Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit

Okay, so first of, I would like to apologize for the photos that you are about to see in this post. Personally I would describe them as crappy since (a) I took them with my cellphone and (b) the lighting sucks. The weather was very gloomy that time and I’m currently using natural lighting with all of my photos. But, because I can’t wait like a kid who suddenly got a new toy, I decided to use my phone to take these photos instead of my really drained camera. Anyhoo.. Hope you still enjoy this post.

I’ve always loved collecting stuff I can use to decorate my planner. If I’m not blogging or when I’m not working, it’s either I’m doing a movie/series marathon or I’m prolly decorating my planner. That’s why when I found out that there are monthly boxes for planners here too in the Philippines, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on ’em. Currently I’m subscribed to two, and this is the first of the two monthly kits that I got so far.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit

Planners & Journals is a monthly subscription service for planner addicts (like yours truly) but they also sell planner inserts, planners. etc. And for this month, they came up with a new theme – ‘macaroons’. Macaroons everywhere! Also featuring three major colors, grey, teal and orange. Not my fave but the way they combined these three surely caught my attention

Each planner kit comes in this brown box then inside is this white paper bag. I love that it came with this because, hey.. we’re dealing with paper here and it’s nice that their packaging is sturdy. Anyway, let’s move on to the main parts, shall we?

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
Macaroon Keychain from Krafteesi

I believe this is an exclusive design for P&J. I am a fan of pink but I do love how neutral this color is that it goes with everything

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
Daiso Japan Decoration Tape (Flags)

I’ve had a couple of roller deco tapes but I don’t have this design yet. Also, I love decorating my planner with page flags so when I saw this I got really excited.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit

It has the cutest macaroon design, (Character by Collective Creation & design by @plannersandjournals) I find the paper quite thick actually so it’ll be great if you love using felt tip markers. I wish they removed the header that says “List” though. But then again, that’s just me.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
“Today” Bookmark & Macaroon Dashboard/Divider

I didn’t get to use the “Today” bookmark because the word “Today” kinda interferes with all of my paperclips & other bookmarks. The dashboard/divider, however, I’m still looking for ways to use it. I’m thinking of laminating it. It’s a bit wider than a regular insert/divider, so I’m definitely going to trim it.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
Weekly Inserts

I’m still in love with my Webster’s Pages weekly inserts and they’re also dated themselves, so I’m definitely saving these for later.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
To Do/Schedule Inserts

Lah-ove these! I’m currently using this but I trimmed it on the sides because they’re a bit wider than the regular inserts. Anyway, I really find this page useful and if there are some slots or labels that don’t apply to me at the moment, I just cover it with washi tapes or stickers and replace them with something more suitable for that day.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
Stickers (Alphabet & Floral)

I love collecting stickers so when I got really excited.

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit
Planner Girl Stickers

Definitely something I can use!

Planners and Journals August 2015 Kit

I’m looking forward to use these as ether a decoration for my inserts or as a dashboard.

So those are all of the goodies that I got from Planners & Journals‘ August kit. Overall, I’m really happy with this box and I really can’t wait for their September box. I checked their Faebook and I saw that their featuring unicorns!! ♥”. Let me know what you think about it and if you want me to keep doing these planner-related “unboxings”.

Again, I’m really really sorry for these photos. I wish I can redo them but they’re already open and I’ve used most of them already. I was such a kid when I got them so.. gggrrr..

Anyway, if you wish to subscribe to their monthly boxes/kits, feel free to follow them at their
Facebook account:
Instagram account:

Ciao babes!

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  • Pau-pau Alagao

    I’ve been hearing about the monthly subscription about planners but I’m so glad that you review about it!
    I love how they come up with a theme. Macaroon seems to be a delicious and colorful name for a cool box of planner and journal! I can’t wait for their September box and hopefully you review it Miss Yette.

    I’m not an artistic person but I love collecting notebooks and sadly most of the time, I don’t usually use them. I have three planners right now but somehow this subscription box makes me think of trying this for next year.

    Thank you for this delightful review! By the way, you still have great photos even though you use your cellphone.

    • I’ll be doing the unboxing for the September kit, dont worry. I’m so excited to receive it actually.

      Oh, and thank you for the kind words. Still, I think it’s really crappy and this wont happen again. -___-

      • Pau-pau Alagao

        Awesome! Thank you Miss Yette!

  • And I thought that subscription boxes only features make-ups and skin care =P Like what I’ve mentioned on your previous planner post, Miss Yette, I am quite a disorganized person hence I don’t use that much lists nor planner! Even when I do my groceries, I would just jot ’em down either on my phone or mentally. lol. I envy ladies that can be as organized as you.
    I do scrap books though. Those tapes can be used on scrap books right? And yes, stickers! When I was younger, my notebooks would be full of colorful stickers. Now I use them on my son’s scrapbook. (^-^)
    Thanks for this inspiring post. Now I am off to finish my latest scrapbook.

    • Lol, no. Believe me, I’m not as organized as you think. Haha.

      Oh and I love doing scrapbooks as well. in US there’s a subscription box for those who do scrapbooks. I believe they’re called Brimbles box. I think. And yes, you can use the deco-tapes on your scrapbooks

  • Ann Cagalingan

    I have tried quite a few planners myself. I can never seem to find one that I *absolutely* love yet. I did order a planner for 2015. So i will see how that goes. I recently picked up a Bdj planner as well. I look forward to hearing more of your review Ms.Yette

  • mommyR

    i love making journals and planners too! oldschool but i prefer it rather keeping all my notes via gadgets =)

    • I do too especially if I have a smaller bag but having a planner gives me something else to do other than blog and work. It’s my creative outlet other than this one

      • mommyR

        i love making journals since 2009!

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve never heard of the planners subscription boxes and it sounds fun! I love planners too, but I’ll think about this one if I’ll get it. Super love the tape and the stickers! How much is the subscription btw?

    • Oops, sorry forgot to include it in the post. They’re worth Php 650. But I personally think it’s worth it

  • Pretty good box! I love PnJ’s inserts; the paper is really good quality!

    • Yes they are. I can’t wait for the September kit!

  • anne0822

    wow! they have monthly boxes for these now??? Not really artistic or crafty but my sister surely is. Will check PnJ’s FB page and will prolly subscribe for my sister..