Site Feature: GreatValuePlus PH

As you may already know, one of my weaknesses is online shopping. Though I wouldn’t really consider it a ‘weakness’ per se, it’s just something that I know I’ll regret doing afterwards. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. Online shops tend to cheer me up especially when I’m bored at work. Even though I’m just window shopping, it’s nice to see what’s currently on sale and what’s new in the market. Just don’t leave me there for more than 2 hours with my Paypal funds otherwise I’ll end up shopping for real.

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH

One of the sites that I find myself browsing often lately is the GreatValuePlus PH. It’s actually where I bought my Casio Vintage Watch and I must say, their Casio watches are less pricier compared to other online shops. I also like the fact that they offer free shipping nationwide (for orders above Php 499), CoD and they also support Paypal/Credit Card transactions. That’s one of my problems when it comes to online shops (at IG, particularly). Some of them don’t have Paypal and tamad ako mag-bank transfer . On this site, I can be secured that the transaction will go on smoothly, just the way I wanted it and it will be delivered to me on time.

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH

So I know I’m in a shopping ban right now (trust me, I am :P) but I thought since it’s Chinese New Year, there must be some online shops that are conducting their sales. And whaddayaknow? GreatValuePlus PH is one of them. Trust me though, I am very VERY tempted to get one of those watches, but since I’m downright broke at the moment, I thought I’ll just let you know what I’m currently loving in their website.

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH
Casio G Shock GA-110BC-7ADR Watch (PhP 5,125)
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I’ve always been fond of Baby G when I was in high school but I think it’s high time that we move up a little bit. Don’t you think? Besides, this one’s a pretty

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH
Anne Klein 10/9737MPTT Women’s Quartz Brass Watch (PhP 3,199)
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I remembered when I was a kid, my mama used to have an Anne Klein watch and it was her favorite until it ran out of battery. She had the batteries replaced at this shop in Greenhills but when she got it back it was already broken. It turns out that the watchmaker doesn’t know how to open the watch to replace the battery so he ended up breaking the watch instead. I would love to get this for her.

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH
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Toshiba Canvio 1 TB External Hard Drive USB 3.0, 5400 RPM (PhP 3,599)
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I need to reformat my laptop soon and my other external HD is already filled with old backup data. I know that perhaps some of the files there are no longer needed but it will take me the whole day to sort them out, and . Not me

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH
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Viva La Juicy 100ml EDP For Women By Juicy Couture (PhP 2,299)
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I’ve seen this all throughout the entire YT beauty community and I must admit the packaging alone makes me want to get it. But I actually got a whiff of this at Landmark and I happened to like it. I might finish my other perfurmes first before I dive into a new one.

Site Feature: Great Value Plus PH
Rotating “Glam Caddy” Cosmetic Organizer – Hold Up to 200 Items
(PhP 829)
Click here to buy

New makeup storage!!! Of course! Lol

So those are few of the items I’ve been eying in their site lately. Well, aside from all of the watches of course I hope that they get to really have the Wishlist feature so I can just give my friends and family my link whenever it’s my birthday (and trust me, it’ll be filled with watches & perfumes :P)

How about you? have you tried ordering from GreatValuePlus PH? Let me know through your comments below.

For more information about GreatValuePH please feel free to visit the links below:

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Instagram: @greatvalueplusph

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  • hannaespiritu

    Thanks for sharing this site miss yette. Im currently looking for online shop thats sells Authentic Gshock watch. I want to buy kasi for my hubby. I didnt know about this site. Then the casio watch i wanted to have is here.WOW! I will visit this site tlaga.. thanks again!:)

    • You’re welcome, Hanna. Glad to be of help!

  • I think I’ve purchased from them thru eBay before. I think they sell good stuff. You just need to be picky to make sure that you get the worth of your money.

    • Really? I didn’t know they started from eBay. Haha.

  • been seeing this online shop. Love those watches especially those on sale!

  • Thanks for sharing. I’ve been purchasing through online shops lately but I haven’t tried shopping in Great ValuesPlus PH. Now I had an idea where to buy my favorite watch Casio Vintage Watch. I’ve only tried shopping for make ups and clothes but not for watches and gadgets. I will visit their website right after reading some of your reviews. I really love your make up storage. How I wish I was as organized as you are.

    • Nyak. Nope. Not organized. Me? Nope.

  • My friend recently bought from greatvaluesplus and she was so pleased with her purchased

    • Yay! That’s good to hear.

  • Kim Nunez

    i don’t know if it is the same store but i bought a dslr in eBay back in 2013 and i think it is greatvalueplus’? i don’t know haha they just sound the same. Thanks for sharing this! a new “mall” for us online shoppers. Like you window shopping online is my stress reliever as well, but i never buy, i always make sure that i really need the product before buying cause I’m kuripot just like that haha i just feel like window shopping makes me feel happy and hopeful that someday somehow I’m gonna buy them all and i already know where to buy because i’ve scanned everywhere na. glad to read that it is a breeze to buy products with them! i might as well try shopping here.

    • I think it is since Juvy said that they came from eBay. Not sure haha.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve checked this site a lot of times already and I am so pleased to see a lot of great finds! Especially watches and perfume. I’ve heard mabilis daw silang magdeliver. And lastly, all their products daw are authentic talaga. I want the Glam Caddy as well! Perfect for makeup. I super love online shopping that I think I shop more online than physically.