Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Types Review

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Types Review

I’ve always been curious about Philosophy products because I’ve often been hearing positive reviews about them. About their moisturizers, their bath products, their hair care items, practically everything I’ve heard about them, none of them were actually negative.

That’s why when Luxola offered me a chance to try and review a product from Philosophy, I was like a kid drooling, overwhelmed with all of the toys in the toyshop. Only instead of toys, I was presented with an array of skin care, bath and hair care products and it took me time to decide what to try. But since you know that I’m such a sucker for moisturizers, I thought I’d give this one a try. Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type Review

Product Claims/Description from the Philosophy website

Our award-winning, original formula lightweight daily moisturizer hydrates and provides antioxidant protection while improving skin texture and tone, leaving it smooth and radiant. This high-performing moisturizer contains lactic acid, a gentle alpha hydroxy acid that helps remove surface dead skin cells, and beta-glucan to promote overall skin health by helping to strengthen skin’s natural rejuvenation potential. Hope in a jar dramatically improves skin radiance and gently exfoliates, revealing smoother, healthier looking skin and texture.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type Review

The packaging of this one is pretty straightforward and also traditional. It comes with 60ml of product in an easy-open seal and despite that it is a white tub, it’s not really as easy to detect how much product is left. Some people may be bothered by this packaging because you have to dip your fingers inside the tub in order to get some product out but I’m kinda used to this type of packaging and if this really bothers you, you can always buy some spatulas at Landmark.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type Review

Looking at it right from the tub it looks a bit heavy in terms of formula and texture but when I tried at the back of my hands it doesn’t feel like so. It actually felt lightweight at first but it left my face tacky afterwards. It’s not something that I’m not really fond of to be quite honest, but I don’t really find it bothersome since the sensation actually fades away after quite a while.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type Review

Don’t get me wrong, though. It’s not the most lightweight moisturizer that I’ve tried. It’s not as lightweight as my favorite Olay Acquaction Moisturizer, but it’s not heavy either. Let’s put it this way. If you’re in a hurry and you need to apply makeup right away after you applied your moisturizer, then this might not be your best bet. But if you have the time and you have a couple of minutes or so to let your moisturizer set. Then go for this one.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type Review

I’m not quite as fond of the scent as well, but perhaps it’s because of all the ingredients. The moisturizer contains the ester of lactic acid for exfoliation to help promote smooth, healthy looking skin Also contains beta-glucan to help give your skin a healthy, rosy glow and contains anti-oxidants to help protect skin against environmental attack*.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer For All Skin Type Review

Overall, I’m still very impressed with this moisturizer and I definitely recommend this to everyone. I have a dry skin and I still like it and I find it suitable to my skin type. I do use a different moisturizer at night time though, so this is more like my day cream. But still, I’m loving my new skincare routine more and more because of this.

• Product Name | Philosophy Hope in a Jar High-Performance Moisturizer
For All Skin Types
• Price | S$59.00
• Avalability | Luxola
Unfortunately, Philosophy products are not available at Luxola Philippines at the moment. Apologies.

Luxola was also generous enough to give my readers a discount on their first purchase. Just use the code BLX-YETTE at checkout to enjoy 15% discount, effective till the end of May 2015. This promo, however, does not include their non-discountable brands: Dercos by Vichy, Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare, Real Techniques, SkinCeuticals, Sigma Beauty, Vichy, ZOEVA, Origins, Sachajuan, Koh Gen Doh, Laneige.

How about you? What’s your favorite Philosophy product? What’s your favorite moisturizer so far? Let me know through the comments below

*Product descriptions according to the packaging.
Product was provided for editorial purposes. Read my full disclosure here


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  • kikaysikat

    Your site is so dainty!!! I love it’s design? Did you make it yourself?

  • hanna espiritu

    Havent tried Philosophy yet. But curious to try out this one. I have dry skin maybe this wil help me to get rid of some dryness.

    I am currently using Nivea face and body cream which I saw on your youtube videos list of favorites. I tried it and ok naman sya. Btw,Thanks for the recommendation

    Will try naman Philosophy soon .

    • I had to give my face and body cream away ’cause my niece needs it more than I do but I really loved that moisturizer. Sadly, I still have a couple of opened moisturizers left here so I wont be able to repurchase that. But yeah, that one’s good especially if you have dry skin.

      This one is great as well for normal-dry skin. For oily, I’m not sure since it can be a bit heavy. Perhaps, if you’re not going out? I’m not really the best person to ask for oily skin types.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I hope this one is available na in Philosophy stores here in the Philippines. I would love to try it as a day cream as well. It looks nice. Like you, I’m not so OC naman so the packaging is okay for me.

    • I think they are. Hopefully

  • I super want to try Philosophy but I think it’s too expensive. huhuhu But will definitely try this out soon!

    • Yea me too. The price always gets me, lol.

  • Honestly speaking I haven’t tried any Philosophy products yet. Maybe soon but I still need to empty my moisturizer. I like that it is designed for all skin type. Every girl must moisturize their skin and this one is a good choice.

    My favorite moisturizer would be Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer with sunscreen. My face is pretty oily and my friend recommended this product 2 years ago so i had to try it. I also love moisturizers with SPF and i must say I love it since then. It absorbs quickly into my skin and it is perfect for oily skin girls like me. It is also soft in the face feels like you haven’t applied anything, However, The only thing that i don’t like is the smell and a bit pricey but it is worth buying for.

    Hope you’ll try it too ladies :)))

    • Yeah I’ve tried that moisturizer and yeah, I agree about the scent. Haha

  • wow i want to try this too but its a bit pricey.. my favorite moisturizer is the NIVEA Creme .

    • Yup. That was one of my first moisturizers. It was highly recommended by my mom

  • Kim Nunez

    seeing it for the first time and without reading it, i thought it was a loose powder. I’ve read about philosophy as well but i don’t know where to buy it personally, well unfortunately i don’t use moisturizers cause I’m too oily and i don’t know what moisturizer would fit me, as you have said, you don’t somewhat like the scent, is it too strong or it smells like chemicals? though it looks heavy nga, glad to know that the tacky feeling fades away somehow, so how long have you been using it ms. Yette? do you thing it’s worth another buy? I’m really interested in this product though it’s kinda pricey.

    • I think you can buy Philosophy from Beauty Bar. As for the scent, it smells a bit too citrus-y for my taste. I think it’s been over a month since I’ve been using it and so far I’ve been really liking it along with my new skin care routine. I think it’s worth it as long as you don’t have a really dry or oily skin. If your skin is oily it might not work for you due to it’s heavier consistency so maybe try the Aquaction moisturizers from Olay. It’s really an excellent moisturizer yet it feels like water & it absorbs quickly

      • Kim Nunez

        oh i see thanks! will check out olay! good thing they can be found anywhere.

  • Eddielli Bungay

    Ohh yes, Ms. Yette! Nakita ko rin review mo about Philosophy! Thank you so much for the review!

  • mommyR

    finally i got the chance to try philosophy last saturday! c/o ms nikki of AMW!