My Top 5 MLBB Lippies

My Top 5 MLBB Lippies

Despite my love for bold and shocking lip colors, I’ve always had a soft spot for nudes and MLBB shades (My Lips But Better). They’re like my comfort zone and they’re something I can slap on when I’m not in the mood to do my makeup but I have to look a bit more “put-together”. If other girl’s one-man-army is their red tube, mine’s my nude or MLBB shade. With a nude/MLBB shade, I don’t have to fuzz about application I can even apply it in a moving vehicle using my compact mirror. With a red lippie, oh dear. Hand me a lip brush, please.

Anyway, I’m getting way off topic. I’m here to talk to you about nudes & MLBBs not red lippies. Sooo, here are my top 5. Enjoy loves.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in (06) ‘Barely There!’
This has been a recent favorite of mine. Compared to what it looks like from the tube and at the photo, this is more of a warm, peachy-nude when swatched and worn. It has a creamy satin finish and it lasts four to five hours with minimal fading. I actually love wearing this alone and also on top of a nude or a brown-ish lip pencil. It gives me that instant 90s look.

Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in ‘The Morning After’
As much as I hate including a limited edition product, I will be lying to you and to myself if I didn’t include this one. This has been one of my goto MLBB lippies ever since I got it. I even thought about getting another one as a backup. This is the perfect pink, mauvey shade that can complete either your ‘No Makeup-Makeup Look’ or your smokey EOTD look. When I’m overwhelmed and I seriously don’t know what lip color to wear, I often turn to this and see if it fits my current look, and what do you know! It does. It’s indeed very moisturizing and it stays for more than 4 hours provided I don’t eat oily foods. I also have a review about this lippie here.

If you’re curious why the flat edge btw, it’s because one day when I opened it, I saw that it’s as if someone opened it and dug their finger down the tube or whatever. I decided to cut it flat and sanitize the lippie afterwards. Whew…

And now on to the less pigmented ones…

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in #17
I remembered when I got this and I went c-ra-zy over this lippie. It was my perfect MLBB shade way back. I saw this recently while destashing and realized how much I loved this shade. #17 is more of a slight pink/peach MLBB shade, but less opaque. The shade will actually vary on how pigmented your lips are, but for me, it actually appears more of a muted pink. One thing though, I don’t find this as moisturizing as the others. The texture, scent and formula of this is really different from the others as well. It has a bit of a gritty texture, yet it has a cream/satin finish. It also has a tendency to dry out my lips so I typically wear this with a lip gloss on top.

Pixy Silky Fit Satin Lipstick in ‘Soft Rose’
This is also a recent favorite. I prefer wearing this alone because it’s very moisturizing and I just loOove its packaging! Anyway, compared to Kate #17, despite the fact that they look so similar at the photos, they’re actually not. ‘Soft Rose’ is indeed a peachy-pink shade, but it’s more peachy less pink when swatched. Did I make any sense? I have a review about this lippie right here. Anyway, on natural light, ‘Soft Rose’ appears a bit more peachy than #17. But when worn, they’re very similar. Only Pixy looks more like mauvey, rosy pink due to it’s sheer opacity. Therefore it blends beautifully onto your makeup making it your perfect MLBB shade.

Revlon Lip Butter in ‘Peach Parfait’
When all else fails, I go to this one. This has been my favorite MLBB shade for years hands down. Despite it’s really sheer opacity and shimmery/glittery finish, I can still pull this one off. I swear, there’s magic in this tube that I just can’t get enough of. Even if I have tons of lippies, I always go back to this one. This is indeed a lot more moisturizing than all of the former lippies mentioned, however, it’s not as opaque and long lasting. This is my savior when I have the driest lips but I still want to apply a lipstick. (yeah, because I’m an addict like that, whut? :P) I will definitely repurchase over and over and over and over and over and…

My Top 5 MLBB Lippies

So those are my favorite MLBB lipsticks. I realize that the last three are very similar to each other but for me they’re not. I know I should’ve given you a bit more variety but these are so far my most used MLBB shades and I don’t want to include something that I don’t use as often.

