October – November 2014 Collective Haul

October - November 2014 Collective Haul

Hey loves! It’s been a while since I last did a collective haul. To be quite honest, I really don’t consider it as a priority any more since I have a ton of backlogs and I haven’t done a decent review in such a long time. But ever since August, I’ve been doing some major skincare and makeup purge/decluttering, to the point that by the time I was done. my lispticks and my eyeshadow palettes, can now fit in a single drawer (not all together). To cut the story short, I decided to buy a “few” (yeah, right) makeup products, so…… let’s get to it, shall we?

Oh, and I haven’t been doing videos for months now, so I thought why not come back with a haul?

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
Gifts from Friends & Other stuff
Cute jar container & Candle (not here) from Genzel,
Macaron Erasers from Cynthia (cynthiarenard.com)
Starbucks Planner & Cute Gel Pens from the Sudance Bazaar

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From Luxola (During their 40% Sale)
Sleek iDevine Eyeshadow Palettes in ‘Ultra Mattes v. 2 & Sunset’ – Php 758
KPalette Magic Eyeliner – Php 789

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From the Sundance Bazaar
City Colors Contour Effects – Php 450 from LoveManila
Nars Blush Duo in ‘Laguna’ & ‘Orgasm’ – Php 1500 (forgot the shop, but I’ll update this soon)

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From the Makeovershop
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in ‘Auburn’ – Php 1,100
Anastasia Brow Gel (Free)

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From CareFreeShopper
Lorac Skinny Palette in ‘Nudes’ – Php 1,165

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From Beautyholics Manila
Viseart Neutral Mattes Palette – Php 2,800

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From Kalm CosmeticsManila
Brush Egg – Php 150

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From Snoe
Tangle Teezer Compact Styler – Php 799

October - November 2014 Collective Haul
From Avon
Avon Matte Lipsticks in ‘Fuchsia’ & ‘Merlot’

If you want to hear my thoughts regarding each product, then feel free to watch the video. If you want to request a review regarding any of these products, then comment down below.

Anyway, that’s it for my haul. Let me know if you want to see more of these things.

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  • Carissa Posion

    The Lorac Skinny is on my wishlist.
    And I have exactly the same colors nung Avon Lipstick, nag tag-isa kami ng mama ko

    • Love those Avon Matte lippies.

  • Wow, your Viseart is really just 2,800? I want your review about the City Colors Contour Palette and Avon Matte Lipsticks!

    • I preordered it months ago! Haha ;D

      Will do a review about it soon

  • hanna baldomaro

    Nice haul ms.yette i watched your youtube last night.
    Ijust bought avon matte lipstick and i love it din tlaga. Please make a review for anastasia dipbrow pomade.thank you.:)

    • Sure, will do. It’s on my to-do list

  • mommyR

    drooling over your hauls yette! didnt know that SNOE has their own tangler teezer yay for Viseart and Lorac palettes!!! they’re perfect for wedding makeup looks!

    Now you could draw perfect brows by ABH (i just wish it wasnt that expensive!) but i know its quality is superb (saw raves about it)

    and from all of your haul for october and november.. i love the best — is the sleek palettes!!! because i love sleek too! and good thing that you got them for less than 40% it was a great deal!!!

    now.. looking forward for your december haul!

    love lots..

    • It’s not their own Tangle Teezer, they just happen to have it in their store. I believe they’re the official reseller here. Just like they sell Eye of Horus, Pixi, etc.

      Oh, and yes, with regard to ABH. It could take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it’s very easy to use. I prefer it more than powder, liquid and pencil brow products.

      • mommyR

        oh.. thank you for clarification dear.. i just thought they have their own tangle teezer =)

        and about ABH i just hope hindi sya ganun kamahal so that i could try it also =)

  • abegaill villacruz

    Finally, a haul post! Been waiting for this, and thank you for granting our wishes! I believe your haul is huge. And I super duper love your haul! I’ve never tried scented candles as my brother is so allergic to it. But I really wanted to. They look so cute and romantic and I think it would really calm me down, specially when I’m so stressed with anything. I love your jar too! I agree that it’s super cute! If I have that, hmm, I’ll display it for everyone to see. haha. I’m following Love Cynthia too and when I saw those macaron erasers on her instagram, I was like, why does it look so perfect for a food? And then it wasn’t edible pala. Haha. I have fancy erasers as well (some are scented too) and I don’t use them as I don’t want to ruin their cuteness. I have this little santa, and christmas tree erasers that is really perfect for this season (though I bought them way way back). I collect them instead. I have that gel pen set too! Or maybe of a different design but the packaging is the same. If you are into fancy things like that, you should follow foire_shoppe and washiiph2013 on instagram. They sell fancy things (wrapping paper book, pen sets, washi tapes, planners, notebooks, notepads, etc.) at an affordable price. They’re super easy to talk to pa. I’m planning to get that Starbuck’s planner too! 3 starbucks session na lang with bf and I’ll get mine na. I’m super duper excited! I always collect their planners, I’m on my 3rd na this year.

