L’oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder – Review, Photos & Swatches

L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey loves! It feels like it has been ages since I did a decent review. Well, the important thing is that I’m back now and though I don’t do resolutions (because I suck at it), one of them was to blog more (although I wasn’t able to do that mostly this January because I got sick). Well, enough of that, let’s get to one of the things I was sooo excited about this past few months, shall we?

L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

I’m sure by now you’re all familiar of the L’oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder, but if not, you’re seriously living under a rock. Because this product is freakin’ awesome! I know, I know. That’s too much to assume of a product, but pressed powders/foundations rarely blew me off because (1) I find most of them have similar effects on me and (2) most of them don’t pack a punch when used alone. But this one contradicts all of those things I’ve mentioned. And I’ll show you why.

The science behind the magic? Thirty percent of the Mat Magique formula is made of volcanic perlite, a natural, non-irritating sebum absorber. This is the highest concentration of this shine-busting ingredient in a makeup product to date.

With Mat Magique, your modern matte look will last all day, because there’s no need to retouch when you believe in magique. Share your magical experience online by using the hashtag #BelieveInMagique.


L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

The pressed powder comes in this cute, metallic pink compact with a decent sized mirror and a separate compartment for your sponge and the powder itself. I find that really convenient because I really hate pressed powders/foundations that don’t have their applicators separated (or if they do, they’re only separated by a plastic film that can get lost easily).


L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

I am in the shade ‘Rose Ivory’ and it matches my skin tone really well. This product comes in five shades and most of them have yellow undertones so I’m sure it will suit us pinays. I tested this product out first using the sponge and then a really dense brush (Zoeva Silk Finish Brush). To be quite honest, I prefer using the brush because it packs a lot of product without looking as though you have a ton of powder on your face, and it gives me much coverage. Using a the sponge is great too, but really, it’s just a matter of preference.


L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

This pressed powder is really finely milled yet it is very creamy. It offers a nice coverage whether applied via a sponge or a brush. (FYI though, I had to use a concealer on my pimples but this totally evened out the rest of my skintone) I was blown away by how this powder looked on me and when I posted an FOTD using this product on my instagram, I got a decent number of compliments. One of my friends even asked me how much the product was. I also got compliments from my relatives. Yes, it is matte but it doesn’t look as though I just packed a ton of product on to my face. You can still see though my skin. Another thing, by the way, is that this comes in SPF 34, and I tested this on flash photograhy. So far, I haven’t seen any white casts, so thumbs up for that as well


L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

I failed to take a photo of myself before I applied my makeup but you can see it on my latest vlog here (you can also view it here, but I took it the next day, and yes I wore the same shirt for the sake of consistency ). I have a normal to dry skin with natural shine peeking through every now and then but for some reason this month’s kinda weird. My skin became normal to oily with some dry spots, so I thought this would be a good time to test this product. I applied my makeup I believe at about 3:00 PM then I went to the mall to run some errands. I went home at 6:00 PM then I took a photo of myself and as you can see, still the same. What actually surprised me though is that the concealer I applied didn’t last long. But I’m not here to review the concealer.

L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches
Correction: 12 AM

Six hours has passed (about 9:00 PM), my forehead was beginning to be shiny, some of my bumps & redness were beginning to peek through my forehead. (though for some reason it’s not visible in my photos. Dang!) Then by 12:00 PM my T-zone was already shiny and some of the redness around my nose were already visible. Still, 9 hours? That’s very VERY impressive. Had I not fallen asleep (oops ) I might’ve given you a complete 12-hour report.


L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder - Review, Photos & Swatches

The product doesn’t smell anything particular. It smells like foundation and you wont really smell it unless you stick your nose onto the pan, which if you think about it, why would you do that? But really, it’s very subtle. And as previously mentioned, 30% of the product’s formula is made of volcanic perlite which is a natural, non-irritating sebum absorber, which makes the product really effective and magical, if I say so myself


• PROS •
Really cute, sturdy packaging
Separate compartment for sponge & powder
Offers a decent coverage
Offers a matte finish but doesn’t make your face look completely made up
Offers SPF 34 PA++++ without the white cast
Comes in 5 shades suitable for Pinays
Claims that it will make your face shine free for 12 hours
Lasted on me for approximately 9 hours
Light to medium coverage
Works great also for setting liquid products
Available nationwide
Only Php 499
If you have redness, discoloration or pimples, the coverage may not be enough
If you have really oily skin you may still need to retouch after a couple of hours (but I believe that comparing to other pressed powders, this still offers the best longevity)

Overall, I’m very impressed with this product and ever since I got it, I can’t stop using it. I use it either alone, on top of concealer, or on top of a foundation/BB cream (especially on top of foundation, because it just looks SOOO good! ) I am telling you, this is definitely a phenomenal product and you’re definitely missing out if you don’t try it.

