Budget Beauty Series: Mushroom Brush – Quick Review

Hi loves! Welcome to the second post of my Budget Beauty Series. I already have a ton of brushes and to be quite honest, I’m at that point wherein, I will only buy a brush/brush set if I’m deeply interested or if you got me convinced. But lately, I have been seeing this “Mushroom Brush” making rounds not only on Instagram but also on YouTube.  Ann Clutz was raving non-stop about it and since it’s only Php 220, (bought it from PrettyAngelShoppe) I thought “Why Not?Oh, and I also saw Tarte come up with a brush quite similar to this one so that got me totally intrigued.

So let’s get to the specifics first. This cute mushroom brush measures nearly 4 inches, and over 1 inch in diameter. How’s that for specific? It doesn’t weight much but it doesn’t feel cheap either. You know those brushes that feels like “ampaw” from the handle to the ferrule? This one’s not like that, it looks and feels sturdy.

It also comes with short, yet densely packed bristles held together by a silver ferrule. I like these types of brushes because they pack quite a punch in terms of providing coverage when buffing out your base. It also blends your liquid fondies/BB Creams flawlessly making it look like second skin.

I’ve had this for several months now and I’ve actually washed this a couple of times already and so far I’ve only experienced minimal shedding. Sure some bristles stick out from time to time but none of them sticks to your face while applying your makeup (Don’t you hate makeup brushes that sheds right on your face? lol). You can actually see some bristles peeking through at the photo, but they’re just there, lol. I don’t manually remove them or anything.

As mentioned, I’ve been using this brush for quite some time now and it’s been one of my favorite brushes ever since. For one, it buffs out my liquid bases seamlessly,  it doesn’t absorb much product perhaps due to the length of the bristles, and it’s very travel friendly. Further, despite how short the bristles are, they’re still very soft and they don’t feel scratchy when being used. I also took this with me when I went to the province last Holy Week and despite its shorter handle, I didn’t experience any difficulties in terms of application, etc.

I usually don’t blog about makeup brushes unless I’m totally impressed with it, and this one’s got me hooked. I really like it. The hype is real about this brush. If you’re looking for a good yet affordable buffing brush, I suggest you try this one. Like I said, I got this from PrettyAngelShoppe via their Instagram account but you can also find them at Facebook, Shopee, etc.

How about you? What’s your favorite makeup brush?

One you individually bought and have been loving ever since you got it?

Do let me know!

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  • Sandrah Araja

    I also have this! ❤ This was my very first makeup brush! 😍 I’m so inlove with this! I got this from pretty angel shoppe also, together with a Moonkini Powder Brush that I won from Ms. Anne Clutz’ giveaway. ❤ This is my only foundation brush that’s why I don’t know if it’ll be the best makeup brush so far. I also have the Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio that I also won from a giveaway, hehe! It’s very handy and best to bring when you’re in travels. All in all I only have 5 makeup brushes and I like them all. ☺

    • I also have that Moonkini powder brush too!

  • Rachel Roque

    I’ve seen this a lot of times already on online shops but never bought one (I WANT TO THOUGH). My favorite brush is actually a gift (that’s why I treasure it more) and it is Morphe M444, I just received it last two weeks and I am loving it. It is somehow similar to this mushroom brush and I cannot see any visible brush strokes when I apply foundation with it. i’ve also tried Marrionnaud (did I spell it right?) and it also works fine plus it is cheap!

    • I haven’t tried Morphe brushes yet but I do love Marrionnaud brushes and yes, they’re one of my faves as well

  • jeremy

    I’m curious about this one too eversince I saw this from prettyangelshoppe.Now, I know I’ve got to have this very soon. Hehe. I love to have that pink one also:) *ang kapal ng bristles nyan, nakakaexcite gamitin:)* Have you seen those paddle brush in their shop? I wonder if that works well too.

    I have ordered makeup brush set from other online shop way back before. I experienced that shredding bristles all over my face before, it so stressful whenever it was shred along my nose:D oh well, that’s life:) so far I like it naman these brush set of mine.

  • Anna Carolina Carzada Lechador

    I got similar brush before I that was when I was in collage, I love the product plus long lasting Blessings Miss Yette

  • That looks like a gorgeous brush for buffing out foundation! I will definitely have to try it out especially since it’s so inexpensive!
    Nida | Caked To The Nines

  • Emily Gatus

    I recently bought a Moonkini kabuki brush because I was told that denser brushes are perfect to get a flawless, airbrushed look when applying foundation. It’s been working well but I would have liked it a bit denser. The store I got it from also had this mushroom brush and I wish I could have read this post when I bought brushes that time! This brush would definitely go on top of my must-have beauty tools.