    When I saw your Sleek haul on instagram, I was like, O M G! Where’d she get that? I super love the colors and everything. I so wanted to hoard. But I’ll wait for another sale na lang muna from Luxola. Is the 700+ price the sale price pala, or the original price? But either way, it is so affordable for such a lovely and pigmented palette! I also have the kpalette eyeliner and I’m currently using it and switching with Heroine make eyeliner. City color contouring kit is being raved nga by a lot of people and I’m thinking of buying it as well. Hindi kasi ako marunong magcontour that’s why I’m kinda hesitant if I’ll buy it or not eh. But then it is relatively cheaper than other contouring kits so maybe this could be my starting kit.

    Lorac palettes are really really lovely. Parang I didn’t see a lorac palette that isn’t adorable for me. The viseart palette is new to me though. I haven’t seen it pa. The brush egg and tangle teezer are gaining popularity nowadays ha. I might try the brush egg. Hindi ba nakakalagas ng hair yung tangle teezer? Just curious. I’m thinking kasi na baka mas lalong nakakatanggal ng hair. And ladtly, I have an Avon ultra matte lipstick too, in shade ruby. Grabe, super pigmented. When I first tried it, para akong kontrabida. Haha. And it stays long nga. I’m planning to buy other shades din.

    I really enjoyed your video (kahit may aircon na back-up). I had a glimpse of your products as well as your short reviews about them. I’m now enticed to buy them as well. Huhu. Humaba na lalo ang wishlist ko. Abot na hanggang 2016. Haha. For me, I want to see detailed reviews of the palettes, specially the sleek, lorac and viseart. Sobrang addict ko lang talaga sa eyeshadows. Thank you talaga for sharing your haul and your thoughts about them!

    • PAGKAHABA-HABANG COMMENT! Yan ang gusto ko sayo e. Mala-nobela palagi. Para ka naring nag blog!

      I follow those IG shops too. The 700+ price is the original price, but they often go on sale and Sleek is always included in their sale so you really don’t get to follow the original price.

      The Tangle Teezer is so soft, you can really bend the bristles flat but it wont break, It’s very gentle and you’ll barely suffer any hair loss.

      Haha buset yang aircon na yan, pang asar. Mahina naman talaga sha in real life e. grabe lang ang sounds na napi-pickup ng camera.

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Yay! A haul post. Ahhhh, Seeing your haul is heaven! We love to see your haul, kasi for sure bongga talga yan basta ikaw Ms. yette! I feel Christmas season in your opening song sa video. Love love! As usual, I so love your accent and voice Ms. Yette. I hope I could watch more vids from you, because Im really enjoying watching it and at the same time, I become informed on what’s happening in the beauty world, it gives me inspiration to blog na talaga. Hihi. Anyways, you and Ms. Genzel are soooo true good friends. Nakakatuwa naman kasi kayo yung first 2 bloggers na finafollow ko a year ago. You are both lucky to have each other! Pareha talented and pretty, and you both love pink! Do you love hello kitty too?

    The macarons! It looks yummy, but it was an eraser. Really? Super cute! Just wow! *gigil* Cute siya as a collection, parang nakakhinayang gamitin to. The gel pens looks covered with washi tapes, IDK why, because of the design siguro. Hihi. Pero ang cute niya din! I wanted to go din sa mga bazaar something, kaso I am too far sa metro, it looks na kapag nagpunta ka sa bazaar, hindi pwedeng uuwi ka ng walang nabili na something cute and special no. Hihi. Are you into making crafty things din ba Ms. Yette?

    Next are the palettes! The colors! It looks like a watercolor! Hihi. It so cute and I can’t say any, except that, I want to have and own one! Haha. Im more into matte shades of eyeshadows than the shiny ones. Hindi kasi ako masadong marunong magput ng eyesadows sa kids, as in nakalat talaga. That’s why siguro di ako masyadong nagamit ng shiny, nakalat sa mukha ko yung glittery thingy. Haha. Hmm, may I ask what’s your favorite color of eyeshadow? Are you into mattes or the shiny ones? Any recommendations what best fits during daytime/college students to wear everyday? Thank you Ms. yette!! <3<3 And the isa pa pala, I love the eyeliner. I wanted that type of liner for my eyes since easy siya to use, unlike yung iba na parang iba yung dulo. This one kasi parang pencil siya, parang nagdodrawing lang sa mukha ang peg kapag gnagamit. Super easy to use and I luv it! Don't mind your colors on your hands and fingers, blogger knows why! Swatching thingy, Haha.

