BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

Hi loves! If you know me then you’ll know that I LIVE for online shopping as much as I love dropping by the mall. Online shopping is something I do to relive stress and even when I don’t buy something, I just love looking at these websites. Sometimes, I even add a ton of stuff in my cart and then after a couple of days, I empty them. Just to tease myself, lol.

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

Although, you pretties know how much impulsive I am so when I found out about BeautyMNL, I’m like ‘be still, my ♥’. Okay, that’s a bit exaggerated, but I got really excited.

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

However, when I went to their website, I was overwhelmed with the amount of products that were currently available. They have from drugstore, midrange, hard to find to high-end cosmetics and skincare brands. They even carry products that are not available in our local malls. Oh and their prices are not as far away from those that are being sold online (or at the malls either).

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

It took me quite some time to figure out what I wanted that by the time I already figured it out, they’re already sold out. Demn. Anyway, fortunately, one of the products that I’ve been waiting for them to carry is finally there (one that I’m about to mention in this haul) so of course, like a kid who’s in a sugar high, I hurriedly place my order and waited for these products to arrive in my doorstep.

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

These babies arrived in no less than 24 hours. I ordered them August 28 at about 7:00 PM if I’m not mistaken (I actually made a mistake and I had to cancel my initial order. The customer service rep was very kind and they immediately accommodated my request) then my order arrived at about 4:00 PM the next day. Is that fast or whut?

Anyway, to fill you in about what’s going on in my mind, here’s a video about my mini haul, my entire shopping experience and about some stuff regarding BeautyMNL (#roleVTR)

Below are the items that I got from the website:

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature
Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Anita’
Php 1,650

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature
Maybelline Matte Velvet Lip Cream in ‘Mat 11’
Php 299

As mentioned, they are currently offering 20% off discount for first time purchases (ENDS TODAY) and 10% rebate on your succeeding purchases. I would suggest hoard now, but that would make me such a huge enabler. Lol. Anyway, they also, ship NATIONWIDE. For Metro Manila residents, they ship within 24 hours and for the others, they ship within 3-5 business days, excluding Holidays of course.

BeautyMNL Mini Haul & Site Feature

By the way, if you like taking selfies (Who doesn’t? We all do :P) then you might want to join their ongoing contest. Get a chance to win a polaroid printer and Php200 worth of BeautyMNL gift card. Just post an #FOTD in your IG account, tag @beautymnl and @rosannaaranaz (on the photo, and not just the caption), then place the hashtag #SelfieMNL. For more information, please click here.

Visit BeautyMNL’s website for more information:
Or you can like their Facebook page for more updates about discounts, contests, etc:
You can also follow them in Twitter: @beauty_MNL or in Instagram: @beautyMNL

Anyway, those are my thoughts about the BeautyMNL website. How about you? How do you find their website? Have you tried shopping from their website already? Let me know your thoughts. See you!

*** BeautyMNL reached out to me if I can review my shopping experience in their website. I used the credits that they gave me to purchase these products. However, my opinion about their website, or about the aforementioned products are completely unbiased. Thank you.

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  • Ann Cagalingan

    I love Maybelline Matte Velvet lip cream, great quality and so affordable! I have the blushing petal and keep It Classy which is my favourite .

    • Aww, I need to get more shades! Haha

  • anne0822

    How was the Maybelline Lip Cream? Saw them a few days ago and wanting to get all shades but the sane one in me restrained my crazy side.
    I love online shopping! Very convenient. And yeah, i do that too, where you cart items like there’s no tomorrow then hitting the close button afterwards. Hehe

    • It’s okay. It’s not a matte-“MATTE” finish but if you have extremely dry lips you might like this one.

  • Pau-pau Alagao

    Hi Miss Yette! It is my first time to watch your youtube video and I actually enjoyed it! I loved how amazing you are explaining your make-up haul and the new online shop that I learned from you: BeautyMNL! The Maybelline Matte Velvet Lip Cream seems to be a lovely lip stick to try on! I still have several lipsticks and lip balms to use but I’ll bookmarked this blog post of yours so I will remember to check out BeautyMNL and the Maybelline Matte Velvet Lip Cream. Thank you so much for this awesome make-up and online shopping feature!

  • jeremy

    So excited for the reviews of the lipstick and lipcream. Both shades are very pretty!

  • abegaill villacruz

    I haven’t tried buying from BeautyMNL because I’m restraining from buying online recently. Sa mga IG and ebay sellers ko pa lang natry. But I’ve heard so much good reviews from them. Grabe, sobrang bilis nga ng shipping. I love those kind of sellers. Di ka maiinip kakahintay. That NARS lipstick looks pretty! As for the Maybelline, I have one, but I find it too sticky.

    • Aww, sayang naman, I didn’t find the velvet matte lip creams to be stick… They’re not like the usual matte lip creams but they’re ok.

  • Mai Casanguan

    Once pa lang ako nakabili sa kanila,Sobra akong naimpressed!Placed my order around 2pm by 7pm dumating na order ko.Maybe around metro lang din ako pero ang bili compared sa iba.😊 Ang ganda nong binili mo eeeee…Mahal lang hihi

  • I’ve checked their website and their prices are indeed competitive. I’ve also heard that BeautyMNL’s deliveries are really fast. Oh, swatches of the lippies please, Miss Yette!