2015 Honorable Mentions

2015 Honorable Mentions

Hi loves! I told you I’ll be doing my Honorable Mentions here in my blog so here it is. Just a bit of a background about this post. This will include a rundown of the products that I still find remarkable and impressive but did not make it in my Yearly Favorites. Not because they weren’t as good or not because I didn’t like them enough but because I was trying really hard to shortlist or condense my favorites per category, lol. Still, I decided to make this post and mention them to you to make sure that I at least share my thoughts and opinion about each of these products. Enjoy!

Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer – I really liked using this for days when I’m about to run an errand. Sadly, I haven’t really tested this when it comes to its longevity. I like how it evens out my skin tone and it blurs out my pores near my nose. However, like I said, when it comes to prolonging to wear time of my foundation, I don’t think it’s anything different than most of the other primers that I’ve tried. The reason I have included this in my list though is because this was one of the primers I have been using quite often the past year.

Chanel CC Cream – Like I said in my weekly rave, (which I should definitely bring back) I had a love-hate relationship with this product. This was a gift, btw. I personally wouldn’t buy a foundation that’s worth more than 1,000 pesos. But I wouldn’t say never either, lol. Anyway, like I mentioned in that post, it has a drier consistency but once you get past that, provided that you prep your skin properly, it can give you that flawless look. Oh and you don’t need a primer using this one because the longevity is DE BOMB.

L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD High Definition Concealers – I have the shades Natural, Creamy Beige and Toast. I use Natural and Toast for contouring and highlighting while Creamy Beige is more for concealing. I wasn’t a fan of this concealer at first because it was a bit tricky to apply and the formula is different from all of the concealers that I have encountered. But, it offers a nice overage and it doesn’t wear off easily so I guess I’m on board.

ELF Studio Contour Palette – The reason why I didn’t include this in my yearly favorites is mainly because I wanted to condense the category as much as possible. Nothing more. But in terms of the product itself. I love it. This makes me wish I had included it because this truly is an amazing product and indeed a BARGAIN. You get so much of what you paid for. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to all of the contouring palettes that are available out there, then try this one. It’s pigmented, has all the “tones” that you’re looking for, subtle highlight shades, ideal for daily use and they’re very blendable.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette – I have no idea why I didn’t include this in my previous yearly faves (2014) since I have been using this non-stop ever since I got it and I’m still using this from time to time. This was my ultimate “highlighting pal” and I used no other highlighting powder back then. I love this because it can indeed give you that “lit from within glow”. Like I said before, you don’t need this but it sure is a good addition and investment. Click here for my review about this palette.

Urban Decay Vice 3 – This was my favorite palette during the first quarter of 2015. I love the pops of color, and the metallic shades are to die for. Among all of the Vice palettes I’ve seen, even compared to the one that was released last year, this was the one that I think is the most wearable and has the prettiest color combinations. They’re crazy pigmented and they’re very easy to blend. I have a review about this palette here.

Nature Republic Wooden Eyebrow Pencil – This was my favorite eyebrow pencil during the last month of 2015. I love how it stayed onto my brows for such a long time, it’s very pigmented and it’s easy to blend. It comes with a spoolie and it’s very affordable too!

Pixy Perfect Eyeliner – I got this during their event and tbqh, I wasn’t able to use it right away because I had a number of liquid eyeliners stacked up so I kept it as backup. Besides, I wasn’t really a fan of the applicator. Then last quarter of 2014, I used it and ever since then, I’ve been using it from time to time. I use it to fill in the outline of my winged liner. Like I said, the applicator’s a bummer so you cannot really do a precise winged liner look using this one. BUT it lasts really long. It’s like the Heroine eyeliner that I also rave about (the one I included in my 2015 Yearly Faves) but this one is much cheaper. This one doesn’t smudge and doesn’t fade. You just have to be really careful in terms of application and if you want, you can always do what I do. Use a pen eyeliner for your outline and fill it in using a longer lasting liquid eyeliner like this one.

