2014 Beauty Faves: Makeup

Hey loves! I know I’m super late with this update but if you’ve been following me in my Facebook posts, you’ll know that aside from being busy (as usual), I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks. What a great way to start the year, eh? Anyway, I’m all better now, so I thought I’d start with the usual. My 2014 Faves. BTdubs, to those who are wondering where their prizes are, I appreciate your patience. Please expect some of them to arrive within this week.

Anyway, on to the faves, shall we?


2014 Beauty Faves: Makeup

L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Makeup in ‘Nude Beige (Warm)’ – I never thought I would NEED this foundation as much as I do now. I don’t usually repurchase foundations since I’m quite fond of trying different brands, but I think I’m definitely going to repurchase this one. It provides a good coverage and it’s very easy to blend. It also lasts the whole day and it doesn’t emphasize all of the dry parts of my face. Total love at first application.

Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream (01) – You pretties know that I love trying BB Creams because they’re a lot easier to use and lightweight than fondies. This one is definitely no exception. This one, however, provides great coverage as well, and it’s not as dewy compared to other BB Creams that I have ever used.

Ellana Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation in ‘Chai Tea Latte’ – Probably the most hyped up product in this category, and it totally deserves it. I actually got this last 2013 but I just decided to include this is my 2014 Faves because it was already December when I got it. I want to further test it out before giving my final say. Oh and I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this yet. But I do have a review of it’s pressed counterpart right here. It’s practically the same only this one provides more coverage especially if applied properly and this works much better when you use it to set your foundation. Gives you that poreless & flawless look

Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in ‘Medium’ – Well, another hyped up product, and I agree with the reviews. Gives an awesome coverage and it lasts for a long time. Definitely gives you a bang for your buck. This product is actually in my top 5 under 500 products and you can view it right here.


2014 Beauty Faves: Makeup

Ellana Pressed Mineral Blush Duo in ‘Kitten and Peach Passion’ – I am so glad that this is the shade that I got in my loot bag. I know that’s kinda weird to say but there was a time last year where I just can’t stop using this blush duo. Most particularly ‘Peach Passion’. Each blush is really pigmented and really creamy. They’re finely milled and these shades will jut give you that beautiful glow. I also did a review about this blush and you can view it here.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in ‘Radiant Magenta’ – I really love this blush as well. It gives me that glowing look that I want especially if my eye makeup or if my lipstick is a bit darker than usual. It’s my perfect blush. It’s a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth it if you ask me. It’s really pigmented, yet you wont have that problem of overdoing your blush, it’s finely milled and it stays on for hours. I also have a review of this product right here.

Clinique Cheek Pop in ‘Berry Pop – To be quite honest, I really am not a fan of pink blushes because I already like pink lippies and I don’t have the habit of paring them together unless necessary (reviews, etc). I prefer neutral shades of blushes so that it can go with my other lippies & eye looks. But this one is just so pretty. Not only the packaging but also the shade. The shade in the pan can be quite intimidating but when swatched, it’s really pretty. Oh and it has some sorta creamy finish, only not. It’s really weird. But I really love this blush and if I need a pink blush it’s definitely my go to. I also posted a review about this product right here along with another shade.

FS Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in Cinnamon Mousse – I actually love this as my main contour shade. Whenever I shoot some vids, or go to events and I really need to contour, this is the one I use, then I use a bronzer to warm up my face. I love this because I can never go wrong with it. It doesn’t look muddy and it’s very easy to blend.


2014 Beauty Faves: Makeup

Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow Pencil – I really love this eyebrow pencil. Unfortunately I only have a tiny bit of this so I’m only using it if necessary. What I love about this pencil is that it’s super thin enabling you to mimic your brow hairs. Oh and it’s not as pricey compared to those pencils with the same tip and it lasts the whole day.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Auburn’ – I actually got this last November but it’s an instant love. I was actually debating on whether or not to include this but I would be lying if I didn’t include this. Besides, I’m not sure if this will make till the end of 2015, lol. It’s very easy to apply and it lasts the whole day.


2014 Beauty Faves: Makeup

Smashbox Master Class Palette 2 – I actually lived off of this palette during the first three months (if I’m not mistaken). I love everything about this palette. I love the blushes, the highlighters, most especially the eyeshadows. They’re very creamy and pigmented.

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper – I’m actually not sure if I included this in my previous yearly faves, but anyway. I really love this because I haven’t encountered an eyeshadow primer yet that can outlast the longevity that this one can provide. Did that make sense?

