October 2014 Faves

October 2014 Faves

Hi loves! I know that it’s quite late for a monthly faves, but oh well… better late than never right? I was actually thinking whether or not to post this since I wasn’t really using a ton of makeup and skincare products. Further, the ones that I’ve been using a lot are the ones that I’ve already mentioned before so I thought of skipping. But, monthly faves are something that I’ve gotten used to doing regardless of how late I am at posting it. So, I hope that you enjoy this post and I hope that you share some of my faves as well.


October 2014 Faves
Palmolive Intensive Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner
Tresemme Anti Hair Fall Mask

Okay, so this is pretty self explanatory. Palmolive hair products are such an oldie but a goodie. I know most of you loves agree that even though we try and venture out to different hair products, we all go back to something that we’ve already tried and tested. For me, that’s Palmolive. The Tresemme Anti Hair Fall Mask is also something that I’ve already been using before. But I stopped using it because I’ve been trying out other hair masks. I went back to this one and I remembered how much I used to love it.


October 2014 Faves
Avon Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation in ‘Shell’ and
Hayan BB Cream

I’ve already mentioned this in my previous FOTD but anyway… I combine these two products to create that pearlescent glow without sacrificing the coverage that I want. One of the main reasons why I also combine these two is that the foundation is too pink for my skin tone, but at least I can make it work with the BB cream.


October 2014 Faves
Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette

I’ll be doing a full on review about this palette but I’ve been using this palette a lot especially the first, third and fourth column. These shadows are so buttery and pigmented and they’re very easy to blend. I’ll leave it at that and I’ll tell you more at my upcoming review.


October 2014 Faves
The Balm Hot Mama Blush, Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Honored’ and ELF Golden Bronzer

All of these are rediscovered products. If you’ve been following me for quite some time now, then you’ll know that I was totally obsessed with my Hot Mama blush but for some reason I stopped using it. Maybe because I decided to buy more blushes and experiment on other shades. The same goes with the Tarte blush. Both of them are very pigmented and they go on with every makeup look that I wear. They also last long too!

Now, as for the ELF Golden Bronzer, it’s not really a bronzer. At least for me. I use it as a highlighter especially the lightest shade, but oftentimes I just swirl my brush and use them altogether. I actually remember buying this, swatching it and not end up using it. I was supposed to include this in my blog sale but I just kept it for myself.


October 2014 Faves
L-R: Wet N’ Wild Fergie Lipstick in ‘Fergie Daily’, Nars Audacious Lipstick in ‘Dominique’, Mac Satin Lipstick in ‘Rebel’ and Milani Lip Pencil in ‘Simply Natural’

I’ve been using all of these lip products for the entire month of October. I’ve just been rotating them but the one that I often use whenever I’m off to run an errand or something is the WnW Fergie Lipstick & Milani Lip pencil. They create that perfect mauvey shade that I really love. I used that combo on my previous FOTD.


October 2014 Faves
L-R: Zoeva Luxe Eyeshadow Brushes 221 (Soft Crease), 228 (Crease), 227 (Soft Definer), 224 (Defined Crease) and 102 (Silk Finish)

I will also do a separate review about these brushes but these brushes blend my eyeshadow & face products like a DREAM. I’ve gotten to the point where I was looking at one of my photos and I really wanted to recreate that look using these brushes. They’re that great. They’re very soft, fluffy and they feel so smooth. Just stay tuned for the review, loves.

So those are my favorites for the month of October. I didn’t include nail polishes because I wasn’t really using a ton. I was just using the usual shades that I own but I did some shopping and I was planning to do a haul but then I got a bit lazy. Let me know if you wish to see a (collective) haul, or something. I might be able to squeeze that in.

How about you? What are your favorite products for the month of October? Do we share the same faves? Let me know.

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  • abegaill villacruz

    Super love your favorites! I wonder if the tres semme hairfall mask is really effective for hairfall. I’ve been using the tres semme anti hairfall shampoo and it’s effective on me. If the mask is also effective, might as well add that to my hair care products. I’m so tempted to buy the UD Vice palette as well, but I’m still torn between that and the Lorac Pro. I actually want the Lorac Mega Pro but then it’s sold out already. Haha. Anyway, as for me, I actually don’t have favorites last October as I really bought a lot, both from online and mall shopping. I tried all the ones I bought so I haven’t used a product more than twice pa. So yeah. I also want to buy some of your favorites, especially the milani lip pencil. Will love to try them as well.

    • Truth be told, I cannot really say whether it’s effective in the anti-hairfall aspect since all of the products I use are geared towards that purpose. But it makes my hair extra smooth & silky.

      If you’re into neutrals then go with the Lorac Pro.

  • Dane Salazar

    I’d like to buy the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush. However, it’s a bit pricey. Most of my makeups are just drugstore products. At the moment. I don’t own high-end prods, but I wanna get my hands on Bobbi Brown and MUFE foundations.

    • Yes, it’s a bit pricey but it’s so worth it. It lasts long so the pan lasts for a really long time.

  • Hi Yette! Where did you bought the ELF bronzer?

    • Hello, sorry for the delayed reply. I bought mine at SM Dept store.

  • Kim Nunez

    ohhh so glad i finally have time to read your blog! wow I’m not really a fan of avon because i almost have tried them all especially the make ups for teens packed in a pink packaging “simple pretty” ata name nun, i don’t know but i don’t really like the coverage and quality, but i haven’t tried the ideal luminous foundation, it really looks promising! i’d better try this.

    • Hello, Kim! I’ve missed you.

      You should try this one. I definitely recommend it.