Iope Air Cushion XP – Review, Photos & Swatches

A couple of months ago, I was one of the lucky bloggers who did some shopping at Althea, a Korean shopping website that ships here in the Philippines prior to their opening. I have a more detailed blog post about my shopping experience here along with the things that I got. One of them was this one, the Iope Air Cushion XP. Ever since I showed this to you, even in my IG account, (@yettezkiedoodle – you should follow me if you haven’t btw ) most of you kept asking for my thoughts about it. So here it is


Product Claims:
IOPE Air Cushion® has revolutionized makeup trends and has truly earned a name for itself in the cosmetics industry. IOPE Air Cushion®, a cushion-type foundation with sun protection and the first of its kind in the market, has changed the way in which women use cosmetics. This major innovation combines the functions of both makeup and UV protection simultaneously through the inventive product design, which is use to use and simplifies the makeup process. To this day, IOPE Air Cushion® is leading the cushion foundation category and innovations in the beauty industry. Air Cushion® is IOPE’s No. 1 best seller that is beloved by many consumers.

Iope’s packaging is elegant, sturdy and despite it’s white exterior, it doesn’t attract dust or makeup residue quite easily. Trust me, I should know. It’s very travel friendly and it snaps shut so you’ll know that it’ll stay close even in your purse or even in your “kikay kit”. Also, like any cushion foundations, this one comes with a sponge, which fits perfectly inside the compact (which has a different slot of course), along with a mirror, big enough for touch ups. Iope cushions also comes with an extra refill, so if you ask me despite the bigger price tag, it’s still definitely worth it.

The shade that I got is C23. I believe I’m NC25-NC30 in Mac so if you and I have the same skin tone this might work for you. I usually don’t buy foundation or BB creams on the internet but a lot of beauty gurus have been raving about this product so I just did some research. Et voila! Good thing this shade matches me perfectly otherwise….wooh! Though Althea has an unconditional return policy, so it’s not so bad. But that’s another topic, lol.

Anyhoo, in all fairness, and speaking only of this particular shade, C23 is the first cushion foundation that I have with a more yellowy undertone. Compared to all of the cushion foundations that I own, most of them are leaning on to the grey side and some are quite pinkish. This is one of the reasons why I’ve been loving this so far.

Using the sponge, the product blends easily and immediately on to the skin. If you’re new to cushion foundations, it’s really not hard to apply if you prefer to use the sponge that’s included. It can be messy inside the packaging though, but I always make sure to clean it afterwards.

Sorry for the shitty hagard look. That day, I actually woke up and realized that I HATE MY EFFIN’ HAIR

I know that some beauty gurus prefer applying their cushion foundations using a different sponge or a flat top brush but for me, I prefer the sponge that came with it. I just don’t think I’ll be able to experience or see the difference if I don’t utilize everything. Compared to all of the cushion foundations that I own, this has the best coverage. I can even out my skin tone with just one layer. I know that I don’t  have huge pores or discolorations to cover, but being hagard and stressed all the time, trust me it shows on my face that’s why I don’t go out without makeup that often.

In terms of formula and consistency, just like most cushion foundations, this one has more of a gel-like consistency. It’s very lightweight and it sets immediately (as mentioned). It also has a dewy finish but it’s not overwhelming compared to other Korean/Asian BB Creams/foundations that I’ve tried.

What I also love about this product is that despite it’s lightweight formula, it doesn’t emphasize all of the dry spots on my face. I usually have those around my nose and around my mouth but with this one, it’s virtually invisible.

Staying power is also excellent. Mine lasted for over 6 hours without any primer and without any touchups. Note that I used a powder to set this one though. I used L’oreal Mat Magique BB Veil, but still 6 hours? That’s impressive. What I also like about cushion foundations, is that you can definitely use it for touchups due to its formula. This one’s not exempted. You can definitely use this to add further coverage if needed.

Through my research, I found that the C in C23 stands for cover. I believe they have other variations but if you want more coverage, the Air Cushion XP Covers are what you need to get. I believe they’re also available in 3 shades #13, #21 and #23, ideal for all skin types. Iope Air Cushion XP also provides SPF 50+/PA+++.

So those are my thoughts about the Iope Air Cushion XP Foundation. How about you? Do you like cushion foundations? Have you tried this one? Let me know! 


PRODUCT NAME:  Iope Air Cushion XP (Cover)

SHADES: Comes in 3 shades; Mine is #C23

PRICE: Php 1,320




Instagram: @altheakorea

Their Website:

PR Sample – Products were provided for review/consideration. Opinions are my own.
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  • Sandrah Araja

    I’m a bit curious of this product cos you said it was a gel like consistency. May I ask if what is the correct pronounciation of Iope? Hehe. The packaging reminds me of Laneige BB Cushion. Do you already tried it? Can you compare Iope and Laneige BB Cushion? This was my first time to heard this product. I have a trial kit cushion from Etude House but I don’t know how to use it. Looking forward for more Iope products. Their product looks promising!

    • I haven’t gotten the chance to try Laneige yet but I’ve tried L’oreal, The Face Shop and Etude and so far this is my favorite. The reason why I said it has gel-like consistency is because it’s very lightweight, it sets immediately but it’s not dry. I know, sounds confusing. However, comparing this with Etude House, I’ve had my Etude House cushion since 2015 and I’ve only touched it like 1-3 times. Etude House despite being also lightweight feels sticky, and really dewy when applied. While this one doesn’t. Hope that answers your question somehow.

      • Sandrah Araja

        Oh I see! I thought it was literally a gel. 😂 what’s your skin type? Anyway, thanks for answering me! 😊❤

    • BTW, Iope is pronounced as ay-oh-pe

      • Sandrah Araja

        Thank you! 😄 I pronounced it as ay-yop 😂😂😂 Sounds like the tagalog term of animal hahaha.

  • Zahra Zadeh

    Yay ♥ Been waiting for this ever since you showed your Althea Korea haul. Did it caked up or anything? And does it have any white cast upon using flash on photo? Love the coverage btw Thanks in advance Ms. Yette

    • To answer both of your questions – No. It didn’t cake up (or anything) and it didn’t have any white cast during flash photography. You’re welcome

      • Zahra Zadeh

        Ohhhh ok ok thanks for the info Ms. Yette

  • Rachel Roque

    I haven’t tried this one yet. I have tried Laneige’s cushion and I am loving it. What prevents me from buying this is that I have an oily skin and this have a dewy finish, I am scared that this might emphasize my oiliness… will it? I’ve seen a lot of rave about this so I am really wanting to try but I need to stop myself. HAHA. Do you thing that this would work out for oily skin? Thank you! Love the review.

  • The bloggersphere gets too addicted with BB cushions. I have seen a lot who blogged about this so I got so curious why. Looks like a cork board hehe. But is it matte? Or did your face get oily after a few hours?