Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics

You have to love our beauty industry these days. A lot of brands are coming up with something new and we keep on seeing new brands from different countries. If you’re a beauty enthusiast like me, then I’m pretty sure that seeing all of this feels like you’re in your own version of Candy Land. ♥

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!
I would really love to take that vanity table home with me.
Though it would only be for decorative purposes because it wont hold my makeup/beauty supplies

Last August 29, 2014, I went to Makati Shangri-La to attend the launching of Heroine Make, another brand by Mandom Philippines (bringers of Gatsby, Bifesta and of course Pixy Cosmetics). They invited us for high tea with Princess Himeko, the brand’s very own ambassadress.

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!

“Heroines aren’t born: they’re made”. According to Heroine Make, with every beautiful heroine is a makeup collection that promises to make you look beautiful and keep you that way, no matter what. Heroine Make has been making rounds through Asia and the brand’s been highly raved about especially their eye products. They’re finally here!

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!

Heroine Make is a Japanese-manufactured makeup line with 10 years of history that turns women into princesses since 2005. It launched a revolutionary range of eye makeup in Japan since then. Their eye products were inspired by the big, beautiful eyes of the classic ‘shoujo’ (Japanese women’s comic) heroine. Fans of manga will note that Heroine Make’s design is heavily influenced by vintage shoujo, when the heroines were at their most romantic — and their most emotional!

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!

After a few words by the executives of Mandom Philippines, the brand’s very own ambassadress/heroine, Princess Elizabeth Himeko, graced us with her presence. First she sang to us her very own rendition of ‘Born This Way’ with her unique touches. Then she gave us a quick insight about her life, her cat named Sliphead and some few inspiring words about how every woman deserves to look beautiful, always. You can see Princess Himeko in the brand’s packaging where her crying, laughing, and swooning expressions indicate that the products work, no matter what state you are into.

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!
Miss Igarashi doing the daytime makeup look

Then after Princess Himeko’s speech, Ms. Sayuri Igarashi, Heroine Make’s Makeup Artist and Beauty Counselor did a quick makeup demo for day & night makeup looks. With the help of a translator, she was able to get her point across and she was really funny. Oh, and she’s more than 50 years old. Yet she looks (and acts, lol) so young for her age. She credits sunscreen as one of the major factors as to why she looks that way.

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!
Miss Igarashi doing the nighttime makeup look

She used Heroine Make products in all of her demo and she mentioned that Heroine Make can last the whole day which is really helpful for those of us who aren’t fond of retouching

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!
Mandom Philippines Executives with Ms. Sayuri Igarashi, and her models for the demo along with Princess Himeko & the host of the event

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!

We were given these really cute charm bracelets with the initials of my name. Sadly they have no Y anymore so mine was letter J (for Joyette which is actually my first name – I forgot to take a photo, since it’s in my bag already, oops :P). They also gave us our very own box of goodies.

Celebrating the Royal Arrival of Heroine Make Cosmetics!
Apologies for the lame lighting, I was too tired to get the other desk lamp that time

How about you? Have you tried Heroine Make? If so, what’s your favorite so far? Mine’s their BB cream, their loose powder, their eyebrow pencil, their liquid eyeliner and then their mascara. Lol. That seemed most of their products, already. Oh, well. You should try them, if you haven’t. I’m sure you’re going to love them too.

Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heroine-Make-Philippines/
And on Instagram: http://instagram.com/heroinemakeph
for further updates!

See you on my later post, loves! ♥

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  • yukii gucci

    so cute nmn ! cant wait for the review and ofcourse the price ranges sis

    • Thanks, Yuki! They don’t go more than Php 1000 if I’m right

  • Janina

    Nice photos! Their products are so picturesque. I’m hoping I could try their products someday. Kinda sad that they weren’t selling their products on the BDJ Box Social but hoping I could visit their stall

    • I believe you can find them at Watson’s MOA

  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve only tried their liquid eyeliner and I super love it! It’s so easy to apply, and doesn’t smudge. You can also create super thin line with it. I wanted to try their BB cream and loose powder. I hope I won’t get allergic to it. I wanted to buy nga on their stall sa BDJBox event but the girls are busy doing makeovers. Super cute ng photos! Cute din ng charm bracelets na binigay.

    • Yup I love their BB Creams as well as their eyeliners.

  • Kim Nunez

    I really find Heroine Make interesting since yung brand ambasadress nila si Princess Elizabeth Himeko, not a person, not an actress nor a model but a fictional character, I guess that makes them different since a lot of girls like anime like beauty the lashes, the eyes.. anyway haha I have tried the Mascara, and wow it was thiiiiiick my small eyes got bolder without the sticky feeling. Saka yung loose powder! it was so white that I thought it wouldn’t fit my skin color tapos nung nilagay na ang ganda, fresh looking and it blends sa kahit anong skin color

    • True! Gotta love their products!

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    Is it the same brand na inintroduces ng BDJ Team in their elite boxes? I find this brand super duper wow. Yung packaging, yung affordability, yung finish and everything! And it was from Japan, I mean, who doesn’t love Japan anyway?! Products from them is just perfect and safe! I love it! Haven’t tried anything from them but I wanted to try their BBs. Ima bb girl, I couldn’t go out without my BB cream on my face. Haha. Do they also have lippies din ba Ms. Yhette? Love their eyeliner, I wanted to create a sexyvvavoom cat eye look with this awesome product! Im so excited to try this brand, no need to retouch na din siguro. It looks perf for every girls outhere! <3<3<3

  • I love their packaging, cute but not tacky. I can imagine this would be a perfect brand for me since I easily get sweaty and oily (ugh). Thanks for all that info about Heroine Make, I like trivias, hehe. How did you manage to remember all that? Galing!

  • Dane Salazar

    I think that sunscreen is definitely the youth ELIXIR lol! That’s why I make it a point to protect my face and body almost always. I love running in the morning and I always apply sunscreen on my face and the exposed parts of my body. Anyway, I think 2013 and 2014 are the years of the makeup revolution. I just noticed that a lot of brands got introduced to the Philippine market during these years. What’s great about it is that consumers now have a lot of makeup brands to choose from and I think these creates a healthy, but stiff competition among makeup manufacturers/companies. This could have an impact both on prices and quality. Gone are the days when famous makeup brands would “monopolize” the makeup market and price their products sky high. >.<