September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Hello everyone! It is time yet again for another BDJ Unboxing. Just like my August Faves, I was supposed to do a video unboxing but my eyes have been really hurting the past few days and they sometimes turn really red especially when I’m really tired (which is getting a bit frequent lately) so I had to pass filming a video. Even looking at the monitor makes me squint multiple times considering that my contrast settings are really low. (It’s also one of the main reasons why I was wearing sunnies when I took my latest selfie – follow me at IG @yettezkiedoodle, lol :P)I might go to the optometrist really soon.

Anyway, sorry to let you in on that. Just thought I’d let you know why I haven’t been around these days. On to the unboxing! Yaaaayyy! (My exaggerated attempt to make you sound really enthusiastic about my really delayed post -_-)

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

This month’s BDJ box is called Beauty Innovations and they are naming it so because majority of the products that are provided here are new releases from really established brands. Some of them are also reformulated and repackaged. So let’s see what’s inside, shall we?

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Godiva Cleansing Kit
Godiva Whitening Facial Wash (80ml; Php 85)
It low foaming soap-free formula is infused with Licorice Root Extract
to gently cleanse your skin, leaving it with a softer, smoother glow.

Godiva Whitening Toner (60ml; Php 60)
Get longer-lasting whiter skin this Toner formulated with Glabridin
to effectively even out skintone and get rid of stubborn

My mama used to really like this brand. I might keep it for later use or give it to her. I have a ton of skin care stuff already and I honestly can’t keep up.

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel
10g; Php 150

Dewy, soft skin is now easy to achieve with Pond’s Institute’s newest formulation, Flawless White Dewy Rose Gel. This whitening gel is infused with Rose Lumiere Serum that goes deep into the skin to lighten dark spots and smoothen pores outside giving you that rosy glow you’ve always wanted.

I an actually impressed with its claims so I might give this a try considering that I’ve been getting a lot of dark spots lately

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner
180ml ; Php 134

This product combines the benefits of a weekly hair treatment with the speed of a daily conditioner. It’s formulated with a Vita-boost Complex that deeply penetrates the hair strand to nourish it from within. Use it in place of your regular conditioner to pamper your hair every day. With 4 variants to choose from, you’re sure to find one that addresses your hair concerns.

I haven’t used Cream Silk for some time now so I really like that these are included here. Plus, they’re two so I can give the other one to my mama

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Dove Intense REpair Daily Hair Vitamin
6ml x 6 Capsules; Php 75

Lock in nourishment for your hair the whole day by using these newly launched hair vitamins inflused with Vitamin E and botanical extracts from Dove. Packaged in individual capsules to keep the formula fresh, simply cut out the end to squeeze the contents on your palms and apply to the middle section of your hair down to the tips for long lasting shine and smoothness.

Been trying this for a couple of days and I really loved it. Makes my hair really soft and smooth. It’s not heavy compared to other hair vitamins I’ve tried. I really do love it

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Jergen’s Moisture Pack
Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion (100ml; Php 88)

Be the first to try this newly re-launched body lotion that’s formulated with a Hydralucence Blend to go deep beneath skin’s surface to heal dryness at the source.
Jergen’s Daily Moisture (200ml; Php 153)
Infused with moisturizing Silk Proteins and a Citrus Extract this reformulated lotion leaves the skin looking and feeling silky and smooth all day long.

I’ve been loving Jergen’s ever since I was a teenager. My mama loves it, my sister loves it. This brand has been with my family for years. That’s why when I saw this in my box, it actually made me smile. (despite owning one too many lotions) It’s nice to be reminded of the things you’ve grown fond of using.

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
Beach Hut Clear Spray
180ml; Php 390

Gone are the days of having to spread the sticky messy sunblock on your skin! Stay longer under the sun without worrying about those harmful rays. It provides better, easier and even application than your ordinary sunblock lotion. Just spray and go.

I’m really looking forward to use this when we go to the beach

EDIT: Just found out through a reader of mine that this will expire on January 2015. I checked mine as well and it does say so on the packaging. I guess mine wont be able to make it on my beach escapade

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
FS Single Eyeshadow in ‘Olive Tree’
4g; Php 150

These easy to blend powder shadows from FS are a great way to build up your eyeshadow collection. They come in varying finishes – shimmer, matte, satin & glitter that you can mix and match to create the look that you want. Their silky textures make it easy to blend on your eyes and also prevents product fallout.

I like FS cosmetics and I’ve tried one of their eyeshadows (as contour) and I really liked it. It has a decent pigmentation and it doesn’t give you tons of fallouts.

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
FS Gel Liner in ‘Brown’
5ml; Php 299

Say goodbye to your pencils and hello to this gel based eyeliner from FS! It’s soft on the lids and rich in definition, so you can easily define your eyes. It comes in a 5ml elegant glass bottle and also comes with a free brush! It glides on smoothly helping you effortlessly achieve the look you want.

I don’t have brown gel liners, and I actually liked FS gel liners before, so this is definitely something new.

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions
PAC Make Over Voucher
(Worth Php 1,500)

Get a brand new look from the PAC Makeup Experts!

