Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks – Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Hey loves, I know I’ve vlogged about these babies before but I haven’t gotten the chance to review them yet. But ever since I got them I’ve been wearing a few shades non-stop and so far I’m liking it. When I saw their stall at our SM Store, I got completely excited because (a) I heard about it from Say’s vlogs and (b) I like their nail polishes. And being a nail polish brand, diving into manufacturing makeups is definitely a different story.

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Product Claims according to Sassy Color’s Facebook Page:

Collect all these adorbs lippies with moisture-rich formula that leave your lips looking soft and oh-so-smooth!

And why you should choose these:

– Vibrant and Rich Color
– Glides smoothly and easily
– With Vitamins A, C and E
– Available in 12 Trendy Shades!


Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

I really like the packaging of these lippies. They’re sleek and they look classy for a drugstore lippie. They’re also quite sturdy. These lipsticks come in a glossy white packaging with a silver tube. It does not feel flimsy when you twist the tube up or down. The only downside, I guess is that, pretty much like MAC lippies, you have to open the tube in order to know the shade. The colored label does not help because sometimes they’re quite deceiving.


According to their page, these lippies are available in 12 shades and according to the sales rep at our SM store, some of them are matte, while some of them are ‘shimmery’ (I believe that’s how the SA put it if I’m not mistaken). But to be quite honest, when it’s already applied, I barely see a difference. Sure some shades may be quite reflective/frosty but up to this moment, I’m still not sure. Also, the site did not indicate any differences in their finishes. By the way, the ones that I currently have are: ‘Fab in Fuchsia’, ‘Pink Punch’, ‘Cameo’, ‘Cherry Lush’ and ‘Mauve’.


Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

True to their claim, the lipsticks are indeed very easy to apply. It glides on smoothly and easily. All of the shades are indeed very creamy and moisturizing. All of the 5 shades that I have are very pigmented and for the darker pink shades, they can cover up my entire lips with just a single swipe. With the lighter ones, however, 2-3 layers are needed in order to get that full coverage. One thing I’ve noticed among all of the shades that I own is that the shades ‘Fab in Fuchsia’ and ‘Mauve’ are REALLY creamy. If the other ones are creamy, these were a lot creamier. If that made sense (lol). These two give you the sensation that you get when you wear the Revlon Lip Butters.


Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Fab in Fuchsia – Is more of a warm pink shade perfect for spring & summer. It’s a good statement lipstick but it’s not too bright that might be intimidating for those who aren’t into those ‘Barbie’ shades. Definitely something you’ll want to wear if you’re going to the beach or just out and about. As mentioned, these lippies glide on like butter but more on this particular shade. It doesn’t settle on to the dry lines of my lips nor do they emphasize them. It’s way, way buttery and creamier than most of these lippies except ‘Mauve’.

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Pink Punch – Is definitely a Barbie shade only a bit darker. I noticed that it has some shimmer or can be reflective, but it’s not too overpowering. Just like the previous one, it’s very easy to apply as well. Not as creamy as the ‘Fab in Fuchsia’ but it’s still moisturizing. If you have dry chappy lips, you might want to exfoliate first. You don’t need to apply a lip balm before applying these lippies but with this shade, exfoliating is necessary.

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Cameo – Is a pinky-nude shade; definitely a My Lips But Better shade suitable for everyday use. I didn’t have any problems applying this lipstick. It went on smoothly and easily. However, I noticed that among all of the shades, this has the tendency to really emphasize the lines of your lips.

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Cherry Lush – The shade is very different from the sticker label actually, even at the tube. Looking at the tube, it appears to be more of a coral-red lipstick but when applied, it’s a lot lighter. A bit darker and redder than Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in ‘Coralberry’ but still in the same family. Like ‘Pink Punch’, this one is also reflective, but a bit more frosty/shimmery. It does not settle on to the fine lines of my lips but it has the tendency to emphasize dryness. So exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Mauve – This is VERY VERY identical to ‘Cameo’. Only difference is their formula. This is a lot creamier and a lot more moisturizing and like Fab in Fuchsia’. Very easy to apply and it doesn’t settle on to the fine lines of my lips. Now that I think about it, was this my favorite or Cameo? Hmm.. #Confused. O.O (JK, it’s a toss up really. :P)


Some of these babies, provided that I don’t eat oily foods or drink a lot can last me up to four to five hours give or take. Some can last for more than three. The darker shades leave a stain on my lips which is something that I actually prefer but the lighter ones just fade.


Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

The only thing that throws me off with this lipstick is the smell. It smells like a vintage lipstick. It smells waxy and oftentimes I can actually ignore it but when I’m having one of those days wherein I get pretty irritated with everything, even the smell of these lippies kinda bothers me. I guess the upside though is once you have it on, the smell quickly fades and it doesn’t have a distinct taste.


