My Weekend Vaca

If you know me and if you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now you will know that I don’t really do personal stuff here. But I thought I’d share to you loves what I’ve been up to especially this past week end.

My Weekend Vaca

I went there last October 31, 2014 to spend the All Saint’s Day. All of our departed loved ones were buried there so whenever its All Saint’s Day, we gather in the cemetery and have our own mini reunion. It’s weird but that’s like our own happy place. We get to reunite with not only those who have left us but also those who we don’t see very often because of our really hectic lives. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take photos while we were there because we arrived a bit late. It was really hot, compared to the weather last year.

My Weekend Vaca

Anyway, I stayed there for three days, and I had to say, it was the most peaceful weekend of my year so far. Life in the province is so peaceful. I haven’t been there for nearly six months and I really missed it. I missed my Diko’s family to bits (though I see them pretty often, still, nothing beats spending quality time with them).

My Weekend Vaca

My sister in law promised to cook my fave fried chicken. Apologies for the photo. It was already ransacked. Pretty obvious that we all loved it. She taught me how to cook it but I still can’t get how she makes her fried chicken tastes like that. (Apart from fried eggs, corned beef, spam and other easy-cook meals, that’s the only thing I know how to cook. Her fried chicken)

My Weekend Vaca
My Weekend Vaca
My Weekend Vaca

Anyway, I really had fun during that weekend and it flew by like it was nothing. I was just supposed to stay there until the 2nd of November but I left at the 3rd. If I had no work that day, I might stay a bit longer than that (even though I don’t have any more clothes, lol). I miss Miki and Max (Miki is the poodle and Max is the bullmastiff). They’re the sweetest & brightest pets anyone could ever wish for.

Stay tuned for some reviews. Oh, and let me know if you want to see my travel makeup bag. Would love to share it with you

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  • Aci

    masarap talaga yung may province na uuwian and nothing beats home cooked meal na specialty ng mga kaanak

  • Dane Salazar

    I’ve always thought that the life in the countryside is so much better. Would you believe that I thought about moving to Baguio or Cebu and finding a job there just to leave the crazy Metro Manila?

    Cute dogs! I have a dog, too. I had gotten too emotionally attached to my mini pinscher and so when she died last August, I felt… broken. But, I’d like to believe she’s in a better place now. I have a new dog. He was given to me since people knew I was heartbroken from my previous dog’s death.

    It’s nice to read some personal posts from time to time, Yette.

    • I agree! Of course, I can’t stand not going to the mall, but still. Life there was so simple. Kahit na minsan mainit. Pero I still love it there.

      The dogs are not mine. Those are my niece’s pets. I don’t have a pet. I wish I do but our living situation isn’t really suitable for pets, lol.

      Thanks, Dane!

  • hanna baldomaro

    sarap sa feeling magpunta ng province .. how i wish makapagtravel kami ulit..

  • mommyR

    hi yette! finally i can comment again =) i love fried chicken too (im not good in cooking as well but glad that hubs know how to cook)

    • Is this you, Rhaine? Okay. I’m officially confused. Sorry.

      • mommyR

        yes dear =) mwah!

  • abegaill villacruz

    I really miss going to the province. I haven’t been there for years already. I always look forward when we have plans visiting our relatives there because I feel that life there is less stressful. We have lots of relatives pa in the province so we really get to mingle with them. I also love the change in ambience and sometimes in culture as well. I wish we can go there na soon.

    • I get that. I’m still lucky because I go to the province whenever it’s All Saint’s Day but I still miss it every time. I love how simple life is there. It’s so quiet there and kahit na mainit you don’t feel so filthy at the end of the day.

  • emz bobier

    sarap talagang pumunta ng province kahit paminsan minsan lang..