My Top 5 MLBB Lippies

Most of these are drugstore so they’re pretty accessible and they’re very affordable as well, so if you’re looking for a good MLBB shade, then try or swatch one of these babies in their respective counters. (except Kate #17, lol) I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

How about you? What’s your favorite MLBB/nude lipstick? Let me know. I would love to hear your suggestions and you know me, I’m a makeup addict, so whatever you suggest I will be happy to check it out.

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  • Nice picks!!! I loveeee ‘The Morning After’! I will have a hard time choosing from my collection. Ughh! Dami na nila!

    • Hahaha… Me too but I realize these are like my faves so far

  • Ann Cagalingan

    I’m a huge fan of Revlon lip colours, they’re one of the best affordable lip products! I have quite a few Super Lustrous Lipstick too. pixy shades looks great too!

    • Yes it is! Thanks for dropping by, Ann!

  • I love MLBB lipsticks! The one from Happy Skin looks really good on you. But I don’t have a current favorite because I haven’t been playing with my makeup that much lately.

  • Eddielli Bungay

    I think I like the Revlon but maybe not in peach parfait! Maybe another shade! I don’t blame my mom for being a loyal Revlon user, because the quality is really good!

    • You can try Revlon Lip Butter in Sugarplum. That’s my mom’s favorite MLBB shade from Revlon. She never stopped using it until she can no longer scoop the product, and I meant that literally

  • jeremy

    Nudes are my favorites. I have happy skin the morning after too but the mousse one:) Fashion 21 all day matte in bronze is my fave also, its affordable pa. I want to try barely there, too bad essence cosmetics is not available here:(

    • I haven’t tried their mousses yet. I might give it a try soon. Will check out your recommendation once I go to SM/Watson’s

      • jeremy

        Try it ms.yette. less than 200 lang:) i keep purchasing’s my fave nude lipstick!

  • I also love the Pixy Lipstick! I got the same shade from my April 2014 BDJ Box

  • mommyR

    oh my! i would love to try revlon parfait! i love nudes dear and i know i could wear them with confidence =)

  • Lean Diwa Buscaino

    The essence one looks nice and happy skin so pretty on you. I love matte lippies I also like nudes , mauvey ,pinkish lipstick my Nyx whipped caviar. kahit un lang atpowder masaya nako haha Ang dami kong request pero sana colorpop lippie stix naman next time. Esp. Lumiere

    • I ordered one and it’ll be coming within the week. Will let you know my thoughts about it soon.

  • It is!<3

  • sherry ann gole cruz

    i think i wanna try the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in ‘The Morning After’, happy skin lippies has so many good review and i’m so curious about it!

  • Michelle Pelayo

    all my life lipgloss lang talaga ang gamit ko, but when i saw this blog i would love o try the SOFT ROSE :))

  • Enj

    I also love nudes for everyday use like on school or kung tinatamad lang HAHA. My fave is Wet n Wild’s In the flesh and rose bud. I think may pag ka similar silang dalawa dun sa shades ni Essence & happy skin. I might try the pixy one if maubos na yung akin, i really like the shade. And the revlon as well, my mom gave me one pero may pag ka reddish siya and not suitable for everyday use. Good thing ive read your post, i will include them on my next lippy list. Hihi.

  • abegaill villacruz

    Super ganda ng mga shades! Truly MLBB. I think I have the same Revlon shade, though isang beses ko pa lang ata nagamit. Ako mas favorite ko ang red lipstick, nakakamature kasi for me na mukhang bata tingnan. But upon seeing this list, grabe I want to buy all of them. Of course, without doubt, maganda talaga yung shut up and kiss me lippie. Wala pa akong naencounter na color na hindi ko gusto. Yung kate moss naman, what I have is the red one. Yung essence nakakacurious. Lagi ko lang nakikita sa watsons pero I didn’t know maganda rin pala yung lipstick. Yung matt foundation lang kasi and eyeliner ang binibili ko from that brand. Sa pixy, I have the somewhat fuchsia pink naman. Pero yung matte ata yung meron ako

  • I also have Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty. It was quite close to Barely There. Still in search of my MLBB. Nakakainis lang I end up buying pinks and reds :p since ang hirap mag hanap ng MLBB for me