NARS Audacious Lipstick in ‘Dominique’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi loves! How was your weekend? 4 Days before Christmas! O MAY GULAY! Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Me? Yep. All done. But I’ll be working this Christmas so yeah.. Anyway, on a lighter note, I have another lipstick review for you loves. You probably know by now that I’m really head over heels about this lipstick. And now I’m going to tell you why.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Description/Claims according to the NARS Website:

Dramatic Depth. Unstoppable Character.

Modern lipstick so shamelessly seductive in touch and texture the sensation is audacious. Unadulterated luxury glides on like satin across skin with single-stroke coverage. A spectrum of 40 shades for unstoppable impact.

  • One-stroke, full-coverage creamy wear
  • Luxurious texture and enriched with ingredients to smooth and nourish lips
  • Long-lasting

As mentioned, the NARS Audacious Lipstick line is claimed to be a one-stroke, full-coverage creamy lipstick. The description is actually spot on. I have a number of MAC Lipsticks and quite honestly, they might be creamy but they’re not as opaque as this one. The shade is also very unique. I was actually going to buy either ‘Anna’ or ‘Anita, but my Mama insisted that I buy this one because she said it’ll look pretty on me. I was actually hesitant because I’m not sure if I could pull off a shade that I don’t normally wear. But it was love at first application. My mama’s got taste in makeup.


NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

As far as I know even the sheer lippies have this type of packaging. But I may be wrong, so I’m just going to speak about the Audacious line. The NARS Audacious Lipsticks come in a sleek, square tube with magnetized closure. The NARS logo is branded at the bottom of the tube and it’s also engraved at the lipstick itself.


NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

The NARS Audacious Lipsticks come in 40 shades. 40!!!! I have a few favorites and as far as I know, they all have the same formula & coverage. But I’ll get to that later. ‘Dominique’ is described as a “Pink Lilac” but for me, I would describe this as more of a muted purple. It’s a lot more blue-based than pink. The shade is very versatile in a way that if you want to go all vampy and fun, then go for the full coverage. But if you want the ‘subtle pinks’ rather than the blues, then feel free to sheer it out.


NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

This shade does not disappoint when it comes to texture and formula. True to its claims, just a single swipe of the product really does cover up my entire lips. It’s very creamy so it glides on easily. It lasted on for hours (which I’m going to discuss later) and during which time, it didn’t dry nor hydrate my lips. If you have dry, chapped lips, I would still recommend that you moisturize your lips with a lip balm since I’ve heard that these tend to dry out people’s lips. That didn’t happen to me, but I thought you might want to know.


NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

This lipstick was very easy to apply. It’s very creamy and glides on smoothly. If you’re not in the mood to wear that kind of purple, then you can simply sheer it out using a lip brush or your fingers. But I find that once you apply it, it’s already in it’s fullest intensity/coverage, so there’s no need to apply multiple layers, what so ever.


NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

This lipstick upon application did not set onto the lines of my lips, it did not dry out my lips while I’m wearing, it didn’t feather nor bleed. So far, I did not experience anything bad from this lipstick. This lippie lasted on me for more than 4 hours.


NARS Audacious Lipstick in 'Dominique' - Review, Photos & Swatches

No particular scent nor taste.


• PROS •
Sleek and sturdy packaging
One-stroke, full-coverage lipstick
Really creamy
Extremely pigmented
Easy to apply
Does not dry out my lips
Does not settle onto the dry lines of my lips
Does not feather nor bleed
Available locally
Not hydrating/moisturizing
Five Stars
Yes. I’m giving it a 5 despite its hefty price tag. I can’t help but fall head over heels for this lipstick. You pretties know that I really love lipsticks and NARS Audacious lippies are DA BOMB! Believe me!
Because out of all of my lipsticks this one is definitely the most pigmented. You don’t need to apply it layer after layer just to get its true color. You will get it with just a single application then you’re good to go. It doesn’t dry out my lips unlike some MAC lippies, and it lasts long. I also love the shade because it’s really unique.
Definitely. Will definitely be buying more shades.

• Product Name | NARS Audacious Lipsticks
• Shade | Dominique • Price | Php 1,750 • Avalability | Rustan’s

So those are all of my thoughts about the NARS Audacious Lipstick in ‘Dominique’. I really can’t say anything more other than what’s written above. Clearly I’m obsessed about this lip product and you’ll be seeing more about the Audacious line. Soon.

How about you? What’s your favorite lipstick so far? Let me know.:)

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  • hanna baldomaro

    youre mom is right it looks good on you..
    she has really good taste on make up. I want to buy NARS din sana kaya lang hindi na kaya ng wallet ko. haha,,maybe next time ill save muna then ill try this shade.Ganda.

  • I think you inherited the love for make up to your mom

  • abegaill villacruz

    I agree with your mom! It looks so good on you. I wish I could wear a shade like that. Haha. I love Nars cosmetics, but I always needed to save up just to buy one. But the price naman is really reasonable for its superb quality. I’m eyeing their lippies and blushes. And I love the packaging and the engraved letters. So classy. I hope I’ll receive a Nars lippie this Christmas! Mac lipsticks dry out my lips too, well for the 2 shades that I have.

    • Nars is like Mac. Once you have it, there’s no going back, lol

  • Carissa Posion

    it looks good po. is this on the mauvey side?
    and 40 shades available! that’s a wide array.

    • They have a lot of shades. Anna, I believe is a bit mauvey.

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Oh my NARS! It looks very pigmented and super duper creamy too on your lips! Your face blooms a lot more because of this lippy, love it!:) Super bagay sayo Ms. Yette! I love your relationship with your mom, you two are really sweet! < How'd you do that? I remember you included nars audacious sa iyong wishlist, Hihi. I heard that NARS Dominique is one of the best selling color abroad because of the uniqueness ng color. And as you described it, vampy red, uhmm, it looks bold on you, and I know it will suit you too! Just wow for the 40 shades, super wide na ng pagpipilian. Im definitely going to splurge more of these and get other one, but how will I do that if Im on a tight budget? Haha. #makeupaddictproblems Anyways, thank you so much for this wonderful review, I think I'd going to get this color next! Yay!

  • Fati Recede

    40 shades?!? That’s a huge selection!! I love its sleek packaging and this shade is soooooo pretty! I want to try shades like this. Lagi nalang pink shade eh. Hahaha I want to got out the barriers and try bold and shades like this one!! So expensive!! I think if I ever have this one, manghihinayang ako gamitin. Hihi it really look good on you because you have fair skin.

    • Wag ka manghinayang gamitin! Sayang e. Haha.. For me kase the more expensive the product is, the more I take advantage of it. Sayang kase pag naexpire, lol

  • Eddielli Bungay

    I have seen the website of nars and search for the shades. 40 nga talaga as in 40!!! But I don’t like that shade. I don’t have taste in lilac or purplish lipstick. The shade of ‘Dominique’ remind me of my Lola who likes lipsticks on that shade! Kaya lang wala pang nars noon haha! I can really see na maganda talaga siya yun nga lang mahal! If I were to choose what shade I think I’ll choose Terracota, for me! I like more of rosey shade of lipsticks! Very informative review!!

  • Ylenia

    This shade is gorgeous! And it’s perfect on you!

  • JUST found your blog because I was searching for this lipstick shade. I fell in love with it but never bought it ..long story short, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

    I haven’t posted anything on mine in awhile, but it’s