So those are the products that I got from this month’s BDJ Box. I must admit, when I first opened this box, I was like “Again?” because I actually thought this box was pretty similar to their July BDJ Box. But when I finally got in to the bottom of the box and when I finally read everything about it, I actually loved it. Though I wont be able to use all of them at the same time, I still think that all of the products would be pretty useful. It would definitely be refreshing to try a lot of new things from really trusted & established brands.

September 2014 | BDJ Box Unboxing & First Impressions

Anyway, here’s the computation of the entire box. (Spoiler Alert – The box is totally worth it! ^_^)

Godiva Whitening Toner
Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel x 2
Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner x 2
Dove Intense Repair Daily Hair Vitamin x 2
Jergen’s Ultra Healing Lotion
Jergen’s Daily Moisture
Beach Hut Clear Spray
FS Single Eyeshadow
FS Gel Liner
PAC Make Over Voucher

PhP 60
T O T A L                                                      PhP 3,358*

*Php 1,858 if the PAC Voucher is not included. Also I do not include foil packets/deluxe samples in my computation.

How about you? Did you get the September BDJ Box? Did you like it so far? What’s your favorite product from the entire box? Mine’s the Dove Hair Vitamin along with the Jergen’s lotions. Let me know your thoughts through the comments below. See you in my next post, loves! :* ♥

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  • itsybeatsybea

    Hi Yettezkie! I also subscribed to the sept box & it’s my first bdj box ever. Im super liking the box & I especially love the cream silk daily treatment conditioner. Only down side is yng beach hut sunblock spray,I checked the expiration & it’s on Jan 2015 na di aabot sa next beach escapade ko. You may wanna check.yours din. Ü

    • Thanks for letting me know about it. I didn’t realize it until you told me. Sayang naman. Sakin din, di sha aabot.

  • Wow! The box is really worth it nga!!! Love it! And oohhh.. please do a review on that Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel pllleassseee

    • Sure, Rhea. Will put it on my list

  • Violy

    wow great box! I use most of the product specially cream silk conditioner and jergens lotion. I am skeptic about the dove hair vitamins, I have tried a few from other brands and nakakatamad sya i apply and prang conditioner din lang naman. Anyway based on your review maganda sya so I’ll give it a try too. thanks!

    • They’re really good. They don’t feel that heavy nor oily.

  • villanueva.rayrose

    Sadly i wasn’t able to buy this box but on the next month i’ll try to purchase one. Also ate can you do a review on gel liners? Which product is the best so far?

    • I think their next available box is for the month of November.

      I’ve used FS gel liners before. They’re okay but not the best. If you want a good gel liner, I recommend buying either Maybelline or the one from Essence. They’re really black, creamy and they’re smudge-proof. I’m more of a liquid eyeliner kinda girl so I don’t use gel eyeliners that often.

      PS – You can also use the one from LA Girls. Lot of YT gurus have been raving about it but it doesn’t work on me. I have oily lids so it smudges on me like craaazyyy…

  • Sulit na kaagad with the eyeliner, conditioner and sunblock! But I’m curious with PAC’s makeover and why is it worth P1,500. You must try it soon, Yette and let us know.

  • Jam Daquio

    whoah.. the September box is so sulit. I wonder if you use them all.. because you always subscribe with them. haha. maybe you have tons of products to try pa

    • Sometimes i give away some products that either don’t match my preference, skin type or some that are just plain duplicates.

  • I’d like to try that Dove intense repair. I haven’t tried them, but everything in your box looks so sulit, I will have to think about trying out the box next month.

  • abegaill villacruz

    I like the Dove hair vitamin and the Cream Silk daily treatment the most. As you mentioned, I love that the hair vitamins gave me soft and smooth hair. I’ve tried other hair vitamins from E_____ and from a salon, but it feels so oily and heavy. The daily treatment makes my hair super easy to comb after showering. I’ve already been using it even before I got the box. I also like the ponds rose gel. It’s interesting since it’s a gel. But I haven’t seen any changes pa with my face, but we’ll see. I haven’t tried FS cosmetics but now I’m so tempted to try it because of the good reviews. I got a PAC voucher din before from tomato but I didn’t get to use it because there’s no PAC counters near us. Oh well. The box is super worth it!

  • Dane Salazar

    My dad works at Unilever so I have already tried almost all of the products except for the ones that have been launched just recently because I already moved out of my parents’ house (All independent women throw yo’ hands up! hahahah!). Anyway, I’m still using some Unilever products. My conditioners/hair treatments are mostly Dove and Cream Silk. I have subscribed to BDJ once, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s just that you have to purchase fast because they sell like pancakes.

  • Hi Yette! Hope your eyes are okay now. I got the September box too, my favorite is the Pond’s gel, made my skin softer every time I use it. Didn’t know that thing about the Beach Hut spray too, thanks for the heads up, kailangan na syang buksan! Hehe.

    Unboxing My September 2014 BDJ Box: Beauty Innovations

    • Thanks, Jean! They’re okay but they still hurt from time to time.