City Color Contour Effects Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches

City Color Contour Effects  - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi loves! How was your Christmas? Hope you had a lovely time with your family. Anyway, before I do my 2014 Faves, I thought I’d review a couple of more products that I have been loving lately. This of course, includes the famous City Color Contour Effects Palette. Some of you have also been asking for a review about this product, so I thought why not do it before the year ends?

Product Claims/Description according to the City Color Cosmetics Website:
The Contour Effects Palette allows you to sculpt your face effortlessly with its easy-to-follow instruction guide. Achieve an ultra defined look with its matte contour and bronzer shades. Don’t forget to let the light perfectly accentuate your cheekbones, forehead, nose and other features with its shimmer highlight. Our newly enhanced formula is highly pigmented and allows you to blend easily for an ultra flawless finish. Perfect for both beginners and professionals. Ideal for all skin types.

City Color Contour Effects Palette  - Review, Photos & Swatches


City Color Contour Effects Palette  - Review, Photos & Swatches

The palette’s packaging is very simple and direct to the point. It comes with a magnetized, cardboard packaging, with three pans labelled specifically on how you’re going to use them,then a set of instructions with an illustration at flip-top cover (instead of a mirror, I suppose). What I don’t like about the packaging is that it doesn’t feel sturdy. The palette does not include a mirror, hence it’s not that thick, which CAN be good, but it’s very lightweight. I would suggest that you handle this palette with care ’cause the packaging doesn’t offer much in terms of protection.


City Color Contour Effects Palette  - Review, Photos & Swatches

As I’ve mentioned before, each pan/shade is labelled accordingly.

The Contour shade is of course, the darkest, but has warm undertones. It’s also more ‘brown’ rather than ‘taupe-y’ (which is a shade that I’m a lot more fond of when it comes to contouring). I use my RT Contour Brush when I contour and I apply this under my cheekbones, at jawline, hairline, then I use a blending brush to contour my nose.

The Bronze shade is a lot warmer and a bit more lighter than the contouring shade. I use this to warm up my face. I apply this with a ]larger, fluffier brush then I do the number 3 motion. I dust the powder at my forehead, my cheeks then near my jawline.

The highlighter is one of the shades here that I love. It’s a white iridescent shade that blends perfectly at top of my blush. Sometimes I use this alone because I love how this product makes me look a lot more radiant. I use a fluffy blending brush when I apply this powder. I dust it at the high points of my cheeks and at my T-zone.


City Color Contour Effects Palette  - Review, Photos & Swatches

All of these shades are actually very pigmented especially the contouring shade. if you’re not careful, you can have a large streak of brown shade on to your cheeks, because once it sets, it can be hard to blend. Therefore, I would suggest that you start with a small amount on your brush then just build it up to your preferred intensity. None of these shades are powdery, nor do they feel chalk at all. They blend nicely so long as you take it once step at a time. Don’t pile on a lot of product at once. When contouring, this can be your very best friend, or your worst enemy. Its pigmentation can either be a blessing or a curse. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


City Color Contour Effects Palette  - Review, Photos & Swatches

This entire palette (or these three shades) lasted on me for more than 4 hours. I’ve been wearing this palette a lot lately and I can say that it offers a decent amount of longevity.


City Color Contour Effects Palette  - Review, Photos & Swatches

Right off the pan, the product smells like mild bar of soap. It’s very subtle and when you apply it, the scent is completely gone.


• PROS •
Simple, direct to the point packaging
Offers three shades in one palette
Offers instructions, beginner-friendly
Ridiculously pigmented
Easy to blend
Offers a decent amount of product
Lasts for more than 4 hours
Less than Php 500 depending on where you buy it
The brand is available locally
Available at online shops
Packaging is not sturdy
Does not include a mirror
Not travel friendly (no mirror, not sturdy)
Really pigmented
Product sets immediately
The palette may not be available locally
4 Hearts!
I really love this palette so I would still give it a 4. Like I said, the only thing that I don’t like about this is the packaging and the pigmentation can be a pain to control. Other than that, I think that this product will give you a bang for your buck. In other words, it’s definitely ‘sulit’ and I definitely get the hype.
Definitley. It’s very inexpensive and you get three products for the price of one. What more can you ask for?
Probably when I’m all done with my bronzers & my contouring products, but yeah. Definitely

• Product Name | City Color Contour Effects Palette
• Price | Php 450 (bought mine at the Sundance Bazaar, not sure if it’s the same price online)
• Avalability | LoveManila

So those are my thoughts about the City Color Contour Effects Palette. How about you? Are you interested in this palette? For those who have this, do you like it so far? What’s your favorite contouring/bronzing palette/product? Let me know.

