Urban Decay Vice 3 – Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hey loves! I know, I know, I got this palette a month ago and it’s only now that I’m finally reviewing it. I have a friend hounding me here and now that I’m getting more and more palettes, I guess I should start with this one, yes?

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay came with another Vice palette, and ever since with their first one, I’ve always been wanting to get it, I just end up getting a different palette instead. Like for the first palette, I ended up getting Lorac Pro, and for the Vice 2, I ended up getting the Smashbox Master Class Palette 2 instead. But for the third and the latest one, right after I saw the palette’s photos, shades and swatches, I knew I had to have it. The color combination of this particular palette just got to me and from then on I know that I will be choosing this over the Lorac Mega Pro palette.

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Description/Claims according to Urban Decay:

You can never have too much of a good thing. Satisfy your eyeshadow vice with 20 velvety, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN shades—from an amazing soft black and a stunning burgundy to a rich, smoky red-black.

With so many different finishes—matte, satin, sparkle and even metallic (to echo the iced-out metallic look of the palette itself), this palette is made for experimentation. The shades are arranged in columns: neutrals on the left, jewel tones in the middle and smoky shades on the right. Pair up the vertically color-coordinated quads or go wild and mix them up. Our Pigment Infusion System™ gives each shade its velvety texture, rich color, serious staying power and blendability.


Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Urban Decay never disappoints in their packaging. From what I have noticed, the packaging of this one is quite similar to the other Vice palettes, in a way that it has a clam shell style case, a full-sized mirror, and that dual ended brush. The cover is really reflective, it has some light streaks at the middle then the neon green ‘Vice’ logo embossed at the top. It attracts fingerprints like crazy and if you’re not too careful with it, scratches can become easily visible due to its mirrored packaging. It also comes with a pouch large enough to fit the palette and maybe some lipsticks or brushes that you might want to bring with you. You can also use it as your ‘kikay kit’ when traveling. It also comes with a synthetic dual ended brush that has a flat shader brush on one side and a blending brush on the other.


Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

This palette contains 20 shades composed of warm toned neutrals, reds and blues. The reason why I really bought this palette was because of the pinks & reds that are in this palette. If you have been following me in my blog you will know that I love wearing neutrals and I often incorporate them with red-toned eyeshadows. That’s why when I saw this palette, I already know that this would be perfect for me.

All of the shades in this palette are very pigmented especially when used over an eyeshadow primer. They have a rich color payoff which is something that you really would expect from Urban Decay shadows. One thing I noticed though is the shade ‘Alien’. Though it is very vibrant at the palette, when used, it doesn’t stay 100% true to color. You will really need to pack it on, and without an eyeshadow primer, it can be quite tricky since these shades, especially the lighter ones, the more you use it the more powdery they become.


Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

What I have noticed from this palette is that Urban Decay decided to divide their color themes in to columns. First column is the neutrals, with two matte shades. I really love this column. Aside from the reds, these are also the shades that called out to me. All of these shades are very pigmented and silky to the touch. ‘Truth’ is a nice shade for highlighting my brow bone and inner tear duct area. None of these shades are powdery except the matte ones which are ‘Truth’ and ‘Downfall’ but from what I notice, they only become more powdery the more you use it.

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Ah the blues. Not really fond of blues and greens when it comes to eyeshadows, I must say but these shades, and the texture of these shades are awesome. All of these are buttery smooth and they’re very creamy to the touch. My favorite shade among all four is ‘Freeze’

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

The third column can make a decent quad, if you ask me. Well, all of them can, but I see this color combo all of the time. Like all of the other shades, they’re very pigmented, and silky to the touch. My favorite among all four is ‘Lucky’. I also like ‘Bobby Dazzle’. It’s the perfect shade for that New Year’s Eve look and you want to pop a beautiful iridescent shade in your inner tear duct.

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

And of course, my favorite column. The reds. Perhaps the reason as to why ‘Alien’ is quite uneven is because of its dry texture. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve mentioned, it’s still pigmented, but compared to the other shades, ‘Alien’ is not as buttery and soft as the other shades. My favorites in this column is ‘Alchemy’ and ‘Sonic’.

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Last column are the cool-toned neutrals. I love that they included these shades here, because despite the majority of warm-toned shades in here, they still managed to include at least a couple of taupey-shades. I love ‘Last Sin’. Definitely a cooler version of UD’s ‘Sin’. The same as others, it also becomes powdery the more you use it. My other favorite is ‘Angel’.


Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Despite some of the shades being a bit powdery, I did not encounter any fall outs, the application was easy, and they’re very easy to blend. They weren’t chalky and though some shades contain glitter on them, they’re finely milled and none had really those chunky glitters which I’m not really fond of. They’re also very buildable and especially when using a primer. When using a primer, this lasted me for more than seven hours before it started to fade or crease (my eyeshadows don’t normally crease on me). Without a primer, it only lasted me for more than four hours and I had a bit of a hard time packing on one of the shades particularly ‘Alien’. ‘Alien’ doesn’t really show up despite how vibrant it looks like at the palette.


Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

I didn’t pick up anything when I used it nor when I tried smelling the eyeshadow palette itself. Urban Decay palettes doesn’t really have any particular scent.

Urban Decay Vice 3 - Review, Photos & Swatches

Each shade contains 0.03 oz and once opened, the palette will last for a year (but I don’t really follow this, seriously :P).


• PROS •
Beautiful, sleek yet sturdy packaging
Full-sized mirror
Comes with a dual-ended synthetic brush
Comes with a pouch
Comes with 20 warm-toned neutrals, reds, purples and blue shades
Each of them are richly pigmented
Buttery smooth & creamy to the touch
Easy to apply & blend
Buildable to your preferred intensity
No fall-outs
No chunky glitters
None of them are chalky
With a primer, this lasted on me for more than 7 hours then it started fading
Without a primer, this lasted on me for more than 4 hours then it started fading
Some shades can become a bit powdery the more you use it
‘Alien’ takes a couple of layers before it becomes visible
Limited edition
Not locally available

Since it’s a mid-range brand, I actually get that it’s pricey so I’m not going to deduct points because of that factor alone. Perhaps the reason why I had to give it a 4 1/2 rating instead of a 5 is that because some shades are a bit powdery (like I mentioned before). Urban Decay palettes have always been like that, but knowing that they reformulated their shadows, I kinda expected more. Other than that, this palette is definitely a win to me.
If you really love makeup and you have the budget, then go for it. Despite my love for neutrals and for makeup entirely, I don’t have most of the shades here yet (unless maybe I look at my Dollface palette, but that’s a different story, and you know that :P) and for me that makes this palette worth the moolah.

• Product Name | Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette
• Contains| 20 x 0.03 oz • Price | Php 3,350
• Avalability | Not locally available. Bought mine at Makeover Shop

If you have been with me through all my babblings about this palette, then I applaud you! You deserve a virtual hug! I wont take any more of your time, you now know what I think about this palette already. How about you? What are your thoughts about this palette? Will you buy it? What’s your favorite Limited Edition palette, so far?

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  • hanna baldomaro

    Aww! This is awesome. I really love the packaging of this urban decay vice 3. Though quite expensive hehe.. I hope my hubby bought me this for xmas.. haha
    My aunt sent me a holiday edition too faced palette as a gift. Its great as well. BTW,Your skin looks so flawless talaga..

    • Thanks, Hanna! I love Too Faced too. Though I don’t own a lot of Too Faced products. In fact the one I used to own, I even sold it. But I like their products

  • abegaill villacruz

    Another awesome Vice palette. I’m always drooling over lots of eyeshadow palettes as I’m really addicted to them. I love Vice 3’s packaging, a different look from the usual violet vice 1 and 2. Gusto ko yung mirror effect. Parang futuristic yung design. But that’s just for me. I also love that it includes a brush, and not a foam applicator. And the mirror is huge! Perfect for seeing your face clearly when applying eyeshadows. I love palettes with big mirrors. I love the colors as well! SO pigmented! I love the dragon, alchemy and lucky the most. I just can’t get over the colors. But the alien is so sheer nga. Like nothing’s there. Anyway, it was compensated naman by the other colors. I love the arrangement, everything!

    If I have the money right now, of course I’ll buy it! Haha. But I’m setting my priorities right now and buying makeups one by one. The only limited edition palette I have is the one from Sephora. I super love it as well, super pigmented but a little bit pricey. I’m trying to get limited edition palettes but the palettes I’m eyeing are either not easy to get (only available abroad) or gets sold out easily. I guess those palettes are not for me.

    Thank you for sharing your swatches!

