Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

People who are close to me are already aware of this. But I just love buying storage bins, organizers, plastic drawers and practically anything that can store all of my stuff. It helps me keep all of my things organized and at least make my room appear a bit more presentable. Which is why when I started collecting (more like hoarding) makeup, I wasn’t just satisfied with a traincase. I liked something that has more room for my makeup and I also would like to at least divide them into sections.

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

Anyway, ever since I started collecting makeup, I’ve always wanted one of those acrylic containers. Sadly, I just find them a bit too expensive. Fine, I have a knack for mid-range to high-end makeup but I still can’t bring myself to buy one of those drawers. IDK why. I know they’re really pretty, believe me, there have been countless of times when I was already on the verge of ordering, but I just couldn’t do it.

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

Until one of my IG friends @makeupinmanila uploaded one of these acrylic drawers (similar to the one pictured above) and she mentioned that she bought it at National Bookstore for a thousand bucks. I’ve also been seeing a lot of uploads from makeup artists/enthusiasts saying the same thing. So of course, right after my shift, I hurried to National Bookstore (SM San Lazaro Branch) and checked if they the same drawers. You see, they’re usually the last branch to have something new, but what do you know! They have tons of these!

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

So I bought this right away. I believe it costs Php 1,050 and aside from this one, I think it also comes in a dark green color (just not sure). Anyway, it’s actually more of a stationery/documents drawer but it’s very spacious inside. It has 4 layers and the plastic is quite thick actually. Still, I would take some extra measures take care of it because it’s still plastic. I have no idea how durable the other boxes are, but for me, this will do.

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

The first three layers are more than an inch deep, and the third/final layer is more than three inches deep. You can fit your blushes at the bottom layer sideways, or you can place your eyeshadow palettes (I decided to place my Naked palettes at the bottom) there and stack ’em all together. For the first three drawers, however, you can stack at least two blushes, provided they’re not as thick, but won’t be able to stack two lippies.

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

Now, here’s a quick peek of my vanity/workstation..

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

I only have one table in my room (well 2, but I can’t use the other since it’s too small) and it serves as my vanity area and workstation. It’s more of like a 50/50. Left side is my vanity, where my skincare, makeups are, and right side is my workstation where i have my laptop and my planners, etc. Middle is where I have my speaker.

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

I love my current setup and I love how long my table is. Actually, my table is really old. It was my first computer table way back when I was in first year high. (1997 – now you can calculate my age ) I just had it repainted and I had them do some minor repairs, but it’s still falling apart

Nifty Finds: My New Makeup Storage + Quick Peek in My Vanity/Workstation

Anyway, that’s how a portion of my room looks like and those are my thoughts about my new makeup storage. If you want those acrylic storage but you find them expensive, I suggest you try this one first. You’re not going to regret it. I promise. See you on my next post, loves!

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  • hanna espiritu

    gusto ko din un acrylic storage na un … i didnt know that nbs sells something like that ,
    will definitely purchase one for myself heheh, love your vanity/workstation ms, yette its so neat looking

    • Good luck & thanks Hanna!

  • Ok, I need to go to National Bookstore like NOW NA! Your setup looks like what I watch on different YouTube videos! Inggit much!

    • Aww, thanks Juvy! Good luck!

  • mommyR

    oh dear.. you have neat and tidy place! and i can see this storage boxes/drawers helps you keep organized! i will try to look at NBS near my area if i could find one.. i love being in a bookstore.. it reminds me of my childhood and school days =)

    • Good Luck!

      Oh and I know the feeling. I just try not to look at those notebooks and pens because I still have a knack for buying them, haha

      • mommyR

        oh dear, weakness ko pa naman ang colorful pens at cute notebooks!!! haha talagang good luck sa kin

  • So pretty and neat! I go to NBS always and I saw these acrylics too! They are new additions!

    • Yes! I’m glad they’re available at the NBS near our area.

  • I have one of those Hello Kitty drawers. It’s in storage though since I’m not using it but I really loved it and I might use it again some time

    • jeremy

      Yes ms.yette use it again soon. Kawawa naman e. I love Hello kitty:)

  • AHHHH!!! Been looking for a cheaper alternative to the MUJI acrylic drawers. Rushing to NBS stat!!!! LOL thank you for this

    • You’re welcome! Happy to help!:)

  • abegaill villacruz

    Nakakainggit! I hope I have the same space as you do. But since I’m still living with my parents and siblings, di ako magkaron ng sariling space talaga. I super love the rack! I also want trays, drawers etc. as I want a lot of storage pieces for my things. Ang ganda ng setup. That’s a good product pala from National. hanapin ko nga rin. Oh, that trolley storage is the one I’ve been raving for for such a long time. Medyo malayo kasi ang bibilhan, sa true value, so not sure how I can transport it to Antipolo. But definitely, I will buy it soon (kahit kakabili ko lang ng drawer last April. haha)!

    • I believe you can also get them at SNR (the trolley).

  • Enj

    The award for the most tidy & organized room goes to you ms yette! Hehe. Finally, a cheaper alternative than purchasing the real ones. Ang mamahal. Didnt know na pwede pala gamitin to. First time ko lang to nalaman and i might as well go and look for it sa National. I wish may color pink sila. Thank you for the suggestion!

  • im so inggit wish my vanity space was as neat and organized! going to scout national bookstore for that acrylic case! ako din i feel nanghihinayang to spend so much on those cases so i really hope i can find that case. although last time i checked parang wala here sa south *crossfingers* whered you get the rainbow colored drawer?

    • Hi Shayne. Sorry for the delay. I got the drawer from True Value in Trinoma but I believe they’re also available in S&R

  • Your vanity/work station is so neat and organized. I feel so jealous. Can you also please post something about how to organize and declutter a room? Thank you.

  • Thanks yette! Found it kanina inwas hoping may plain white

  • anne0822

    Was googling for vanity table ideas and found these.. Your workspace looks great! I have to ask though, do you do your makeup in that mirror? Or do you have a bigger one? Also, do you have “special” lights when doing your makeup? I’m thinking of getting a lighted mirror kasi pero baka sobrang laki naman that I have to buy a smaller mirror.. #confused

    • As of now that’s my only mirror and I don’t have any special lights because my room is well lit.

  • I envy your workstation! Mine is thrice more cluttered than that! Okay, make it four. Or five. lol. I’ll surely try to organize my stuff (make up, toys, books and all) and these “drawers” will be a big help. I think they sell cheaper drawers in Divi, don’t you think so? Or will the quality differ if I get it there?

  • Kim Martinez Salva

    Hi where did you buy that colorful drawers, hope you’ll reply Thanks

    • Hi Kim! I got it from True Value in Trinoma.

      • Kim Martinez Salva

        Thank You, i’ll try to buy one if they have still stocs