Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Hey loves! I know I’m way behind on my schedule and I haven’t even posted my Janiary Faves yet but I really hope you can forgive me about that. Anyway, I have a new found love to share with you and if you’ve been following me on my IG account you probably know about this product already. Besides, it’s been raved about my a lot of beauty bloggers already.

It’s the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. So here are some things that the product claims to do to your hair:

Get the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted with your next must-have. Introducing your secret weapon against damage and the key to beautiful hair – all in just 3 minutes. Be the first to try this beauty miracle. Here’s all you need to know about the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner:

Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Smoothen 3 Months of Damage
Damaged hair is one that has lost its protective layer and thus feels rough. Damaged hair is also more negatively charged than healthy hair, causing frizz. To achieve smooth, silky and detangled hair, Pantene’s new formula has an improved conditioning agent or cationic polymer. This cationic polymer is positively charged to neutralize damaged portions of hair, and forms a shield to protect hair from future damage. This protective layer reduces the friction between individual hair fibers, resulting in easier rinsing and reduced tangling.

Get Touchable Smoother Hair
With up to 80% more key conditioning ingredient vs. Pantene’s regular conditioner, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner contains the highest ever level of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicones (TAS), which flatten and smoothen the outer layer or the cuticle cells on the hair surface. This helps protect the hair’s inner structure or cortex, preventing future damage and moisture loss from styling. By protecting the moisture balance of hair, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle transforms brittle, rigid and damaged hair to touchable, soft and beautiful hair.

See the improvement from the first time you try it: Stronger, shinier hair inside out in just 3 minutes.

Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
Bea Alonzo for Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle

Filipinas Choose New Pantene Conditioner
Women have seen and felt the difference of Pantene’s miraculous beauty must-have. In a recent survey among Filipinas, more women rated the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle as very good and excellent compared to a regular conditioner. 8 out of 10 women gave 3 Minute Miracle top marks, making it superior in:

1. Improving hair health
2. Helping repair damage
3. Leaving hair smooth
4. Strengthening each strand of hair
5. Preventing split ends
6. Providing immediate results

Experience the #PanteneMiracle for Yourself
Pantene’s New 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner will redefine your expectations of conditioner. Smoothen 3 months of damage in just 3 minutes. Be the first to try the miracle everyone will be talking about!


Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

To be quite honest, I wasn’t really a fan of Pantene-Pro V products but then BDJ Team contacted me and told me that they’ve personally selected me to try this “latest beauty discovery that smoothens 3 months of hair damage in 3 minutes. I was like ‘SOLD! Lemme try’. I already had an idea though that it might be Pantene but still, if this is what the product claims to do, then I would love to take a shot.

Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
Apologies for the image quality, for some reason my camera was acting a bit wonky that day

Then I received the product and the morning after, I tried it. I couldn’t believe my eyes and my fingers. I never expected a conditioner to work that fast. My stubborn baby hairs became tamed and manageable and my hair never felt so smooth. Usually I need to use either my trusty Nature’s Republic Aloe Vera gel or my hair vitamins in order to tame my baby hairs and also so that I can comb through my hair without tons of fall-outs but this? OMG. This made me a TOTAL convert. Believe me, people mistake my hair to be soft and smooth but when they run their fingers, they can’t even go halfway down towards the end of my hair. But when I started using this, I can run my fingers starting from the top all the way down. I don’t see as many fall-outs as well. I gotta say, I’m very impressed.

Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

I also like how it smells. It smells a bit fruity and definitely not overwhelming. It also doesn’t feel heavy, nor does my hair feel slimy or greasy at the end of the day. To be quite honest, when I wake up the next day, my hair doesn’t feel oily and it looks just as good. If you’re not the type of person who washes their hair everyday then try this because the texture of this is very lightweight. It wont make your hair oily or greasy.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner in Total Damage Care and Hair Fall Control is already available for Php159.00 (180ml) and Php259.00 (340ml).

For more information, feel free to visit their Facebook Page at –

Quick Review: Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

*Product was sent for editorial purposes. Opinions are my own.
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  • hanna espiritu

    I’ve tried this I received mine from BDJ and so far I liked it.
    It really leaves my hair smooth and soft talga you’re right and ang bango pa..

  • Used it three times already, and it is really a good product. I am not sure though if it will cause buildup and dandruff later on but I usually use clarifying shampoo. My hair is smoother, less “crunchy”, and less frizzy. Mukhang miracle nga talaga siya.

    • Yeah, I just use clarifying shampoo at least 3x a week just to make sure.

  • My conditioner as of the moment is Pantene Hair fall control so far I love the product the smell stays for long hours. I will wait to empty the tube then i will buy this. When it comes to hair product we use dove as a shampoo and pantene for conditioner because of the smell and quality. It is also budget friendly no need to go treatments because it gives your hair shine and glow atleast in my opinion. Thanks Yette. Gonna give this one a try soon!! Have a great day

    PS. I loooooooove your hair. Ang ganda grabe!

  • abegaill villacruz

    I have tried this one too and like you, I was so amazed! I didn’t expect it to be so sudden. Akala ko mga thrice or up to fifth wash pa before I can see the result or changes. But I was wrong, the first time I used it, wow, para akong nagiron ng hair. My frizzes were tamed. I would definitely stick to this one. Affordable pa.

    • I totally agree. I didn’t expect to see or feel the so-called ‘miracle’ because I thought that was just an exaggeration but wow…

  • this is my conditioner now. galing talaga nito kasi agad agad ung result eh. pagkaubos nga po ng sample ko from bdj at sampleroom ,punta agad ako supermarket! pati mother ko bnilhan ko na din kasi pati sya nagustuhan nya eh

  • I was advised to treat my hair with hot oil or hair spa to soften it but I’ll try this conditioner first specially now that I know ow that it is affordable and miraculous Thanks Ms. Yette ♥

    • You’re welcome, Hazel!

  • Kim Nunez

    i’ve received this one from BDJ too, honestly upon seeing it and seeing the commercial and the rave about it, i was hyped to use it but i didn’t actually believe in it because my hair is bleached and is actually really really dry and brittle, and to my surprise, as in i just used it once, it really worked, i just realized that even though here in the Philippines, “false-advertisement” or exaggerated ads are always in, there are still brands who promises us well not just for advertising purposes, but who promises to give justice with our money’s worth. I’d say this conditioner need no cliche words, just try it to believe it!

    • I totally agree. Never thought this would live up to its promise.

  • This Miracle conditioner from Pantene has been part of my stock for almost five months now. It did make my hair softer and smoother =) kahit mga brother ko, nakiki-gamit na rin ng Pantene conditioner. Haha