    Moving on, the contour palette! It looks lovely! I was confused on what's good to use when contouring, powder or the cream type? But this palette, oh em. Just wow for the convincing colors that makes me wanna buy too! Haha. Your reaction, "aahhh! beautiful!" youre so cute! <3<3 anywho, I will visit the makeover shop and carefreeshop, I wanna buy something branded na mura. Today kasi, most of the online shops, are selling fake items (sg) tapos ang price, same sa authentic. Nakakaloka! Naloko na ako dati which is I thought it was an orig Mac Lippie, and I bought it for 700 pesos, and yea, I've got the fake one. Urgh. And thank you for recommending these shops, I will definitely buy something from them. Recommended by you, so bongga yan panigurado and legit! PS. The Lorac pro looks like naked palette nga. A bit cheaper, but I like this packaging more than the naked. This one looks elegant maybe because of the color of the package? IDK. haha And I love avon lippies, though the longevity is not as long as others, but for me, you get what you paid for. It stills give a good color pay off though, I wish they could have more variety of colors, minsa kasi almost magkakaperaha na yung shades ng lippies, and iba sa brochure or what. But still, I love avon!

    The brush, the teezer (which is new to me) are pretty cute! I love your hair honestly, it looks very soft. Unlike sa akin, medyo frizzy, maybe because Im not using conditioner lately? Do you recommend anything to use as a hair treatment? I love your hair! Super! <3<3

    Anyways, I finished your video, and thanks for this one! I love it! I ended up typing this long comment, IDK, I just enjoyed watching and reading and commenting and everything! I love everything on your blog! I hope to see a room tour from you!! Pretty please! Hihi. And a review on the anastacia eyebrow, because Im a big fan of eyebrows in town. yay! Thank you Ms. Yette and Godbless you always! More powers! :**


      Aww, nakakatouch naman na you enjoy my vids. I was really hesitant to do videos because personally I don't enjoy editing them. Nagsasawa ako sa mukha ko & sa boses ko. Lol.

      The pens, that's already their design.

      I also prefer matte shades but sometimes I go for shimmery especially when I like those one-shade makeup looks. I love neutrals, and if it's the day time, I would stick to mattes, unless you're going to events then a subtle shimmer wouldn't hurt (like champagne, light golden shades).

      For contouring, i actually prefer powder, but this really depends on you. If you want to look more natural and more realistic then go for cream. But I haven't mastered that technique yet, tbh.

      If you're not sure about the seller, then don't buy. Especially sa mga bazaar, and look carefully at the packaging. Although sometimes, ultimo yun it's still pretty deceiving. For online sellers, here are the IG & Online sellers I can recommend: Makeovershop, Sassyfabshop, Carefreeshop, Beautyholic Manila, Make Up Hub, Primp Pad, Bon Marche, Botega Lusso & Vanity Zone.

      As for hair treatment, as I've mentioned before, I pretty much don't care about my hair. What you see in my favorites are actually the ones that I often use.

      As for the room tour, I'm not really sure about that since I share a room with someone and my room is all cluttered. What you see is just a part of it that I can somehow keep in good condition, lol. But I'll try to do that when I move into a new place which I'm planning to do next year.

      Thanks for your comment., I love reading comments like these. Though I apologize for my delayed reply

  • Fati Recede

    The macarons erasers are so cute that if I have them, i will just display them somewhere else and not use them! Or I might eat them? Kidding :p they are just sooo cute to stare upon.
    And oooooooh, Super love the palettes! Such great finds! Nudes palettes can really go a long waaaaay. Especially on times you don’t feel like putting too much make up but still want to look your best
    Caught my eye with the NARS and City Colors blush and contour palettes.
    So interested with that detangling hairbrush! Been finding something like that coz my hair’s a mess these past few days. Love the products in this post!

    • Love the erasers too! I display them in my bookshelf. You can find the detangling brush in Snoe outlets.

  • my golly Nars! nakakalulang haul *jealous* hahah. pls do make a review on Lorac Skinny Palette and avon lipsticks.

    • Haha nakakalula talaga.

      I’m still thinking whether I should do a review about the Skinny palette since it’s no longer available online. -____-

  • Ma.Jeanna Constantino

    Love the Teezer! I saw one @ Kryz Uy’s Blog and immediately bought one for myself. Yes, please do make a review on Avon Matte Lipsticks. Thank you!

    • Thank you! WIll do

  • hehe i like how you define “few” and omg where did cynthia got the macaroon erases :3

    • Yes, few. Haha

      We have them at SM Supplies. You can also try fiore_shoppe at IG

  • Marian April Pang

    hello! i love your hauls. Do you know some group buying sites? I recommend beauty. com and drugstore. com. They also offer sale products which is international brands. And they have this free shipping thing for purchases $35 and above which is about Php 1500 ..

    • Marian April Pang

      Smashbox kit are to try for. Pinagiipunan ko pa. hehe

  • Grabe ang gaganda po ng makeups. OMG it is like heaven to me. Suuuper love love ko yan lahat ikaw din miss Yette :))) I hope mas madami pa po ako videos na makita from you. Really love it kasi and it is so awesome to watch. And the macaroons. OMG it looks yummy . haysss speechless talaga ko haha :))