May Commenter of the Month & April Commenter of the Month Winner

May Commenter of the Month & April Commenter of the Month Winner

Hi loves! Long time! I know, I know. I honestly am tired of apologizing to you guys why I haven’t been blogging but to those of you who are still keeping tabs on my blog, social media sites, etc. I LOVE YOU. I feel so guilty leaving you for more than a month but things just piled up until it became too hectic for me to blog.

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Let me give you a quick update about what happened to me as to why I had to go on an unannounced hiatus..

  • I got promoted at work. My new position requires a lot of extra time aside from our usual 40 hr/week requirement. I am very happy because I got promoted but it became very difficult for me to find time even just to fix my new room. Which brings me to my second update.
  • I have a “new” room. Well, sorta. Summer will soon be over and when the month of June arrives I don’t think my room can no longer handle all that intense rain. That’s why my dad decided to have my room renovated. I actually thought that it’ll just take minor repairs, it turned out that they did a major overhaul. They repaired the ceiling, practically almost every part of my room which needs fixing. So I thought it would be the best time to also have those modifications that I’ve always wanted. I also bought a new bed and I can’t wait to redecorate.
  • While it took a month to completely renovate my room, I find it very difficult to blog in our living room (where I slept). I tried, and I really really tried but it was so hard to get in the zone there because it was so dark, the lighting was off not to mention all the clutter (since they’re also planning to do some major fixing there). Anyway, that was the only place that I couldn’t blog. I can work there but I can’t bring myself to blog there.
  • My family and I have been going into impromptu outings. That’s actually no surprise because my family is very adventurous but because of my old job, I usually don’t join them, but because my schedule’s a bit different lately, I can somehow join them.

I’m not even sure if those are enough to at least answer some of your questions as to where I’ve been. But it’s a start. Anyway, on to the main point of this entry. Here’s my March-April Commenter of the Month:

May Commenter of the Month & April Commenter of the Month Winner

Please send me your shipping details within 7 days (Name, Address & Mobile #) via email at

If I didn’t receive any response within 7 days, the prize will be forfeited and will be distributed to future giveaways

Now for May’s prizes.

May Commenter of the Month & April Commenter of the Month Winner
Vaseline Healthy White SPF30 PA++ Serum
Burt’s Bees Fabulously Fresh Peppermint & Rosemary Body Wash
Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Oil
Maybelline Clear Smooth BB White
Covergirl Trublend Minerals Mineral Pressed Powder
Heroine Make Mascara Remover
Burt’s Bees Radiance Lip Shimmer


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Typical to most COMs, I highly value quality and consistency over quantity. I don’t like spammers, and as much as I love receiving comments I still prefer those that are relevant to the topic at hand. I prefer reactions, suggestions, questions and conversation starters. Criticisms are welcome but I don’t like haters.

I also would love to see you ‘visible’ in any of my social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube responses/activities are highly encouraged and will be very much appreciated.

Previous COM winners are no longer eligible to win until after 30 days from the day they won (excluding those which were given special prizes). This is to give chance to others.

COM is open to Philippine residents only and as mentioned, COM winner must claim their prize within 7 days upon announcement, otherwise, the prize will be forfeited.

Good luck everyone

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  • hanna espiritu

    wow! this is really unexpected Ms. Yette. thank you for choosing me
    congratulations on your promotion as well,
    yieee!! we miss you on youtube sana may room tour or makeup collection.. hehe

    thanks again Ms.Yette ❤️

    • Congratulations! Thanks for the support!

  • Marian April Pang

    Congratulations to you and your COM. Hope you could adjusts to your new room and work. It’s better to be safe this coming rainy season. I saw your IG posts about decorating your room and can’t wait for that. I love scented candles on my room too! Plus I spotted the Olay aquaction gel, my favorite line from Olay!

    • Me too, I love aquaction. Though I’m trying different moisturizers lately.

  • mommyR

    Congratulations dear on your promotion! i cannot wit to see your new decorated room dear =) and oh congrats hanna =)

  • abegaill villacruz

    Congratulations on your promotion! I hopt I’d be promoted too, or at least have a better position in another company? I’m so happy that you’re back in blogging again. And congrats to your COM. So lucky.

  • jeremy garcia

    Glad your back! Been reading your blogs and ashamed to comment.Being promoted is a reward for your hardwork and contratulations for that! Keep it up girl:) May God Bless you more.

    • Don’t be! I love reading comments. Though I may not have all the time to comment back but rest assured that i read all of them.

      • jeremy

        Thank you ms.yette. by the way I love your hair cut now:))