Yettezkie’s Doodles gets a Makeover!

Hi loves! I am so sorry for being MIA for the past couple of weeks. I know I already mentioned it in my Facebook post right here but in case you haven’t read it yet, last March, (particularly during the second week) I decided to take a break from blogging. Not only due to the upcoming Holy Week but also because my blog/website was in the process of a huge makeover.

Nearly two years ago, I decided to totally change my layout from Thesis to Genesis. I figured that since Thesis was kinda easy to maneuver and edit, Genesis having the same type of framework, would be easy too. I was wrong. Well, it’s not that hard, but let’s just say that the transition was not as easy as I expected. But I loved the results. I loved how my website looked like. It really looked more like a beauty blog and, for the first time, my website became responsive. (I believe Thesis is responsive too but my former layout, which was from Genesis offered better options at least for me).

After getting used to Genesis, editing & tweaking some parts of it were easy. if I needed help I can always ask Deann and she’s always there to help. Free of Charge. lol. But late last year, I just REAAAALLLLYYY wanted to change my layout. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my previous layout and I still highly recommend it, but let’s just say that I got bored.

I have been searching for a new layout that will replace my previous one but there’s always some minor detail that’s missing that’s why I keep on postponing my website’s makeover. Tbqh, I don’t really have much idea where to go when it comes to finding WordPress layouts, so I ran to Deann for help and she suggested me this one. It practically has everything I need and more. I just need to study, lol. She did some major coding & tweaking though. I’m familiar of HTML & CSS but if you ask me how to do this and in my website, it might take time for me to give you an answer

Also, to be quite honest, I’m still not used to this one yet. This one’s not as girly girl compared to my pink layout before. Trust me, I tried to retain the original colors, but I decided to stick to black, white and grey. I wanted my website to look a bit more sophisticated (chos!). I’m really loving how it looks like as of today, but I’m still planning to tweak some things as I learn more about this layout (providing that Deann wont kill hate me if I make kulit lol, jk)

Basically, this is just to say that I’m back to blogging and that I have a new layout lol. AND, if you’re still here despite all my ramblings then kudos to you! I have a secret giveaway for y’all! To join, simply leave me suggestions about topics that you would like to read more about (i.e. reviews, drugstore week, faves, hauls, etc.). Also leave your full name after your comment. That’s it! Giveaway will last for 2 weeks and the winner will win a special prize from me. Please don’t share this giveaway to anyone. It would also be great if you don’t leave any indications in your comment that you’re joining one (i.e. ‘hope I win!, etc). I want it to be more fun and rather intimate.

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  • jeremy

    Love the new layout Miss Yette, its pretty and great but I also love the previous pink one:) Looking forward for more makeup reviews *more of affordable finds* and ofcourse my fave is your hauls:) I miss your post.Glad your back:D XOXO, jeremy garcia;)

  • Rachel R.

    YES. YES. I have been checking your site again and again hoping for new posts and I have been noticing some minor changes along the way. I’m glad that the wait is over and you are finally back. Love the new site, it looks so clean and neat. I’ve tried to do my own before but html stuff killed me so I gave up and just looked at other people’s blog. I know the struggle! Looking forward to your posts! LOVE.

  • Sandrah Araja

    Welcome back Ms.Yette! 🎉 I always checked your blog, if you already post a new blog post hehe. Love the new layout! But I feel a bit unsual cos I’m used to your previous layout design, but still like the new one 😊 Hope you’ll make a lot of makeup hacks/makeup tips. I enjoy reading/watching it ‘cos I learn so much from it! And that’s very exciting right? You’ll able to experiment and as well as you can share some to us. 😊 Please do a lot!! Looking forward for it. ❤


  • Ang ganda ng layout! My site needs it too. Sana magawa this year. Hehe.

    • Thanks Juvy! Gogogo! :*

  • Carmela Terrado

    Its a simple transformation yet its so beautiful What products are you loving for the summer time? and What is your beach ready tips?

  • Zahra Zadeh

    Love the new layout Ms. Yette especially love yung banner hehe Hoping to see more makeup reviews from you I also love seeing your hauls since I do love reading/watching hauls My favorite part though hehe Hopefully there will be DIY's from you po also on how you design your planner hehe Love reading your blog posts Keep it up

    Zahra Zadeh ♥

  • Aww kaya pala! I was stalking your blog last month and was surprised that there no updates, because I really like seeing your photos! Very refreshing sa mata tignan. Same with Genzel. And now you’re finally back! I can stalk your blog again. Everybody’s upgrading blogs from kikay to simple ones. Sabi rin kasi nila para mas mukhang professional if you’re using a minimalist theme. Congrats on your new upgrade and hoping to see more beautiful photos!