everywhere but this is the first time I’m seeing swatches! I’m probably in Beige because I got waaay darker because we had classes during summer. Grateful for the swatches because I could have saved 25 pesos (or purchased a second sachet!)

  • Novilyn Villar-Santiago

    Hi Yette.. Been a silent reader for awhile now.. If ever I wanted to try a product related to beauty & skin I would always search your blog if you
    have a review..😊 And oh, i’m way behind on this bb cream pala.Hehehe! I saw this on mercury drugstore and got very interested. I searched muna your blog, and now I bought it in tube for only php159 with the facial wash.. Sobrang mura, pang everyay bb cream talaga. 😉