Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

Banila Co. Hits Manila!

Korean makeup will always have a special place in my heart. I find that they offer more in terms of variety to us, Filipina women. We seem to get a more color-match in their foundations, bb creams, concealers, etc. Their skincare brands are superb and offer a wide array of selections that will help you with whatever skincare concern you may have.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

That’s why when I heard that Banila Co is finally about to enter our country, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on their primer! Then last November 23, 2015, Banila Co invited me to their formal media launch, so of course I had to say YES! The event was held at Marco Polo Hotel and the place was filled with pink decorations, I thought I was attending a debut, to be quite honest! I loved the motif! So girly, indeed!

Here’s my vlog during the said event:

As you may already know, Banila Co is the most multi awarded Korean cosmetics brand in the field of base makeup. Its products help women achieve the popular Korean “Lit from Within” look. Banila Co.’s primers, foundations, gel eyeliners, CC creams, make up cleansers, and the like have been lauded by the most prestigious beauty arbiters in the industry for its prestige quality, creative packaging, and disruptive innovation.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

Its Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm for instance, so captivated Korean beauty enthusiasts that they snapped up the product at a staggering rate of 1 cleanser for every 4.8 seconds.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

Banila Co.’s Prime Primer, with its silky smooth texture and its potent ability to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines, was adjudged by Get It Beauty, a Korean cable program that reviews the best cosmetic products in the market, as the best primer in the industry. The company also boasts as having the first and only water-based CC cream in the market. The It Radiant CC Cream has been the bestselling CC cream in Korea for 3 years running.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

During the event, Ms. Sam Oh, the event host, gave us a bit of background about the brand. She also introduced us to the brand’s CEO, Mr. Chang Soo Kim, who flew all the way from Korea just to welcome all of us and also, of course tell us more about the brand and why it’s now in our country.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

From its humble beginnings in 2005, Banila Co. has grown rapidly in Korea and now has become the second best-performing Korean cosmetics brand in China. It now focuses its attention to South East Asia, headlined by concurrent launches in the Philippines and Taiwan. Subsequent launches in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand are earmarked for 2016. Banila Co opened its fist store in Glorieta 4 last November 14. It will soon open its doors Robinson’s Place Manila and other prime malls in Metro Manila and key provinces.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

The event was also graced by Chief Makeup Artist Mr. Kangpil Kim, and Managing Directors Cathryn and Jon Lim of All That Blush Trading Inc. The brand is endorsed by Korean actress/TV presenter Song Ji Hyo of the Running Man Variety show fame.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo
Korea’s Makeup Artist Hoseok Jeong, doing Joyce Sola’s makeup

They also did a demonstration of how they do their “No makeup-makeup look” as well as their sort of like their night out look or party look. As all Korean makeups do, they really focus on that dewy, glowy look.

Banila Co. Hits Manila! #PHLovesBanilaCo

All in all, I am really excited to try out their products especially their lipsticks as well as their eyeshadow palettes, I hear they’re quite promising. Oh, and the Clean It Zero Balm, just by testing it with the swatches that I did in my hand is just a-mah-zing. I will do a video demo and a detailed review about it soon. I definitely can’t wait!

How about you? Are there any Banila Co products you would love to try? Do you own one of them? Let me know your favorites, I sure would love to try others. Btw, here’s their price list if in case you’re interested.

For further information, feel free to visit:
and follow their Instagram at @banilacoph
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Till next time everyone! Tata!

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  • jeremy

    Wow, they’re finally here! If my memory is right I’ve seen this brand for the first time to my tita who works in Korea before last 2012-2013. She used the bb cream before, I think it’s real face bb cream and it works well on hers. And a primer also but in a powder form, I forgot the name. Haha. I remember before that she was asking me to try it but I refused to do so. Now, I’m disappointed. Haha. Anyways, if I try products from this brand soon I would go for clean it zero and cc cream:)

  • Kathleen Joy Uy Oliva

    i actually thought the name was supposed to be ‘vanilla. co’. hehe.. parang mas maganda kasi pag vanilla. but I know korean don’t have a ‘v’ kaya hindi na dapat ako makialam sa brand name.. hahaha..

    i’ve checked the price list, it sounds fair enough.. soon as i got my own job when i graduated on march, i want to purchase products that has good quality so i would love to try this brand as you have said that this is a multi-awarded brand..

    luckily we are, its available na here in philippines.. hooray!

  • I was introduced to Korean brands only two years ago and from then on, I’ve been a fan. Who wouldn’t want that dewy look, right? I’d love to try Clean it Zero, CC Cushion and their Hydrogel Mask too!

  • Banila Co have a blast here in Philippines and since they launched their products, I’ve been eyeing to each of them. Sayang ‘coz I didn’t able to come on their opening at Glorietta. Guess I missed a lot! Thanks for sharing this Ms. Yette.

  • Looking forward to your reviews about these products. Want to know more about the Clean it Zero. Super interesting plus the packaging is so cute♥

  • Zahra Zadeh

    Korean makeup are amazing. The event and decoration was good. Pink theme is nice hehe Talagang girly na girly and talagang maiinlove ka ♥ The packaging of the products are also good ♥ How I wish I could get my hands into these lovelies ♥ A must have talaga to and I’ll add it up on my wishlist. ☻Base makeup products ang uunahin kong bibilhin and also the lippies ♥ Can’t wait to see them near my place ☺

    • I feel you sis I’m interesting on their Clean It Zero and mascara. Lakas makahatak ng customers yung packaging nila noh? ahahaha

      • Zahra Zadeh

        Yes you got it right. Talagang mahahatak ka sa packaging That’s one thing that I am looking for when buying cosmetics. ♥ hehe I am looking forward to this one ♥

  • abegaill villacruz

    The event is so pink! I super love it. I’m loving Korean brands more than ever. And I’m so happy that more and more Korean brands are reaching our country! So many brands and products to choose from. I’ve heard Banila Co and all I know is good feedfack. Maganda nga daw yung primer and balm! A bit on the pricey side but it looks worth it. Will wait for your review. The love in seoul packaging, is it limited edition? I hope not. It’s so pretty! Want to get hand on it soon. Where is their branch exactly on Glorietta?

  • Alenski711

    I read a lot of things about this brand but i never tried any. I’m excited to try it though especially if they are as affordable as etude. Do you know the price range of their products?

  • anne0822

    Thank you for the price list! I don’t have any Banila Co. products yet, but I surely want to try their primer! I read somewhere that it’s best for oily skinned girls.

  • Another brand to watch out for! Korean brands are just so cute you want to purchase them all because of their packaging.