August Faves 2014

July Faves 2014

Okay, so this is probably one of the ‘latest’ August Favorites you’re going to ready and I apologize for that. Truth be told, aside from my usual excuse, I cannot bring myself to blog lately. Mind you, I am not bored, I guess I’m just going with a phase and I’ve been feeling tired quite a lot lately.

Anyway, I actually did a video about my August Favorites but I gave up while I was editing it. Aside from the fact that it’s already late for my Faves, I really have no time to edit and publish at the moment. Anyway, here are my faves. Hope you enjoy this list. (and forgive my whining -_-)


August Faves 2014

Isehan Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF 50+ PA++++ – I have been incorporating this in my skincare routine especially whenever I’m going outside. Honestly, I cannot say if it’s effective yet since it’s not as often that I go outside, but I want to include this because ever since I got it it’s been the one that I’ve been using and I think that makes it as a favorite as well, don’t you?
(Featured in my BBDJ Box Elite: Be Your Own Heroine | Unboxing & First Impressions post)

Human ♥ Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil I use this mainly for my lashes. I use a liner brush then I apply it onto the base of my lashes. I notice that they became a bit thicker than usual. I don’t know if it’s just me but I’ve used a lot of eyelash serums before and none of them made me feel as though they’re working. So yep, kudos to this one.


August Faves 2014

Heroiine Make Mineral BB SPF 50+ PA++ in ’01’ I have been loving this one ever since I got it. It’s a bit lighter than my skin tone but it’s very blendable and it provides a light to medium coverage. It’s very buildable and it keeps the dewiness in to a manageable level. I don’t like really dewy BB creams because I love using my highlighters so this is definitely a hit for me.
(Featured in my BBDJ Box Elite: Be Your Own Heroine | Unboxing & First Impressions post)

L’oreal True Match Super-Blendable Makeup in ‘Nude Beige’ Never really thought that I’ll be buying this one because I am a Revlon foundation girl through and through. Not that I hate L’oreal’s face products, just saying. But L’oreal foundations have been getting a lot of hype lately so I thought I should give this one a try since I’m also running out of my Revlon Whipped foundation. Anyway, this matches my skin tone ‘perfectly’. It provides an excellent coverage and it gives a really good finish. I ended up LOVING IT.


August Faves 2014

Lorac Pro I think it’s pretty obvious now that I really am head over heels with this palette. I use it every now and then and usually I don’t repeat mentioning products in my Monthly favorites but the only reason why this product is here is because this blog post was meant to include a video but oh well.
(Featured in my LORAC PRO Palette – Review, Swatches & Pics post)

Urban Decay Naked Basics I call it the lazy girl palette. If you are always on the go and you don’t want to be overwhelmed with a ton of colors (like the number of shadows that are featured in Lorac Pro) then this will be your favorite. You got a perfect matte shade to contour your lids, as well as a darker one to emphasize the outer corners, a light satin shade for your inner tear ducts, and a beautiful highlight for your brow bone. This will also be perfect for newbies. I lah-ove this palette.
(Featured in my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette – Review, Photos & Swatches post)

In2It Waterproof Gel Liner in ‘Very Black’ It’s not the perfect liner, I must admit. I am still in the hunt for my goto black eyeliner. One that doesn’t fade in my waterline for in just less than 2-3 hours. One that doesn’t give me racoon eyes after just an hour. This one, doesn’t last as long compared to my Avon Glimmerstick. But what I like about this is that it just fades. It doesn’t give me racoon eyes, which I’d much rather prefer. Like I said, it’s not perfect.

Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer I’ve been wearing false eyelashes quite a lot recently. For filming, for family events, etc. This is the one that I have been using. I like it much better than most of my eyelash glue because it dries clear and it has an applicator. It’s very handy too and it’s not messy. Oh I don’t experience my eyelashes gradually coming off at the end of the day. It’s definitely budge-proof.

False Eyelashes #216 Got this box from 168 for only Php100. I really like these because they’re very natural looking and it frames my eyes really well. I use it for my videos. Though you can barely notice it, I still prefer using it compared to my other false lashes because it’s just natural and it just makes my lashes a bit more fuller.