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  • hanna baldomaro

    This palette is much better if they included na the mirror and they gave it much better sturdy case sana talaga.. What i really like about it super inexpensive talaga yet so easy to blend. hehe before i am using the elf contour kit and ok din.

  • Carissa Posion

    I’m hopeless. I don’t know how this whole highlight and contour thing works. Those built-in illustrations would surely help.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve heard a lot of people nga liked this palette too! I love that the palette has instructions, perfect for those who don’t know how to contour, or a newbie in contouring like me. I’m having a hard time contouring talaga especially on the nose. Maraming practice pa. Haha. This palette is such a steal nga, though it doesn’t have a mirror. Medyo mahirap lang magcontour pag walang mirror, kailangan pa ng separate one. I hope they’ll include one sa mg next versions kung meron man. It’s super affordable pa and available through a lot of sellers, specially online. Andami kong nakikitang IG sellers who have this palette. I love the colors as well, yun nga lang, you need to be really careful and cautious in using it.

  • Fati Recede

    This palette really wakes my interest on contouring!! Gustong gusto ko sya matutunan. I always thought it’s that easy but everytime I try for myself, di ko sya maperfect this is the first time I knew about this palette. I love the shades but the mere fact that it’s pigmented,I think hindi to yung pwede kong pag practisan na palette I think this one is for Makeup pros who know how to control the formula on the face lovin that it also have an instructional guide tho I love this review of yours Ms Yette complete info

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    I first heard about City Colors brand dahil sa Naked eyeshadow palette na dupe nila, which costs only around 400 pesos, and it caught me, I bought that immediately! Haha, overall, it really gives that pigmented and nice colors naman sa eyes. I really don’t know that they have this contour palette, which I think is a nice product to try din since you gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Was thinking tuloy if they have lippies or foundie to try. Ang mura kasi nito but the quality is good naman diba What I love about this palette, may instruction kung saan gagamitin which is a big plus for me since I don’t know or I am not a pro when it comes to contouring! Minsan nagmumukang sunog yung taas ng noo ko, muka tuloy akong nagabbad sa araw ng matagal. kaloka. Haha. Next, wala siyang parabens, so walang harmful chemicals though parang made in china ata siya, but I’ve seen a lot of it sa US, was thinking tuloy kung san gawa tong brand na to, but overall, I still love it kasi safe gamitin. I wish that the higlighter color is a bit more yellowish or champagny (lol san ko nakuha yung word na champagny. XD), I mean more on the champagne shade since hindi naman ako kaputian. I think the darker colors, best fits with people that are tan, since medyo heavy yung pagkapigment niya, but I think everyone pwede naman din, just like you’ve said, careful lang sa pagbeblend. This palette looks super thin! And may I ask if it is advisable to use the hands when contouring? Or need brushes talaga Ms. yette? I’ve been using my hands to contour, and haven’t tried brushes/sponges pa, and the outcome is sometimes too dark or too light. >< Anyways, Merry Christmas again and I hope you had a good and happy one! Been wanting to see your 20114 faves! yay! Godbless you and stay pretty and humble always. mwa!

  • Missy Grub

    This will be my next must-try kit. I really want to learn contouring and hopefully this product will be my last kit. Thanks for sharing Miss Yette.

  • Looks good on you!! Wanna try contouring too but it seems hard but i love that it has instructions.

    Hiiiiii!!! Missed your blooooog reviews!!

  • Marian April Pang

    You arw great! I really love to learn this, I thought mahal siya talaga.. please make video tutorial with this specific brand when you have time na. thank you.

  • Eddielli Bungay

    I think this product is worth the try. I can see na maganda siya sayo. Yun nga lang kailangan talaga na careful ka sa contouring hehe! I want to try this if I have a budget. I think this is a good choice lalo na sa begginer sa makeup. I like your review!

  • Kleah

    I really wanted to learn how to contour my face so i always watch videos on youtube but the products that they use are not locally available in our country. I think if you’re a beginner this contour palette is a must have and the price is budget friendly. Thanks for giving me an idea on what should i buy.

  • This is a nice palette since it comes in 3 shades. City Color really provides a nice quality of product yet it’s not locally available. Good thing there’s some online shop who can cater this products. ♥

  • Soc

    Thanks for sharing the name of IG seller, been looking for someone who sells this online in PH

  • Salve D Gaytano

    Hi.. San po ba nakakabili nto ? Gusto ko kasi mkita muna sana