BUDGET BEAUTY SERIES: Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palettes in Brown & Pink – Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi loves! A lot of you requested me to feature more budget-friendly/drugstore products. Therefore, in order to grant your request, I will be doing a Budget Beauty Series, featuring mostly drugstore and affordable makeup/beauty products. I was thinking of labeling it as “Drugstore Week” but in order to do that, I will have to post daily, 7 days a week and feature only drugstore products. Well (A) I don’t think I can post daily due to my work (sorry guys) and (B) I think there are also some products that aren’t necessarily a “drugstore product” but are affordable. I will be posting eight (8) blog posts regarding this series. Some of them are reviews, FOTDs, lists, etc. So, I hope you enjoy this series and… here’s the first one..

First one, or ones rather, that I’m going to review are the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palettes in Pink and Brown. Ever Bilena was one of the first drugstore brands that I’ve tried way back when I started doing my own makeup and I always had a soft spot when it comes with their eye products. I’ve also heard that EB was coming up with a lot of new and exciting stuff, so since their products are really affordable, I knew I had to try at least some of them.

Price: Php 150
Net Wt: 6.8 g
Availability: Ever Bilena Counters, Department Stores, Watson’s

The palette’s packaging is quite simple and very straightforward. It’s very reminiscent of those NYX palettes. Both palettes come with a plastic packaging that snaps shut when closed. It also comes with a with a transparent cover allowing you to see the shades that each palette offers. The plastic is not that sturdy though (which is understandable due to the price) so if you’re going to take this travelling, you might want to take note of that.  It also comes with a dual ended sponge and a tiny mirror.


Each palette comes with 6 shades. As for the Brown palette, I honestly thought that this will come with all-mattes. Since the other one was composed of mostly shimmery shades. Anyhoo, this palette, regardless of the name, is composed of mostly cool-toned, taupey shades. It comes with 3 matte shades (2, 3 & 5), 1 shimmery (1), 1 satin and 1 matte with specs of glitter (6).


The Pink Eyeshadow Palette, however, is filled with rose-toned, coppery shades. It’s more on the shimmery finish. Just like the Brown palette, this one comes with 6 shades as well, first shade is matte while the others are shimmery.


The Brown palette offers a nice pigmentation but if you ask me, it’s not up to par with the pigmentation that the Pink palette offers. Some of the shades are a bit dryer in texture (5 and 6 – 5 especially) and some don’t adhere nicely without a primer. But they blend nicely and apart from the shades that were mentioned, all of the other shades are creamy and soft to the touch.


This is actually my favorite among the two palettes. The Pink palette offers a nice pigmentation and color payoff. Sure it is a bit chunky and the fallouts are like WHOA! But still, if you ask me what to get among the two, I would prefer this one (although I will still get the two and I’ll tell you why later). All of the shades in here are uber creamy and soft to the touch and the shades are beautiful. Like the Brown palette, they also blend nicely and with the help of a primer, they will adhere more onto your lids and look a lot more visible.

I have been using these eyeshadow palettes for quite some time now and so far I’ve been loving them especially the Pink palette. As mentioned, they’re very smooth and they blend quite easily. They last on my lids for the entire day so long as I prime my lids beforehand.  I also prefer to combine both palettes or combine Pink with other warmer matte shades. In the photo above, I actually combined the two palettes. That’s actually the reason why I think you should get both, if you’re just getting started with makeup or if you’re trying to build your kikay kit. I don’t think having the Pink Palette alone will work unless you’re going to a party or a night out due to the similar shades and finishes it provides. The Brown palette, however, sure you can do with it alone, but due to the darker shades that are included, I don’t think it’s for a daytime use either. That’s why I think you should combine both of them in order to get the result you want. These palettes are not really pricey so it’s still worth it.

All in all, I think these palettes are worth the purchase. If you’re looking for a good drugstore eyeshadow palette, you might want to consider these. Aside from the qualities I’ve mentioned, they’re also compact and quite travel friendly, just make sure that you take extra precaution when you take it with you. I sure hope that Ever Bilena comes up with more color combos/palettes in the future. I’ll definitely be the first one to try.

So those are my thoughts about the Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palettes. And that’s the first one from my Budget Beauty Series! I hope you liked this post so far and I hope you like this idea. If you have any “series” request, do let me know.

Anyway, How about you? Have you tried these palettes? Have you tried palettes from Ever Bilena?

What’s your favorite so far? What’s your favorite eyeshadow palette? Let me know!

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  • Rachel Roque

    This is so affordable but what I hate about this is the SHIMMERS. I prefer mattes because I have Chinita eyes and shimmers make it look smaller… plus I cannot go for that no makeup makeup look. But I could pull this off if ever we have events. I love brown and pink, it looks like I need to buy both. Hope that they will try to release matte eyeshadows.

    • I agree more matte shades please! Haha

      • Rachel Roque

        Nagtataka nga ako minsan kung mas mahal magproduce nang matte over shimmer shades, ’cause most of the local drugstore brands offer shimmers even on their blushes too… do you have any idea or no? Buti pa ang EB, loyal sa mababang presyo. HAHA.

  • Zahra Zadeh

    Been waiting for this I was thinking of getting one but the shimmers on the eyeshadow is a no for me. I like the shades from the pink palette but still I think Imma get those two since it’s pretty affordable

    • Yes, you can get the both of them because they’re not pricey at all.

      Shawill is really pigmented and definitely worth every penny

  • Sandrah Araja

    I love the idea of this series! 😊❤ My favorite Makeup product is Maybelline, please include it in your Drugstore week! ❤

    Anyway, if I’m going to choose between the two, I’ll go with the Brown Pallete, coz I’m not into shimmery eyeshadows, I just want a neutral shades. But the Pink Pallete has a really nice pigmentation and color pay off! 👍 I still didn’t try this or any Ever bilena eyeshadow pallete. Cos i don’t use eyeshadow often. I just use it if I’m taking a photo. 😂 And I don’t actually own a nice pallete. My pallete is just a fake naked 4 pallete and nichido eyeshadow pallete which is only 100 pesos 😂

    • Yes, I’ll be including Maybelline products, of course. It’s one of my favorites too

      I like Nichido eyeshadows too!

      • Sandrah Araja

        Yey! Waiting for your Maybelline reviews. ☺ Especially on their lipsticks.

  • jeremy

    Such a steal indeed! For 150, I agree that you can buy both of them to have many shades to choose from. Beauty budget series makes me excited, I belong to the girls who requested for drugstore finds with great quality.I am fan of drugstore makeups, I think some of them are underrated thats why I’m happy your back on featuring them:D I haven’t tried this palette though but I love EB’s blush in fig.It’s so pretty. I guess you will like it too:) My fave eyeshadow palette lately is BYS.