Planners and Journals September Kit | Unboxing

Planners and Journals September Kit

Hey planner loves! This post was meant to be up like weeks ago. I got this during the last week of August and because I’ve been busy this entire month, I had to postpone. So sorry, loves. But no worries, better late than never right?

Here are the goodies that I got from Planners & Journals September Rainbows & Unicorns Kit:

Planners and Journals September Kit
Unicorn Case
by Super Sisidlan Shop

I love this pouch! I have this in my personal drawer and I keep mostly some of my important documents here. I don’t keep my pens here because I’m afraid I’ll ruin it because I’m a klutz like that, lol.

Unicorn Poop
Happy Ever After Cupcakes and Sweets

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a photo of mine when I got it. It went straight to my stomach. I have a weakness when it comes to meringues! Oh and it tastes sooooo gooood!

Planners and Journals September Kit
Cute Shrink and Wood Veneer Paper Clips
by @lionachinky

These are definitely soo cute! I love them. I usually just have my own paper clips, the one that I DIYed but these are so cute that right after I took photos of them, they went straight to my planner.

Planners and Journals September Kit
Ephemera & Insert Arts
by 7thAvenueDesigns (via Etsy)

I love these. Will definitely use them when I buy either an Erin Condren or a Happy/MAMBI planner.

Planners and Journals September Kit
Glitter Unicorns & Cardstock
ThePaperPegasus (by Etsy) & P&J Team

Love the design. I can definitely use them for my future craft/DIY projects.

Planners and Journals September Kit
MT Tape
from @dolcesonline

Oh I’ve been using this tape non-stop ever since I got it. I’m not a fan of orange, not even when it comes to lipsticks but I like the color combo featured in this tape. It has gold, pink. I just love this tape.

Planners and Journals September Kit
Others sticker sheet
Toshiyuki Fukada

Who doesn’t like stickers, lol

Planners and Journals September Kit
Planner Inserts (Weekly, Today, Dividers)
from P & J team

I love these inserts! Sadly, I haven’t been writing that much in my planner lately. Or rather, I haven’t been using the ‘Today’ section a lot lately. I’ve been so busy to the point that I only use the weekly session and if I really need to itemize my schedule, I use my Google calendar. But the designs of these inserts are soo cute! Will definitely keep them. Besides, they don’t have any date written on ’em so it’s cool. The only thing I can say as a con about these inserts is that they’re too wide. I had to trim them in order for them to fit in my planner.

Planners and Journals September Kit
Keep Calm & Plan Stamp
from P & J team

Love this stamp, I’ve been using it whenever I need to plan my ‘planner’ days.

So those are all of the goodies that I got from this month’s kit. If you are a planner addict like moi, and you own either a personal or large sized planners, then these monthly subscription kits are really useful especially if you’re just new to decorating your planners. They give you a starter kit and more.

Planners and Journals September Kit

Planners and Journals montly kit starts at Php 650 per month for personal size and Php 700 for A5/standard size. They offer monthly, 3-month & 6-month subscriptions. Next month’s theme is Paris and I can’t wait because they’re featuring a good friend of mine’s work (a href= “” target= “blank” rel= “nofollow”>@lovecynthia. I met her once and she’s really kind and VERY talented.

Anyway, if you wish to subscribe to their monthly boxes/kits, feel free to follow them at their
Facebook account:
Instagram account:

PS – I’m sorry about the photos if they looked washed out. I don’t know what to do about my lighting situation back when I was taking them. Ggggrr.. seriously..

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  • jeremy

    I love your collections! Those are pretty goodies. I’m a planner lover too aside from makeups. Hehe. I buy my stuffs and collections at NBS. Thanks for sharing this, I’m planning to subscribe soon.

  • Eddielli Bungay

    Thank you for subscribing.

  • anne0822

    grabe, 3 unboxing posts in a row! It must feel like Christmas for you! haha. Well, that’s how I feel when I receive subscription boxes
    Was tempted to subscribe for my little sister since she loves DIY-ing, but then I realize baka masayang lang since she’s only 10. Planned to get one for myself but then wala akong artistic bone and only wants them because they’re cute and *unicorns*

  • Not much of a planner fan since I am one of the most disorganized person (haha) there is but I find these stickers and the stamp too, uber cute!

  • abegaill villacruz

    Again, I’m drooling over your kit! Yung pouch pa lang, so cute na. Like you, I don’t put pens on my most precious pouches/cases. Sometimes kasi natatanggal yung cap accidentally. Ayun, pangit na. haha. The clips and stickers are so cute too. Well everything is. Mukha ngang masarap yung meringue