L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara – I really like this in terms of volume but it doesn’t keep my lashes curled for the entire day. And sometimes, it clumps so I don’t use this quite often. But if you’re looking for a mascara that will give your lashes that oomph, you might want to give this a try.

L.A. Splash Lip Products – I have the Smitten Lip Tint Mousse (Bellatrix/Bella Donna), Studio Shine Lip Lustre (Belle) and Lip Couture (Latte Confession). I’m not sure if those are only the formulas that they have but regardless, I see no difference. The reason I didn’t include this in my yearly fave is because despite how comfortable these are, (yes, they are a bit more comfortable than Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipsticks) I didn’t encounter these until much later in 2015 and I didn’t have a much wearable shade until December (Latte Confession). That’s my fault, I know but still, these weren’t the easiest to get a hold of (especially if you prefer paying via paypal, lol) and they’re not the most affordable too. Still, I love them and given the chance, I would love to hoard more.

My MLBB Lipsticks – I have already listed my Top 5 here but two of them stuck and they are Pixy Silky Fit Satin Lipstick in ‘Soft Rose’ (review here) and Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in (06) ‘Barely There!’. Another is a recent find, and it’s the Maybelline Velvet Matte Lip Cream in #12 (review here). I love these lippies because they can brighten up my look without overdoing it. I don’t really fancy peachy nude shades, but most of them (except Essence) leans to that side of the spectrum so I guess my taste is kind of adjusting. Still, up to this time, when I need to run an errand and I just need to apply an MLBB shade, and something lightweight, then these are my go to.

Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow Lip Balms – There are moments when I have to get ready within just 3-5 minutes so what I do is apply a bit of concealer, do my brows and slap on a tinted lip balm. (if there’s time, I apply a cream blush and I put on some mascara) These have been my go to tinted lip balms ever since I bought them. I gave Mixed Berry away since it doesn’t really show up in my lips but the other two does and when I just a hint of color, these are the ones that I’ve been using.

2015 Honorable Mentions

So those are all of my Honorable Mentions for 2015. If you would like to see all of the products that I’ve been loving for the past year, then feel free to click here. What about you? What are your favorite products for the month of 2015? Do you also have an/some “Honorable Mention/s”? Do let me know. I would love to hear your thoughts

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  • Mai Casanguan

    I love your photos.Btw,My 2015 favorite and have to mention product is Carmex Lipbalm.Partner everyday since i’m stay at home mom i barely use make ups.

    • I used to own Carmex lip balms too but I’m not a fan of the scent tbqh. I prefer Burt’s bees. You should try them!

      • Mai Casanguan

        I bought Burts bees lip balm the replenishing last week,I can say twice the price of carmex and the performace’s not comparable to carmex hehe just saying kahit ilang beses ipahid sa labi hindu namumuo unlike carmex.

  • jeremy

    I need to try that elf contouring palette:)I’m having a hard time finding a shade that does not look muddy or orangey on my face. Hehe. I’m loving Mat12 too, my current MLBB shade. Try pinkies collection new matte line, lots of great shades kaya lang bit bothering the smell. Bark and bottle brush shades is pretty.I love also L’Oreal BB veil and Maybelline satin foundation:)

    • Yes you need to try it! it has a warm and cool toned shade so chances are you’re about to find the right shade that’s suited for you.

  • Zahra Zadeh

    LA Girl Pro Concealer is my fave ♥ My fave this 2015 are of course my concealer from LA girl, my foundation from cover girl (outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation), Maybelline colorshow lipsticks are great as well but I also love my lipstick from loreal

    • I haven’t tried any Colorshow lipsticks sadly. I haven’t been buying a lot of makeup. Mostly, I’m into planner accessories. haha.

  • abegaill villacruz

    Love this post! I thought I won’t see Vice 3 in the list. I definitely agree with your honorable mentions. I have that elf contouring palette as well but I haven’t used it yet. Love essence and pixy lipsticks too. Affordable pero pigmented

    • You should use your ELF contouring palette na! You’re going to love it!