    • Good for you! Keeping your priorities straight! I CAN’T! Maybe next year. Lol :d

      I’m interested in Sephora makeup, seriously. lol. Been seeing a lot of them lately and I’m thinking of buying them pero shempre UD & the others win

  • anubhooti khanna

    awesome palette

  • Ma.Jeanna Constantino

    As much as I would like to buy this eyeshadw palette, its a bit pricey for me. But honestly speaking it has a great set of shades! I looovvvveee the 3rd column! Great Review sis! Loving your blogs. Keep it up. xo

    • Thanks, Jeanna! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog!

  • Congrats on your new palette! I skipped this and the Lorac Mega Pro. I have hoarded a lot of e/s palettes this year. I need to stop and think. Haha! Glad you liked this palette, at least you got what you paid for!

    • I think I need to do that. Stop & think. Lol

  • I love the shades on the first column a lot and probably why I gave in with Naked 3 before LOL. I don’t own a lot of palettes because I’m not too crazy about eye makeup but UD definitely produces some good ones worth buying. Your makeup looks gorgeous by the way. xx

    • I don’t own the Naked 3 yet, and I’m really dying to get one. The thing is I always get something else instead. Lol. Thanks, Donah!

      • I totally understand, I get sidetracked too when new ones come along. LOL. I have a few on my wish list to tick. x

  • mommyR

    hi yette! finally you made another palette review!!! and it was pretty! i have favorites from your arm swatches: Truth, Dragon, Freeze, Vanity, Lucky, Last Sin and Angel! i want to see more EOTDs from you using this palette!

    • Thanks, Rhania! Will do!

      • mommyR

        awww thank you yette!

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Actually, this is my first time to know about the vice palette. >< All I know before about UD is yung primer nila and yung naked palette which I found really really pretty palette. *u* Hihi.

    Anywho, this is my first time to see this kind of palette nga and honestly, nung unang photo pa lang sa blog mo, without scrolling, OMG. I know this is a nice palette. (Additional points is that you really take nice shots! Honestly, youre such a good photographer! Do you have tumblr Ms. Yette? )
    The packaging, so sophisticated looking! Im loving the shades, especially the cool toned neutrals. The shades are perfect to use to achieved that sexy smokey eye! Isnt it? And oooh! I love the bobby dazzle shadow, its color is so soft and subtle, and as you've said I found it a very very good color to put sa inner tear duct area! Parang pang pa'bright siya and glow. Hmm, are you putting shadows din ba Ms. Yette sa brow bone? What color you suggest po? And, pang ilang palette mo na to Ms. Yette? Honestly, all you have suggested and featured sa blog mo, basta kaya ni allowance, bibili ako. Haha.

    Somehow, the shades of this palette parang may pagkakahawig sa sleek arabian night palette, pero mas attractive to! ewan ko ba kung bakit, maybe it looks smooth tingnan and pigmented!

    The only thing that i would say is that, I LOVE IT! Megarddd! I'm obsessed. Y_Y This is gorgeous, but a bit expensive. And thank you for the sexy close up swatches, and for the motd you made, youre so kinis and pretty, i love it!

    • I did have a tumblr account before but I just reblog some stuff there.

      As for the browbone, I love applying light, matte yellow-toned shades.
      I’m not really fond of applying shimmery/sparkly shades in my browbone area for some reason. It just doesn’t look good on me.

      I honestly don’t know kung pangilang palette ko na to. Lol.

      Thanks, Aegeane!

  • Amber

    The purples look so pretty on you! I always gravitate towards plummy shades myself. I didn’t pick this up, only because I never use my Vice 2 palette, and I don’t think that I would use more than a few in here. I love to see others looks with it though! Great thorough review!

  • Fati Recede

    Not into eyeshadows, but I love the colors! Perfect for parties! Whether you want neutral or smokey eyes, Pwedeng pwede.

  • Carissa Posion


    I’m a neutral girl so i’d go for first column and maybe bondage and reign.
    I’ve really been researching a lot about palettes because I have yet to purchase a good quality one. Thanks for your reviews ms. yette.You’re helping me a lot so that I could find a good value for my money.

    • Thanks for the sweet comment Carissa!

  • April Nicole Valenzuela

    Ugh! I’m always aiming for urban naked palettes, and this one is just so good. I loved it when I saw this.. Sad thing about my love for them is that, I can’t afford to buy them. Haha, So, I just read reviews about them and yeah, just drool. Haha! Anyways, thanks for this review. It made me love urban decay more though I haven’t seen these in person. Hahaha… What?