December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Hey loves! I know that this unboxing is way late. As always, I was supposed to film a vid for this one but BERs are extremely hectic, especially December. How’s your weekend so far? Mine’s been great. I had my impromptu advance/pre-birthday celebration with my college & HS friends and the next day, my best friend and I went to H&M. Also got my new favorite book, Michelle Phan’s ‘Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success – Online and Off”.

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Anyway, I got this box about 5 days ago and I was completely beyond words when I saw the sleeve. It’s a Covergirl Exclusive BDJ Box and despite my love for makeup, Covergirl’s something that I’m not as familiar of. I love their mascaras and eyeliners of course. But aside from those, I haven’t tried the rest of their products. This box is definitely a great intro to their entire line, not only to me but also to newbies.

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
TruBlend Liquid Makeup (Full Size: Php 645 | 30ml)
A liquid foundation that provides smooth full coverage for a flawless natural-look. You won’t even know where your make-up ends and where your skin begins. Available in 21 shades in perfectly match 99% of all skin tones.

When I saw this in my box, I initially thought “Yes! New foundation!” I’ve been wanting to get a Covergirl foundation for quite some time now. I’m just not sure if it’s this one or the Outlast version. I’ve heard lots of positive reviews about CG foundations, though I also heard that they sometimes tend to oxidize. Anyway, I’m glad that the shade is similar to my skin tone and I can’t wait to try it.

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
TruBlend Pressed Powder (Full Size: Php 425 | 11ml)
Has silky smooth formula that adapts perfectly to your skin tone. A perfect coverageto achieve a fresh, no make-up look. Especially designed to match with TruBlend Liquid Makeup. A lightweight formula that controls shine and doesn’t cling to pores.

I haven’t swatched/tried this one yet, because I have a lot of pressed powders in my stash that I need to try and empty. But the shade matches my foundation so I have no doubt that it’ll definitely match my skin tone.

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Cheekers Blush in ‘Pretty Peach’ (Full Size: Php 395 | 3g)
Get an easy natural peachy flush with a portable mini-compact that fives you subtle highlights that goes on to stay-true, stay natural-looking for hours. A sassy way to give life to your cheeks exclusively available only at BDJ Box.
**Available in stores on February 2015**

The packaging reminds me of my mom’s blushers when I was a kid. TBQH, lol. Oh and the smell! It’s very nostalgic. It smells like vintage makeup but in a good way. It’s very subtle, and it takes me back to when I used to play with my mom’s makeup stash. It’s very subtle. The blush is actually silky and it has a nice color payoff. I haven’t tried it yet so that’s as far as I can tell you. But the smell is like..whoo! >.<

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Liquiline Bast Eye Pencil (Full Size: Php 450 | 9.5g)
This liner’s high pigment formulas and built-in smudger gives you the intensity and staying power for eyes that will definitely get you noticed. Easily achieve that intense definition or subtle, smoky look.

I love Covergirl’s eyeliners. They’re creamy, very pigmented and they last for long periods of time. And this one is no exception. Though as I have mentioned, I still haven’t met a pencil liner that can withstand my waterline, still this one doesn’t give me racoon eyes at the end of the day. It does smudge on me but just a bit and it’s very manageable. It’s also very easy to smudge, so if you want to use this to perhaps contour your eyes, or create a soft, subtle smoky look, then this is definitely the product for you.

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
LashBlast Length Mascara (Full Size: Php 450 | 6.5ml)
This LashBlast Length Mascara is is definitely a wand to keep! It provides flake-free application that gives full lash coverage for bold, noticeable lashes. It’s waterproof formula will give you irresistible eyes, rain or shine.

I’ve tried a number of Covergirl mascaras, but I haven’t encountered this one yet, so as expected, when I saw this, I ripped it open. I’ve been using this for about three-four times now, and once without an eyelash curler, because the pads of my curlers were missing. Anyway, this indeed doesn’t flake and it’s very lengthening. It doesn’t provide as much volume but it’s okay, since it’s not really meant for that. What got me really impressed was when I used it without curling my lashes, my lashes were still pretty visible. It wasn’t as noticeable that I just popped on a mascara para masabi lang na meron. Oh, and it’s not also a pain to remove and it doesn’t smudge.

So those are all of the products that I got from this box. All in all, I am definitely overwhelmed with the number of full-sized items in this box, and THEY’RE ALL MAKEUP! Who doesn’t want that?! And it’s from Covergirl! From one of the most trusted brands when it comes to makeup. All that’s missing is a lipstick, but as for me, with how they curated my box, I wouldn’t exchange any other item for a lipstick. I have a lot of lipsticks already and all of these products are definitely a hit for me.

December 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Let’s compute..