That’s why I will be giving two of my readers an opportunity to try out this magnificent product. All you need to do is fill out the necessary information in the giveaway app below and you’re done. Keep in mind that I will be checking all of your entries and most of these are mandatory. This giveaway will last up to two February 11th (open to Philippine residents only), so you have 2 weeks to enter. Oh and you have to LIKE the Facebook pages indicated. Good luck!

L'oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder Giveaway

So those are my thoughts so far about the L’oreal Mat Magique All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder. It actually feels like I’ve been babbling through the entire post, but that’s what this product does to me. I can’t stop talking about this. With my friends, family. I actually gave one to my mom and my niece and they LOVE it. I can’t wait for you loves to try it.

Till next time! Cheerio!

*PR Sample – Product was provided for review/consideration. Opinions are my own.
Click here for my full disclosure

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  • i have an oily t zone dark spots in my face so im intrigued about the consistency and how well the coverage it will make on my face so i would definitely and super wanted to try it! my favorite L’Oreal product are the Collection Star Barely Pink lippy, True Match Liquid Foundation , and the Super Liner Ultra Sharp !

  • Chie Relosa

    Bought this one after seeing your Ig post, I loved it! the SA recommend the N2 for me but we tried testing the other shades and I loved them all ..it blends beautifully to your skin :3

  • I am loving powder foundations/bb powders lately because they are easy to slap on my face. This one is very interesting because it promises long-lasting effect. I need that because it will cut-off time retouching my makeup. Two of my fave L’oreal products are the True Match foundation and concealer!

  • micah

    I want to try this New L’oreal mat magique powder because I really have oily skin and I can’t find any powder that suits me well. I hope this is the answer to my problem. I also love the Rose Ivory shade because it also matches my skin tone.

  • Feng Manlapaz

    I have oily skin and I am still on the look out for a good powder foundation for make up and retouching. I am intrigued by your review that your face will stay matte or dewy bit not shiny up to 9 hours. I have tried the Loreal Haircare (shampoo, conditioner etc.) but i haven’t tried any make up from the brand.

  • hanna espiritu

    I have oily skin i want to give it a try if it lasts long on my face, I am intrigued by the review that it stays matte on your face for 9 hours. I love True Match Super Blendable Makeup W1 Porcelain and their beautifier BB cream.

  • Arra Morta

    I want to try this New L’oreal mat magique powder because I really have oily skin, and that is really a turnoff, maybe this one will answer my skin dilemma:) I love Loreal’s True Match Liquid Foundation:)

  • I am intrigued about it’s 12 hour staying power claim. I would want to try it out for myself and also about it’s coverage since I need a foundation that can even out my skintone especially under my eyes.

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    This powder looks really nice! The packaging and the color, super ganda and looks really smooth! I love how it makes your skin looks smooth and slightly dewy. Ang kinis mo talaga Ms. Yette! Hmm, what makes me intrigued about this product is yung longevity niya. Honestly, hindi nagtatagal yung mga powder sa face ko, I tend to retouch every 2 hours and ang ending, mukhang cakey lalo na pag may flash! As I’ve seen sa photo mo dito, super ganda ng finishing sa skin mo, and that makes me wanna try this one too! Plus the spf 34 (actually first time ko makarinig ng spf 34. haha) nya Yay! My favorite would be their lippies (colour riche) that are very pigmented and moisturizing and lasts up to 5 hrs for me! SUper love it! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! Lovelove Great review! :*

  • Marian April Pang

    Naintriga talaga ako sa product launching! It seems very promising and it is matte! I know having a combi/oily skin, I’ve always been choosing the matte ones liquid,mousse or pressed foundations. The staying power is really effective, the only question is which has the longest capacity? This question made me want to try this L’Oreal Mat Magique! Kasi sa commute palang minsan wala na yung foundation

    I already tried their hair products and true match liquid foundation

  • I’m intrigued with its 12 hour lasting power. I haven’t tried L’oreal make up products yet but I’m currently using their hairfall repair shampoo and it’s awesome

    Btw, if you’re interested I’m giving away 6 3D pop-out cards for my Pre-Valentines Day giveaway. Hope you check it out and join too. –> http://bit.ly/1KVfSLw


  • Mei Bee

    I’m intrigued if this product really can minimize or even cover my acne scars, the longevity of oil control, and the powder – texture when applied on skin.

  • Charmie Celestial Alemania

    I want to try this all make ups that Ive seen! Was so amazed. Hoping to give me an sample of these products More Power! GoodLuck to us!

  • Janina Reyes

    I’m intrigued to try this product because I really have an oily skin. I’m still finding the perfect compact for me.

  • Reminds me so much of Maybelline’s mineral foundation.

  • Lovelee

    Interesting! I might give this a shot soon since my present powder is nearly gone already =)

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’m intrigued about the 12-hr claim of this product! My favorite l’oreal product is their collection star lipstick! The colors are so pretty.

  • Maria Fern

    I’m intrigued in all L’Oreal products. Parang i want to try them all.