Maybelline Color Tattoos – I love Maybelline Color Tatoos, most especially the shades: Barely Branded, Inked in Pink and Bad to the Bronze. I love this product because it’s very easy to wear. I just rub it on my eyelids with my finger, blend it with another (or with a brush and perhaps add a crease color) then I’m done. I can also use it as a base, and it also works wonders as that. Totally a great multi-tasking product.

Essence Gel Liner in ‘Midnight in Paris’ – I really love this gel liner because out of all the gel liners that I have tried, this is the only one that doesn’t smudge on my lower lash line. Even the famous LA girl gel liner smudges on me, but this one doesn’t.

Heroine Make Quick Eyeliner Pencil in ‘Black’ – I love this because although it’s not as black and it’s not as creamy, it doesn’t give me racoon eyes and it doesn’t smudge. It just fades. If you don’t know already, most if not all of the eyeliners I have tried so far, smudges on but this one doesn’t. This one just fades, which is much preferable if you ask me.


2014 Beauty Faves: Makeup

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in ‘The Morning After’ (LE) – I lah-ove this lipstick. It’s definitely my go to lipstick if I can’t think of any lipstick to wear. There were days when I can’t stop wearing this. It lasts long and it leaves my lips stained which is something that I really like. It’s very easy to apply and I definitely love the color. I have a review of this lippie, along with the other shades it came with right here.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in ‘Sultry’ – Definitely a love at first application as well. If you’re on the hunt for a Kylie J-esque lippie, then this one’s for you. I love this especially if I want to wear something darker yet still neutral. It’s definitely creamy which makes it a lot easier to apply. Definitely moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my lips. Oh and it stays on for hours as well. I have a review about this product as well, and you can find it right here.

Lime Crime Velvetines in ‘Pink Velvet’ – This was my go to lipstick during the first 6 months of 2014. If you see me wearing a bold lippe during the first months of 2014, then this one’s probably it. I love this because I don’t need to retouch as often and it doesn’t dry out my lips. It’s easy to apply and the finish is as matte as it gets.

MAC Matte Lipstick in ‘Please Me’ – I’ve always been getting compliments whenever I wear this lippie which made me wanna wear it a lot more. Despite my love for pink lippies, I don’t have something similar to this shade. MAC matte lippies lasts for hours on me but they have the tendency to dry out my lips. Nevertheless, this one’s a keeper.

Milani Lip Pencil in ‘Simply Natural’ – This lip pencil is always underneath all of my neutral lip colors. If you see me wearing a brown lippie, most probably, I have this one underneath. It’s not the creamiest lip pencil I have but I still love the shade.

There you go. Those are all of my makeup favorites for the year 2014. I was actually supposed to categorize them and post them one by one but since I’m WAAAY late, I just thought I’ll condense them in to one post and just pick the ones that I really like. I think I have 20 here and about 15 in my skincare faves. Yes, I have another Faves post coming so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, I’m really sleepy now. Stay tuned for more reviews (since I have a ton of backlogs) and for the part 2 of this post.

How about you? What products did impress you last year? What were your favorites? Let me know

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  • hanna espiritu

    yey! been waiting for this hehe,
    Lime crime velvetines is so pigmented and i love it.. Oh! how i wish i have makeup as many as these hehe.. So excited to read your Part 2 faves.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I always love your faves post. I always get to see something new that worth buying. Now I’m interested to get the collection concealer. The rest are tried and tested. I super love the maybelline color tattoos. I’m planning to get more shades. I love l’oreal infallible eyeshadows too, as well as more lippies in sticks and eyeliners that double as eyeshadows.

  • This is a very detailed post! I got to discover some products/brands that I haven’t heard of before! You also take such good shots of these that it just makes me want to buy them!

    P.S.: I love your blog’s layout!

  • Eddielli Bungay

    Actually I’m not a fan of make-ups so I’ll patiently wait for your skincare faves! Anyway, my sister love your blog the same way as I do! Her fave among your lists are:

    Face: None. She has an all time fave that is the Kiehl’s BB Cream. I think you should try it too.

    Cheeks: Hourglass but not in ‘Radiant Magenta’ She loves the Hourglass ambient Blush Palette (the one included in your birthday and holiday wishlist). She is actually not a blush person but she loves this one.

    Brows: Heroine make Eyebrow Pencil. She is actually a brow person and she really loves using this one on her brows. She also uses Mac Brow gel.

    Eyes: None. she only use Bobbbi brown Gel Eyeliner!

    Lips: None. She only uses lip balm. Her current fave is Melted Kisses Too Faced Lippie set (The fave lippie of Kris Aquino). Quite pricey though for a 4 mini lippies it costs more than $25 I think.

    That’s it pancit!