TruBlend Liquid Makeup
TruBlend Pressed Powder
Cheekers Blush
Liquiline Bast Eye Pencil
LashBlast Length Mascara
PhP 645

PhP 2,365

As you may already know, BDJ Box costs Php 580 so it’s pretty obvious that this box is really really worth it. The total amount of all of the products inside the box is more than 4x what you paid for. BDJ Boxes are kinda hard to acquire, so if you really want to subscribe, better do it now otherwise, you’ll end up getting next month’s box.

You can subscribe to their website –
Or go to their Facebook page and see what box is available
I believe their next box is March already so there wont be any unboxing until March/April.

How about you? Did you like their last box for the year 2014? Were you able to get one? Do you like Covergirl? Let me know!

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  • Carissa Posion

    Great box Ms Yette! It’s always nice to be able to get full-sized stuff.:)

  • hanna baldomaro

    So super naman tlaga.. naku kelangan makapag-subscribe naman next year im very interested tlga sa BDJ. Plus for this month they gave full size.. sayang tlga.

    • True. I need to subscribe to their boxes next year

  • Fati Recede

    Love the contents! Grabe! Super wnat to try that liquid makeup something and the pressed powder! I always thoug they will go well with each other like peanut butter and jelly. hihi. Next year, I will try to subscribe na to BDJ box! Grabe! Super ganda ng mga laman!!

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    I am so happy with this box! Finally, super bawi ang BDJ after the past few box na medyo hindi ako nasatisfy. Super paskong pasko ang feeling kase love ko talaga make up! haha. And I know that youre happy too Ms. Yette! I love covergirl, and katy perry too! haha. Their foundie, urgh, you will love it for sure. Long lasting siya and super ganda magblend, for me. Sa pagkakaalam ko, they have 21 shades for this, and Im glad you've got the color that is the same on your skintone. When I read that you will not use the pressed powder pa because you had to empty your other powder, I was like, "pano nakokontrol ni Ms. Yette na wag muna gamitin yung bagong make ups?" haha. Ako kase, if I had a new make up, I eagerly try it agad. As in! Kaya nasasayang minsan kase hindi ko na nagagamit yung bawas. Haha. I salute you Ms. Yette! Indeed, super imis mo sa gamit siguro. I can't say any bad thing about this box, I just love it, plus very usable everyday, are they all full size? If yes, wow na wow talaga! bongga! I am wondering why other boxes have eyeshadow, and you've got an eyeliner? But if Im going to choose, I will still schoose the eyeliner, because I know you've got a lot of eyeshadows. Hihi. Anyways, I am hoping that you could do a christmas look using these stuffs. Thank you for sharing your unboxing post, and advance happy birthday!! I've seen your book ni Michelle Phan sa Ig, hope you could feature that on your blog too!! I am so happy for you!! *hugs*

    • I can’t open it yet kase ang dami ko nang bukas. Unless I really have to open it for review, then I have no choice. Lol.

      Yes, they’re all full size items. ALL of them. Some boxes have eyeshadow quads, some don’t. I prefer the eyeliner because I can use it for a lot of things. Unlike the quad, I can only use it as an eyesahdow.

      I’ll try to feature the book when I’m done reading it.

  • CoverGirl is really nice! This box definitely screams LOVELY!!:) I wouldn’t mind getting this kind of surprise from BDJ!

    • True! This box really was a surprise from BDJ

  • mommyR

    another special box! all cover girl inside! and they’re not samples! all in fullsized! you didnt get the eyeshadow instead you got the Liquiline Bast Eye Pencil! i cannot wait for your next reviews.. wala nga lang lippie which is just you!

    • I don’t think they gave out lippies in their boxes, but I’m good with it.

  • abegaill villacruz

    This box is super duper worth it. Again, di na naman ako nakapagsubscribe as it was sold out so fast. Oh well. I love this box as they’re all full sized! And yung blush, hindi pa out sa stores so ang galing talaga. I also use their eyeliners and mascaras (one of the few mascaras that I have). Oo nga, kulang ng lippie. I’ve heard good reviews din about the foundation and good thing the foundation and powder matched your skin tone. Others kasi did not. Thanks for sharing your unboxing! Ang gaganda ng pictures. I wish I couls be as good as you.

    • Nyaa. Thanks Abegail. You’re so sweet, as always

  • Marian April Pang

    I’m really after the impression and excitement sa mga nakakareceive ng bdj box Sa totoo lang I’m searching lang talaga sa mga review ng bdj box kasi ngayon ko pa lang siya nalaman. Nahook ako sa mga active make up bloggers and started to follow you guys on ig and fb since I’m not active on twitter. Mostly are after on the excitement pero meron din kadalasan hindi satisfied kasi isa lang yung make up. Pero this december box nakakatuwa talaga all are make ups. Will be subscribing sa March kasi I’m after talaga sa surprise things. what is your most favorite product from covergirl. I havent tried pa kasi ..

    • I love their mascaras and their eyeliners. I haven’t tried their face products yet so this will be my first time

  • It is really nice . And it is so lovely it is so worth it. And I love the box as they’re all full sized. :)) Over all it is awesome :)))