First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3

Hi loves! I have been contemplating on whether or not to publish this one. Believe me. The photos are ready, it’s just me that’s being such a worry wart. Because A – I really don’t do hauls anymore unless I really want to and B – this is different, way different from the usual topics that I blog about. Therefore, I want to introduce you pretties to a new series, or a new topic that I will be babbling about.

I have been addicted to planners ever since I was in grade school, more so in high school. Ask any classmate of mine and that’s the first thing they’ll tell you about me. That and gel-pens (oh and Hello Kitty :P). Even when I was working as a call center agent, I brought that addiction with me (in a more subtle way, less colored pens, and more on a “professional tone” Chos!). But then I stopped working so I had nothing to write, although I’m still into planners, so I still got myself those Starbucks & BDJ planners yearly.

Then all of these planner vids, blog posts & even subscription services (which I will be blogging about soon) popped up into my newsfeed and I just had to go back. Yep. I had to. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these types of posts. Not that I’m being such an enabler or something but below are the items that I got for my planner, and also my new planner as well. Keep in mind that I did not get all of this in just one big shopping spree.

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Webster’s Page Color Crush Planner Kit in ‘Gold’
Php 2,500
From Shmily Arts & Crafts

Yes, it is indeed pricey, but I have been looking for a gold planner ever since I can remember so when I saw this in their IG page, I didn’t think twice. I grabbed it immediately.

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Stickers from KeenaPrints @ IG
$1 each

KeenaPrints, just so you know is owned by Kat Vitor of and just like me she’s a planner addict so it just makes sense that she’s creating these really cute stickers. She also has an etsy shop wherein she sells all of these cute printables (if only I have a printer. Just wait! lol) Anyway, her stickers are so cute and they’re very inexpensive. She also makes really cute paper clips so I suggest you grab ’em once it becomes available

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Random Stickers
From National Bookstore; SM Stationery, etc.

Ever since I was a kid, I used to collect stickers and stationeries, so it only makes sense that I should have these for my planner, right? (right? I know I’m right :P)

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Plastic Tapes w/ Designs
Php 50 for all of them from 999

IDK what to call them. They’re certainly not washi tapes. Anyway, the smaller roles are all Php 25 (making them Php 2.50 per roll) then the three bigger tapes are all Php 25 as well, making all of these tapes Php 50

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Paper Tapes
Php 140 for all of them also from 999

The slim paper tapes are Php 60 while the polka dots are I believe Php 80.

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Washi Tapes
Php 35 each both from 168 (Pasilio G old building)

That ‘pasilio’ is heaven for those who are into crafts & scrap booking. It’s filled with really cheap, DIY products, and let me just tell you.. that’s the first time that I walked out of the store with my eyes looking directly towards the floor. I never did that with makeup because usually, I can ignore the urge to buy makeup but the stickers, the post its, the washi tapes, all of the cutesy stuff that are in there. OMG.. Anyway, moving on…

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Washi Tapes
3 for 100 from 168 (Pasilio G old building)

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Sticky Notes
Php 25 each for the big ones Php 20 each for the page flags
From Pasilio G in 168 as well

Uhm.. hehe.. what can I say? It’s really hard not to look at them, especially when all of the stores are carrying them. Duh..

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Vintage Alphabet Stamps
Php 120
From Pasilio G in 168 as well

I had an alphabet stamp when I was a kid. I had lots of stamps actually. I don’t know where they are anymore. >.<

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Stamp Pads
Php 130
From Pasilio G in 168 as well

Checking if these inks will work. Unfortunately some of them don’t.:/

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Motex Label Maker
Php 350; Php 60 for the refill/label
From Pasilio G in 168 as well

Pretty much like Dymo. I had a mini Dymo once when I was a kid. My sister gave it to me but as usual, I don’t know where it is now. T_T

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Paper Clips
From @thecraftessentials at Instagram

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3
Fiskars Corner Puncher & Project Life sampler Pack
Php 560 for the puncher & Php 285 for the sampler pack
From @thecraftessentials at Instagram

I bought the sampler pack because I don’t think I’ll be needing the entire pack, besides, it’s quite pricey. I already used the larger cards, and they’re placed near my dividers. I use the smaller ones as my bookmarks & my journal cards.

So those are the items that I bought for my planner. Tbqh, I’m still buying stuff for my planner because this one never bores me. It keeps me on my toes and it encourages me to think outside the box. Of course, it reminds me to do the stuff I have to do, more often. But more than that, it’s a more creative outlet and I like that I can release all my tension here rather than just watch, surf or sit around and wait for inspiration to strike. I liked my planners before, sure, but it was very limited. Unlike this one, it allows me to do whatever the heck I want with it.

First Ever Collective Planner Haul #plannerlove <3

What about you? Are you into planners? If so, what’s your favorite planners? Or what kind of planner are you using? Are you into decorating your planners? Let me know if you would like to read more planner-related blog posts. Let me know your thoughts.

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  • Ann Cagalingan

    We’re same din pala Ms.Yettez,mahilid din po sa mga planner when i was in high school,basta kahit anong klase,may mai sulat lang ako sa buong year na ginagawa ko everyday,^_^

    • Yeah, that’s me haha

  • Cj Escuadro

    it’s a bit pricey for me but the other items is such a steal! i particularly love the paper clips, washi tapes and the stamps

    • Yes it is a bit pricey, but I couldn’t help myself. Anyway, you can get a planner at National or at Tomato for like 200-300 and just customize it as much as you want

  • Awesome awesome haul! I envy you for your ability to go to places like 168, I heard it really is a haven! I’m not into ringed planners but your gold Color Crush is just beautiful! Those plastic tapes I think are called deco tapes in the interwebs. Do you decorate your planner? I would love to see your layouts!

    • Haha, thanks for that. I really don’t know what to call them, lol.

      Yes, I do decorate my planner but they’re kinda messy (or at least my niece says so. But she’s only 12, so.. IDK :P)

  • mommyR

    oh dear! you love planners as well! i repurpose my sibs 2013 tomato planner and it was good as new =)

  • Anyway, that Gold Planner Kit is the bomb! Even those washi tapes are so beautiful. Never thought you also drop by Divi, Miss Yette (^-^)
    Anyway, that Gold Planner Kit is the bomb! Even those washi tapes are so beautiful. Never thought you also drop by Divi, Miss Yette (^-^)

  • I really skip that Pasilio G whenever I went to 168. There’s a lot of paper products which was so cheap I can’t resist buying. Then I think I might need more :))

    I miss Divi tuloy. I think I must go here before ber months. You got nice stickers and planner. You should have a printer din, I think you can do better in designing your own planner

  • abegaill villacruz

    I love planners too! I always have at least 2 planners a year, one Starbucks planner and 1 BDJ. I add more if I’ve seen a cute one. I love collecting washi taoes, and other cute tapes as well. But I stopped recently since I have a lot, like a 3 shoe boxes of tapes. I buy colored pens too, cute bookmarks, sticky notes, basta everything that is cute to my eyes. Kahit stickers din. It feels good to buy something you really want. I was also going to 168 for these things pero recently I’ve seen that Landmark has these kind of things too, that have almost the same price. Check Landmark as well, if you’re near

  • jeremy

    Super pretty naman ng collections mo. I used to collect planners, tapes, stickers and pens too.Sa NBS ako lagi bumibili:) It’s my addiction when I was a bit younger. Hehe. Now, upon seeing this I’ll be back again on this;) happiness overload!