Stay Flawless & Indulge: Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

I’m not really the type of person who goes to spas, nail polish/pampering salons or beauty clinics. It’s just not me, tbqh. Until recently, I received an email from Flawless inviting me to try one of their services and it got me totally psyched. I thought it would be timely too since I’ve been stressed out at work for the past few months and I’ve been forgoing lotion lately (my bad ).

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

I went to Flawless Face and Body Clinic SM San Lazaro Branch last June 5. I had an appointment from 10-11am but I had to come in late since I had some work-related stuff to finish. Anyway, despite my tardiness, Ms. Lorraine, the manager was very accommodating. In fact, their entire staff was really kind. They also have a really cozy interior and I’m really loving the pink furniture which is actually their theme.

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

Miss Lorraine discussed a few basics about the products that they carry. According to her, they carry the entire Flawless brand, which is a local brand both for male (the RJ Kit) and female (Whitening, Bleaching and Anti-Aging Kit). They also carry a couple of foreign brands such as the Novexpert, (no preservatives, hypoallergenic & organic skincare meant for anti-aging) iSKin, (meant for anti-aging as well; they also have great moisturizers according to her) LipAddict (a lip gloss/lip plumper with a multitude of shades available in all of their branches) and finally, Neutraceuticals (meant for oral intake).

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

I mentioned that I was late, didn’t I? I arrived at about 11:40-45 (Oof! My bad) so somebody went in before me. It was the perfect time to take some pictures though. I took some pictures of the front desk, waiting area and outside the clinic. The security guard actually stopped me and asked me for a permit. Gosh, didn’t know they were that strict. Anyway, moving on.

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

Ms. Adele (Adela? – my friend who also frequents this clinic refers to her as Adela ) ushered me inside one of their rooms at about 12:00 PM and instructed me to remove all of my clothes. She gave me some privacy and that’s when I did another photo op. (of course ) She gave me two pieces of towel, (one to use while scrubbing and one to use after my final shower) a headband, plastic shower cap and disposable underwear/panty.

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

She first applied the sea salt scrub which does most of the exfoliating. This sea salt scrub is mostly for whitening and according to her, if you’re really into whitening, you can do this either weekly, twice a month or monthly. Some even do this in a hurry and prefer to do the scrub while standing! (I wonder how customers do that. Srsly?!). The sea salt scrub is unlike most of the body scrubs that I have ever tried. It is indeed the most exfoliating scrub I have ever encountered, yet it doesn’t dry out my skin and it doesn’t hurt nor was it that abrasive.

Anyway, Adele’s really funny and she’s very mindful of how she’s doing things. She keeps asking if the scrub is too painful. I’m a sucker for hard massage so I really don’t mind and I find it soothing for some reason, lol. About after 45 minutes to one hour (I didn’t time it, sorry), she asked me to take a shower and thoroughly rinse off the scrub using soap. She gave me slippers/flip flops for the shower. It took me time actually but it was worth it since I believe I did a good job rinsing off the sea salt scrub despite the really high soap container (high for me )

Afterwards, she applied the whitening body wrap at the back and front of my body which took 15-20 minutes to dry individually. She then asked me to take my final shower to just rinse off the body wrap without using soap. Afterwards, she asked me to apply the lotion in my entire body.

I left the room feeling my skin softer, smoother and more supple.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how my experience and skin turned out. I will definitely come back and try to do it monthly if I can. If you’re near SM San Lazaro, and you want to try their whitening body scrub, look for Adele.

Stay Flawless & Indulge with Flawless Whitening Body Scrub

There are however, a variety of services to try. Ms. Adele said that people who avail of their body scrubs also avail of their Gluta White Injectable (which is one of their best sellers). The Whitening Body Scrub costs Php 2,000 but it’s sooo worth it regardless if you’re in it for the whitening aspect or if you just want to relax and have your me-time.

They also offer Free Doctor consultations, I believe, so if you have any inquiries, feel free to call the
SM City San Lazaro Branch at
(02) 786-2511 or text them at (0917) 595-4547
Look for Ms. Lorraine should you wish to try other services

For more updates, like discounts, promos, etc. like their Facebook at Flawless Face and Body Clinic
Or follow them either via Instagram or Twitter

How about you? What’s your favorite service/product from Flawless? Let me know

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  • jeremy

    Never tried any products/services from flawless pa:( anyway, Im so happy for you:) sure you had a great and relaxing me-time on that day:)

  • I wasn’t aware they had so many products. Their place looks nice enough

  • Aw. It is a tad expensive for a scrub. The spa where I get scrubbed only costs Php999. But maybe, even just once, I’ll try this one too.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I agree, it’s a bit expensive for a scrub. But if you want to treat yourself for a job well done, I think this is really worth it. I can’t wait to try it myself. meron pa naman sa megamall. The rinsing part looks so refreshing. Ang natry ko pa lang sa flawless are their whitening products, those that are available in watsons.

  • I like their facials, compared to other aesthetic centers, I still can say I still look pretty decent after the pricking. It heals faster too. I would also like to share this website – – They usually post their promos here, like currently I think they have the PHP150 OFF on any Regular Facial, etc.

  • Anna Lechadores

    Thank you for the detailed review Ms. yette, I am actually planning to avail their promo the buy 3 get 2. I think I need it to prepare my face/skin for my upcoming wedding. Would you give me suggestion on what should I avail. thanks