  • Faith Almario

    I am really having a hard time deciding what brand of make up to use in my sensitive skin/face. You have given an honest review and that what makes me want to try it. The All-in-One Matte Transforming Powder is so promising and I can’t wait to use it.

  • I’m intrigued on how long will the coverage lasts on my face because I have an oily face so I have to apply every 2 hours. I am looking for a matte powder so I won’t have to apply every now and then. I wanna give this one a try. I actually got to try true match liquid foundation and I love the coverage

  • Aside from their lipsticks, I haven’t tried any other L’oreal products. I think this is the right time to give it a try. It looks nice. I just need to look for the shade that will works best on my skin tone.

  • Maita

    Haven’t yet tried l’oreal products because they seem pricey for my budget. But i want to try this because of the high spf content and the oil absorption capacity compare to other drugstore powder foundation but in an affordable price. Great review!

  • nicole Paler

    The fact that this latest foundation from L’oreal claims that it can last for 12 hours, and has SPF34 without the white cast usually seen in photos is what makes me so curious about the product that I just have to try it. And I am so in love with L’oreal’s super blend-able foundation(the one that is in the latest bottle packaging) cause, well, true to the claim that liquid foundation is super blendable and has great coverage. And since with my experience with L’oreal, I can attest that this one can deliver it’s full 12 hours for sure.

  • Riyalyn Gatdula

    I love the shades and how it stays longer on the face! :))) Haven’t use any of loreal products hehe

  • Princess

    i would love to try them all, thanks for the reviews i’m very satisfied

  • Carissa Posion

    OOh! Another must try. I wonder how it will fare with my oily skin.
    Fingers crossede! I hope I win so I can try it hehe.

  • I’ve checked a lot of beauty bloggers lately and the’re raving for this new product from L’oreal. It seems promising! I would love to try this one soon!

    True Match Super-Blendable Foundation – my favorite L’oreal product! It’s been always listed as my HG liquid foundation ♥


  • Chel Agcaoili

    I’m intrigued with its great staying power and I would love to try this:)

  • Marykay Marilao

    I’m intrigued about this product because I it stay longer than others. My fav L’oreal product is Color Riche Les Nail Art.

  • Aliz Maganis

    I am interested with something that can really last for at least 9 hours. My favorite L’oreal is Color Riche L’Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick

  • Jeraldine Tolentino

    I want to experience how it will work for my skin

  • Eddielli Bungay

    I have an oily face and most of the bloggers recommend this product because of its longevity to think that it can stay for 9 hours! Super Awesome! I’m not really a L’oreal product user so I think this will be my first time to use a L’oreal product! hope to win!

  • Judith Solomon Albius

    I want to try it para malaman ko kung ok! ba sa skin ko

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    i want to try Loreal products, kahit anong products kasi hindi pa ko nakagamit.

  • Joel Cunanan

    my wife want to try tis product. hoping to win.

    • Joel Cunanan

      Ulol! bakla ka kunwari ka pang para sa wife mo! Wag nga ako!

  • Cathlyn Joy Roman

    this will help me kasi oily talaga ang face ko.

  • Anna A.

    I like the 12-hour no-retouch promise.
    My favorite is L’ORÉAL Pencil Perfect Self-Advancing Eyeliner.

  • I’ve read a lot of different reviews and I am so impressed. Everyone’s loving this powder

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    This product is intriguing because ii have never heard a 12 hour matte foundation.

  • I saw this from everyone I know! Alam mo na un kung sino! Heheh!
    Mas naintriga ako nung pinost to ni Gen-zel na ang tagal niya sa face, so I would really love to try it. Since ngayon I’m more into powder compacts, I even use the Maybelline I got from BDJBox, mas easy gamitin ung mga ganitong products. So I bet magugustuhan ko to! Hopefully I win!

  • Aldrin Montierro

    My wife is using different brand of face powder. I want to win this one and for sure she will love this new L’Oreal product because it will make her face shine free for 12 hours. Her favorite L’Oreal product is lipstick color 295.

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  • It is intriguing that it stayed put for long. In a country like ours, thats a huge achievement. Loving the coverage on you too

  • osangB

    The fact that its stays long its a must try already!

  • Shierry Rose Mendoza

    I was really intrigued with L’oreal powder or should I say the magic foundation. I really want this so badly because it can help me cover my scars in my face caused by pimples. Just trying my luck. More power

  • hanna espiritu

    Congratulations winners!! you are sooo lucky!:)

    • Chloe Santiago

      If I know inggit na inggit ka.. Plastikada!

  • Congrats guys! Very lucky ladies. Will try my luck next time. Enjoy

  • Chelsea

    Ate bakit magkaiba mata mo?

  • Lei Diwa

    Ang tagal na pala nito, ngayon ko lang nalaman Ms.Yette can u compare this to ben nye banana which one do u like in coverage and lasting power?