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Parang feeling ko, after I read this post, goodbye allowance na naman aketch. Haha. Grabe! I should buy those stuffs too! I admit it, I’m a makeup lover and hoarder too! Haha!

    Anyways, I love how you made this post very very detailed and informative, and fun to read too! I love those short background for each product. Hihi.

    Was really wondering and very curious bout that L’Oreal true match foundie, I heard a lot of good feedbacks about that stuff! If ever na may hindi kami pagkakasunduan, siguro yung packaging, hindi ko magets kung paano siya. It’s like a bottle ba? or this comes with a pump? I have no idea at all, kaya bbili ako nito para matry! Haha! besides, I’ve got small pimps from BB I’ve used. Idk if it’s really from it, or baka hormonal imbalance lang, pero I’m switching to foundie na din kasi the past few days, mas long lasting pa! Pero i’m curious about the Happy Skin ZZ cream, have you heard that before? I have no idea what’s the “ZZ” stands for, but it looks promising!

    And ohhh, how I love ellana minerals.<3<3<3 We've purchased our first ellana because of you! And we are still buying the pressed powder because we just simply love it! We are now on our 4th ellana pressed powder! Haha. Thanks to you Ms. yette! :*

    Hmm, honestly, I really admire your lippy collection. I know how much you love lippies! Haha. Nabanggit mo ata sa dati mong post that you are so inlove with lippies! Yay! Pero ang ganda lagi ng color ng lips mo sa mga MOTD mo, which makes me jealous because lahat ng kulay bagay sayo! Ikaw na talaga Ms. Yette! Mapa'dark, light, neutral, okay na okay talaga sayo. OMG, what's your secret? But Im inlove with limecrime too! Mine is the suedberry, the best lippy I've ever had! Next to Nars. Lol!

    Anywho, thank you for sharing this post! Abangers ako sa part 2! Actually, Im making list na kung ano uunahing itry dito sa mga nakapost sa faves mo, haha. Lakas makaimpluwensiya Ms. Yette! hihi. Thank you and Godbless! Take care always! :*

  • I like Heroine Make BB Cream I call the finish “marshmallow effect”. It’s a bit matte and with great coverage, and you end up looking so soft after using it!

  • Marian April Pang

    The products here are so essential to have! I love your choices shade of lippy! I want to try the revlon colorbust mattebalm in sultry and lime crime velvetine which is like the ofra brand. I’m torn between the ellana pressed foundie and their loose mineral powder. Which is better kaya?

    I’m a maybelline baby! I’m using their dream matte mousse, eyestudio gel liner and their bold matte color sensational lipstick.

  • Carissa Posion

    Thanks for sharing this post again Ms Yette. I really like the mixture of the things you use, we’ve got some affordable ones here and then there are pricier ones which proves that if you are just matiyaga in researching and reading reviews of products you will find very good ones without breaking the bank. And when you’re in the mood for treating yourself naman,you know for all the hard work you can splurge a bit.

    About the products that impressed me last year,hmmm..the Naturactor Concealer definitely, other beauty bloggers have raved about it. And yes! I found my MLBB shade last year the Revlon Lip butter in Sweet Tart. I only wish though that it doesn’t fade away that fast haha

    From this list I will definitely try Ellana minerals stuff this year. I’ve been checking out their site kaya lang I’m so overwhelmed with the shade choices hindi ko alam if what will work for me. Anyway, I will try sampling them first.

    Your lipstick choices look good. Pang MLBB din ang peg and from my computer screen the shades almost look similar.

    • Hi Carissa! Yes, I love Naturactor too & I love Revlon Lip Butters too! And yeah, they fade quickly nga lang.

      You should try Ellana, you’re definitely going to love it. With regard to the shade, if you’re referring to foundations, I believe they offer a sample pack so you can find out what shade matches your skin tone. But if you’re referring to blushes, go with the basic and the shades that you would personally wear on a daily basis. Not because it looks pretty on the photos. Ellana blushes are really good but sometimes, it’s really up to us if we’re adventurous or not (when it comes to shades). Hope that made sense

      Oh and yes, I’m very much in to MLBB shades these past few months

      • Carissa Posion

        Thanks for the reply Ms. Yette.
        When I think about it now your advice regarding blusher really makes sense haha

  • I love this post, Yette, you’re really helping us readers an idea about the product. Thanks a lot!

    I already have some items listed here. I might check these beauty faves: MAC Matte Lipstick in ‘Please Me’, Essence Gel Liner in ‘Midnight in Paris’ and Clinique Cheek Pop in ‘Berry Pop‘.

    I’ve seen Berry Pop before when you purchased it and I noticed that it’s still in perfect flower shape! ♥