The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals

Hey loves! This is just going to be a quick one (since this post is really late, apologies). I’m sure if you love doing groceries like me you might’ve already noticed Palmolive’s new look. A couple of months ago, they recently released their newest line of Shampoo & Conditioner.

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals

The Palmolive Naturals we’ve always loved has been made even better. Palmolive Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner combines 100% Natural extracts and the latest Palmolive technology.

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals

Transform your hair with the best of nature & science. Switch to the conditioner that gives long-lasting softness.

Below are their variants:

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals
Intensive Moisture
For touchably soft hair.

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals
Silky Straight
For 2x Straighter Hair (with combined use of the conditioner)

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals
Healthy & Smooth
For hair you can finger comb into place

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals
Beautifully Long
For beautifully long hair

The New Generation of Palmolive Naturals
Brilliant Shine
For hair that shines like a diamond

They also come in these variants:
Aroma Vitality – For hair that’s full of life
Anti-Dandruff – For 100% dandruff free hair (removing visible flakes with regular use)
Vibrant Color – For hair color that stays vibrant
Complete Repair – For Stronger hair (versus non-conditioning shampoo when used with Palmolive Naturals Conditioner)
Fashion Girl Straight & Sparkle – For that straight hair that sparkles

My favorite is the pink one, the Intensive Moisture variant. As I’ve noted it in my previous monthly favorites. I love it because it smells so good and it’s indeed very moisturizing. My hair feels so silky smooth after using it and even though it doesn’t say in the description, I can finger comb my hair into place.

I’m about to run out of my pink one but I can’t wait to try the green variant, which is the Healthy & Smooth variant. My mama’s been loving the violet one so far. Truth be told she got really excited when I got a huge tub filled with Palmolive shampoos. I think it’s pretty obvious to know why. Lol.

Anyway, how about you, loves? What’s your favorite Palmolive Naturals variant? Let me know! Have a great hair day!

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  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Im using palmolive too, to the left to the right! Haha Im inlove with their shampoos. The smell, aghhh, heaven scent! Specially the pink and white one, I can’t explain what scent it is, pero mabango talaga. Nakakaadik. My boyfie can’t stop smelling my hair when he’s around. Haha! Im loving their products so so much since I am high school! One thing some people wouldn’t love siguro about this is hindi siya mabula compared to other commercial shampoos. Pero diba, mas maganda gamitin ang hindi mabula kasi less chemicals siya. And ngayon ko lang nanotice na iba na nga packaging nila, I’m a product hoarder honestly and I feel sorry for my allowance for that, last na bili ko is 3-4 months ago I think? I bought bottles of shampoos of the pink one from palmolive and I still have 1 bottle stock on my closet. Hindi pa bago yung packaging na nabili ko. Hindi ata updated mga grocery dito. Haha. And sana kapag bumili ako bago na yung packaging, nakakainlove kase tong bagong packaging nila, parang feel na feel ko ang pagka organic in my nerves, ewan ko, ako lang ata yun! Haha. didn’t tried pa the green one, how does it smell? Is it also gives a shiny and healthy hair after wash? Would love to hear your thoughts! Hihi. Anyways, your mom is so cute! parang naiimagine ko how cute and happy she is when she saw the palmolive tub. eventhough i didn’t see your mom, but im pretty sure she’s as pretty and bubbly like you <3<3<3

    • I haven’t tried the green one yet but I’m betting it smells like Aloe Vera. )

  • abegaill villacruz

    I also love Palmolive. But currently I’m not using it as I’m treating my hairfall problem. Anyway, I also love the pink variant. Best smelling among all the variants. And the smell lasts super long, like forever. Joke. Haha. Basta, the smell won’t fade even when I stayed under the sun for a long time. I really really like it. I also like the purple and the green one. I haven’t tried the white and orange. They look promising as well. I agree with Aegeane that Palmolive is not that foamy, which my sisters didn’t like. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say.

    PS. Super love the packaging of your package! Nakakainggit.

  • I’ve been using Palmolive for ages! Haha. I/ we (all of us in the fam. )are so in love with its scent and how soft it leaves our hair. My personal fave is the white

    • My mama uses the white one and she loves it too

  • mommyR

    from this range.. im gonna be going back to the violet one.. it smells great on my mane and i love how it makes my hair smooth and soft =)

    • Love the scent of the purple one too

      • mommyR

        i think its the third one from green and pink mabango talga

  • I really love the scent of Palmolive shampoo especially the pink bottle but I got dandruff with this product I hope they could release other variant that will not have that effect on me.

    • Aww, sayang naman.

  • hanna baldomaro

    i’ve been using the complete repair kc i experience hair fall after giving birth. it gives good result on me namn plus It also keeps my hair smooth and soft all day,

    • Haven’t used the complete repair yet. Now I’m interested