L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Bombshell’ & ‘Blushing’ – Review, Photos & Swatches

L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hi, loves! I missed blogging! Grabe! I gotta admit, despite of my usual busy routine, I’ve also been completely obsessed with Sims 4 and just a couple of days ago, I felt like I was over it already (which usually happens to me if I’ve been playing it non-stop. Eventually, I just get tired of it, unless there’s a new expansion pack, lol).

Anyway, if you loves have been following me in my IG account, you will know that I got these babies for like a month ago (or more!). I’ve been wanting to review this ever since, but I wanted to really tell you what I think about them after several uses and applications. Because I remember falling completely head over heels about these lippies. Anyway, they’re the L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints. I got them in the shades: ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Bombshell’ & ‘Blushing’.

L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Product Claims/Description according to the L.A. Girl website:

Making their much anticipated debut, Glazed Lip Paints give the intensely pigmented appearance of a lipstick, with the ease and glossy finish of a lipgloss. Glazed collection includes 18 of the most sought-after, trendsetting colors this season while providing long lasting, hyper glossy, ultra rich color to lips. Extreme bright colors cool and nourish lips with vitamin E and peppermint oil..


L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

The packaging is very reminiscent of Too Faced’s Melted Lipstick. I cannot tell you though how similar they are since I don’t own the Too Faced version as of yet. But if you look at the packaging of Too Faced’s version, you will probably know what I’m talking about. These lip paints comes in a squeeze tube packaging then it comes with a tilted, plastic applicator at the tip. What I don’t like about this packaging is that even the applicator doesn’t work. This is not something that you would like to use for retouching even though it comes with an applicator. Sure it does come in handy, compared to OCC Lip Tars, but still, the tube dispenses way too much product, so spreading it evenly on your lips will be a bit of a challenge. Don’t get me wrong, the applicator is a plus, but in the end of it all, I still prefer a lip brush.


L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

The L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints originally, comes in 12 shades, but here in the Philippines, I believe we only have 6. You can view their website here for a list of their complete shades, but I believe the shades that are available here are: ‘Babydoll’, ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Blushing’, ‘Bombshell’, ‘Pin-Up’ and ‘Coy’. All of the three shades that I have are really pigmented and if applied properly, can cover your lips with just a single layer. Especially the darker ones like ‘Blushing’ and ‘Bombshell’. But if you know me, I like to make sure about everything, so I often apply 2 layers regardless of the shade.


L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

I’ve noticed that all these three lippies don’t have the same consistency with each other. Like for instance, the shade ‘Hot Mess’ is a bit thicker than both ‘Blushing’ and ‘Bombshell’. At first I thought that they’re consistency and formulation is pretty much a dupe for the OCC Lip Tars, but unfortunately they aren’t. Well, yes, they are a cheaper alternative. But in terms of consistency, OCC Lip Tars are liquidy, thereby making them easier to mix with other shades. These lippies are thick so you will end up using a lot of product just to get your desired shade. They don’t mix well. Of course, you can still experiment, but I don’t think these lippies are made for that purpose. I just hope that the formula of this doesn’t separate eventually. One of the CONS that I recently discovered in using OCC Lip Tars is that their formula tends to separate if you don’t use it that often. Of course, you can shake them or whatever but still. It’s like you use them or you loose them. (Read my review of the OCC Lip Tars right here)


L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Hot Mess – Is a bright orange shade when swatched but when worn, it blends on your natural lip color perfectly making the shade a bit lighter, thereby making it more suitable for daytime use. Compared to all of the other shades, I find that this is the most challenging shade to apply. Using the applicator is definitely a no-no. Not even for retouching. You’ll end up moving the product everywhere. It applies rather patchy, so you will have to work per section, and applying this using the traditional method (like sliding the lip brush horizontally following your lips) doesn’t work as great either. I find the tapping method works best for this shade in particular. It’s very opaque as well, and can definitely go on with just a single layer, but if you want to even everything out, then you will need another one.

L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Bombshell – Is a straight up fuchsia shade, very wearable. I love this shade especially if I want to liven up my makeup. It’s not as challenging to apply compared to ‘Hot Mess’ but I wouldn’t recommend you to use it without the lip brush either. It’s still not a good idea to apply it straight from the applicator since the shade is a bit vibrant and in my personal opinion, there’s just no room for errors when it comes to this particular shade.

L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

Blushing – This is definitely my favorite shade above all three. I love mixing either of the two to this one just to experiment. This shade is the easiest to apply and truth be told, though I still wouldn’t advise it for first application, you can definitely use the applicator for retouching purposes.


L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

As previously mentioned, all of these shades are really pigmented, opaque and can go with a single layer. When applied correctly, they don’t settle on to the fine lines of my lips. They don’t dry out my lips after a couple of hours. All of them when first applied, has this glossy finish but as time passes, they give me this beautiful matte finish and then by the end of the day, they just leave me with this slightly stained lips. They last for a really long time, approximately 5-6 hours. Provided I don’t eat really oily foods. Oh, and it’s not something that you would want to wear a lip balm prior to applying it since they are already quite moisturizing. A huge plus if you ask me.