• PROS •
Pretty, sleek, classy and sturdy packaging
Available in 12 shades
Glides smoothly & easily
Very moisturizing
Really pigmented
With Vitamins A, C and E
Majority of the shades doesn’t settle on to the dry parts of my lips nor do they emphasize them
Some shades offer a decent longevity. Up to 4-5 hours max provided you don’t eat or drink as much
Can leave a stain on your lips which is something that I actually prefer
Available locally
Packaging does not display the shades therefore you have to open them up since the sticker doesn’t help
Some shades are a bit frosty and might emphasize the dry, chappy parts of your lips.
Has a distinct waxy scent that goes away when applied but if you mind these kinds of scents then this is not for you
4 Hearts
I’ll give it a 4 because it’s inexpensive and it gives a bang for your buck. If you’re a student and in need for a good quality lippie then this is the one for you. So long as you don’t mind the scent.
For Php 140? Yes. Definitely.
I don’t think I’ll be getting more since I already have 5 shades, but we’ll see. Lol

So there you have it. Those are my thoughts about the Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks. I hope you find this review helpful. Let me know if you want me to review any local makeup brand in particular. I definitely would like to try more, since I know that I’ve been focusing more on foreign makeups lately.

Sassy Colors Moisturizing Lipsticks - Reviews, Photos & Swatches

Oh and do let me know what’s your favorite local brand of lipstick. You can check out mine here

I’ll see you on my next post, loves!

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  • mommyR

    bet ko yung cameo at mauve!!! where did yu get them? im sold! for 140!

    • SM Dept store. Though they’re not widely available.

      • mommyR

        kaya pala dear =( i havent seen them sa SM Sta Rosa =(

  • hanna espiritu

    Ive been waiting for this review. The mauve and cameo looks good for everyday. I hope Sassy is already available in area near us so i could buy. Have you tried Italia longwear lip color? More more drugstore product review please. I love/enjoy reading your blogs because you always provide full detailed review talaga. Love love it. Cant wait for the next review to be upload.

    • Nope. I haven’t heard of the brand actually. Will search the drugstore for you once I’m done with my backlogs.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I also discovered this brand from Ms. Say’s blog! And I can say that I was not disappointed. I have one in shade Berry Beautiful, red one. I super love it. As you said it glides easily on the lips, and very pigmented. Downside as well is that, it isn’t available in most of the Watson’s branches. I’ve been searching for this one a long time ago and I was only able to get it late last year. You should also try Bobbie Cosmetics na lipstick, affordable and good as well. Same as with Sassy, they started with the nail polish.

    Gusto ko ring bilhin yung pink punch and cherry lush.

    • I didn’t like the smell of Bobbie lippies, tbqh. If this smelled waxy, for me, that smelled a lot waxier. If that made sense. Lol

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Oh my! the packaging is just so cuteeee! I can't say any bad with these lippie as of now, well, I really should try this one! Thank you for introducing this! Yay! I was thinking if they have an orangy red/coral color? I think that would be perfect for summer! Haha! I want to hoard again but I was thinking baka hindi ko magamit lahat at maexpire lang. And oh, have you tried aido cosmetics? It also caught my attention last month, sabi kasi nung saleslady, pigmented daw and mura. I think its around 80 pesos only? And it is made from taiwan or thailand, Im not really sure. Maybe I should checked it out again. Thanks for sharing! :*

    • Yes they have an orange shade. Not aure about coral shades but if you’re looking for really orange-summer shade, they do have it.

      Have’t tried Aido yet.

  • OMG the colors look so amazing!! Just discovered your blog and ohh my I love the layout of your post so much! And such an informative & thorough review. Loveee!!

    Stephanie | Beauty Bucketeer

  • Marian April Pang

    The shades are lovely! If I’m using moisturizing lipstick I usually dabbed tissue into my lips. I want it to be less shiny kapag commute. I have a feeling na didikit yung dust sa lips ko.

    When it comes to local brand EB and Nichido are my favorites

    • Yeah I do that as well. It also helps the lipstick stay longer on your lips.

  • Eddielli Bungay

    Super sulit talaga for a P140 per lipstick! I thought it is P300+ I’m not really a lippie girl but I might want yo try this! I love the mauve shade! I’m actually into nude shade of lippies! Hope I won’t mind the waxy scent.

    • You’ll actually get used to it since the scent fades once it’s already in your lips.

  • The packaging caught my attention. I love it and the shades are also great. Out of all i would love to try another color and switch to Mauve shade becausenI only have red shades everytime I go out. I hope it looks good on me hihihi I want you to do review Shawiill and Nichido I think they also have good quality make up with an affordable price range. I love your pro’s and cons, Thumbs up for this giveaway. Will look forward to your next local brand review and if i had a budget this mauve shade will be on my list. Thanks for the idea

    • Thanks! Will look for those products.

  • jl orinion

    Just a big thank you for sharing this. I need a new lippie but i have a tight budget so an affordable lippie that performs well is just what someone like me needs.