L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints in 'Hot Mess', 'Bombshell' & 'Blushing' - Review, Photos & Swatches

They taste and smell EXACTLY like the OCC Lip Tars. Nuff said


• PROS •
Comes in 6 shades (here in the Philippines) but 25 at US
Comes with an applicator
Comes with an easy-squeeze tube (& really pretty) packaging
Little of it goes a long way
Opaque & really pigmented; Can cover your lips with just a single layer
Some shades are very easy to apply using a lip brush
The applicator can be used for retouching purposes
Creamy & moisturizing
Can be mixed with other shades
Referred to as a dupe for OCC Lip Tars
Has that minty scent & taste (pretty much like the OCC Lip Tars)
Lasts for 5-6 hours
Applies with a glossy finish first then turns into a matte finish eventually, then stains your lips at the end of the day
No longer needs a lip balm as a primer
Available locally
Lip brush is absolutely NECESSARY
Applicator doesn’t work as often as it should
Squeeze tube dispenses way too much product
Not as mixable compared to OCC Lip tars
Some shades are not as easy to apply
4.5 Hearts!
I lah-ove these! They’re very affordable and the shades are very wearable. I hope they bring more shades here in the Philippines. They are indeed a cheaper alternative to the OCC Lip Tars so if you would like to try those but you’re hesitating because of its price tag then go get these instead. These, as I’ve mentioned have the same pigmentation. Texture and consistency might not be spot on, but other than that, they’re really great and I would take these over the OCC Lip tars any day.

If not for the issues that I’ve had experienced while applying these lippies, I would totally give these a 5!

YES. Definitely
Even if you buy them at their original retail price.
Yes. I will buy the other three shades which are sold here and if I encounter the other shades online or wherever, I will definitely be getting myself more of these.

• Product Name | L.A. Girl Glazed Super Intense Lip Paints
• Shade | ‘Hot Mess’, ‘Bombshell’ and ‘Blushing’ • Price | Php 299 • Contains | 0.40 fl oz
• Avalability | L.A. Girl Counters at SM/Landmark Department Stores

So there you have it. Those are my thoughts regarding these babies. As mentioned, I love them and I will continue buying the other shades.

How about you? Do you like L.A. Girl lip products? Have you tried these? What’s your current favorite lip product? Let me know!

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  • abegaill villacruz

    I love the packaging, it looks expensive, but in reality it’s affordable. I have the pin up shade of this and I super love it. I also use a lip brush to apply it as the applicator didn’t work for me. I don’t wanna buy the OCC lip tars because I’m afraid I might not like them so I bought this instead. I’m so happy with LA girl glaze and I’ll hoard other colors soon. Haha. I also like their luxury creme lip color and what I have is the sinful and love letters shades. I super love both as well and their affordable too.

    • I want to buy the other shades! Tinatamad palang ako. Waha may ganun!

      I haven’t tried any other LA Girl Lip products yet, though.

  • Bibili na ako wahaha.. nice review sis!!! Anyways they have new shades din.. Godbless

  • Dane Salazar

    Nice! Even before seeing you wear Blushing, it’s already my top choice among the arm swatches. I initially thought it costs above P500. I was surprised upon reading that it’s only P299.00. This is the first blog review about this product that I’ve read. Keep doing reviews about not-so-hyped products/brands. I think this is also your edge over other blogs.

    • Thanks! You can even get these online at a cheaper price. I believe Nyx Wholesale sells these like Php 100+ (not sure) and they sell more shades. Preorder nga lang.

      • Dane Salazar

        awesome possum! I didnt know about this online store. Sobrang thanks!

  • The Bombshell is the bomb! Been looking for this one ever since I saw your post on IG, but until today, wala pa rin akong makita. Anyway, since it’s so much cheaper than the occ, I don’t really mind the cons. LOL

    • Yup, I agree. Basta L.A. Girl na counters usually meron. Sa SM North ko nabili yung sakin

  • Jenie Rosanes

    I like all those shades.. di ko lang type yung packaging parang ang gulo (=

    • I think they were really trying to emulate TF Melted’s packaging.

  • I have Blushing, and love it! The Too Faced’s Melted Lipstick has a fuzzy applicator sponge, so it is actually easier to apply, and the product only comes out when squeezed.

    I actually love this product, but won’t get more because I have a lot of OCC lip tars, lip gloss, and other liquid lipsticks that I don’t know when I will be able to finish. Lols!

    Love the detailed review!

  • Wow, I’m sold! Well, almost. Heh. Quick question, does it feel sticky?

  • jamie mercurio

    love the review …

  • Fati Recede

    Sooo affordable! Live how glossy they are. I think this product will be my next fave glossy lip color. There are times I prefer matte colora on my lips and there are times also I want glossy ones. Browsed through their site and fell in love with the “Gleam” shade. Bit browny orange I think? Love the Bombshell too