Pixi Volumizing Waterproof Mascara This is very volumizing on it’s own and it’s definitely love & wow at first use. But I love using it as my first step then I layer my Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara on top. This mascara is more on lengthening rather than volume so together they make a perfect team.


August Faves 2014

Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit I am sorry for mentioning a product that has already been discontinued but I have really been loving this one and I often get compliments whenever I use this. I don’t really know any product that can replace this as of the moment so I’ve always been on the hunt for a good eyebrow palette.
(Featured in my Look Beauty Brow Perfect Kit – Review, Photos & Swatches post)


August Faves 2014

Benefit Hoola Bronzer I have an on and off relationship with this bronzer. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it. Last month I loved it. I love how subtle it is yet it manages to contour my chubby cheeks. The brush is very usable and you can wash it. It doesn’t shed. I like this bronzer because it’s matte but I just realize that it contains a really tiny amount of product for such a hefty price.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Exposed’ I cannot stress how much I love this and I don’t know how many faves this blush has been on. It’s a nude blush that can be used either as a contour or blush. If you’re going to get just one blush from Tarte, then I suggest you get this one.
(Featured in my Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in ‘Exposed’ – Review, Photos & Swatches post)


August Faves 2014

L-R L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint in ‘Blushing’; Lime Crime Velvetines in ‘Pink Velvet’ and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in ‘Smitten’

These are the shades that I’ve been loving a lot for the past month, especially the L.A. Girl Glazed Lip Paint in ‘Blushing’. It looks like the Too Faced Melted lipstick but it kinda has the consistency, formulation, scent and “taste” of the OCC Lip Tars. Although, I must say that I kinda prefer these. They offer the same longevity (though they’re not as mixable as the OCC Lip Tars) and what I like about them is that it has an applicator. Though I still prefer using a lip brush for precision, it can still come in handy for touch ups.


August Faves 2014

Women’s Legend Powder Brush My faves will never be complete without a favorite makeup tool. That’s just the way it is. I use this for my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I use this for the ‘Dim Light’ shade.


August Faves 2014

L-R Girl Stuff Nail Polishes in ‘Wild Berry’ & ‘Cosmos’

I actually don’t know the name of the shade in the middle that’s why I only have two shades listed above. Sadly despite Girl Stuff’s excellent formula, their packaging in terms of labeling is kinda ‘eh…’. Anyway, those are my favorite shades and they last really long on my nails.

So those are my favorite products for the month of August. I do apologize for the lengthy post. Like I said, this was supposed to include a video and the corresponding blog post was just merely a list with minimal context but I’ve been feeling a bit chatty today. Promise I’ll do a video soon.

How about you? What are your favorite products for the month of August? Let me know via the comments below.

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  • abegaill villacruz

    It’s okay to be late Ms. Yette! Better late than never. Nice picks and ang dami! I didn’t know that the sunflower oil can be used on the lashes. Matry nga. I’m also a Revlon fan interms of foundation. But recently, I’m also into trying out from other brands. I’m experimenting with L’oreal, Nyx and Maybelline. So far I love those. As for the eyeshadows, I really really love the naked palette series from Urban Decay. It’s kinda expensive but they are all pretty. Have you tried the naked palette 3? It’s super awesome as usual. I also love sephora palette when I wanna be an artsy fartsy in colors. haha. For days that I just wanna have makeup but I’m not going anywhere far, I use the fashion 21 eyeshadow palette. Super affordable. I don’t use false lashes and mascara. I kinda have long lashes na and when I put mascara on, my lashes reach my lids. I love beauty uk baked blush (but I forgot the shade) because it gives the color I need in just a few stroke. For eyebrows, I’m using the nyx eyebrow set (it has wax, stencil, brush and color for eyebrows) and I love it. It’s super easy to use. For lips I use Happy skin lippies and Avon color rich lipstick. And as for the nails, I’m now loving Maybelline color show collection. I change my nails every week so I already used 4 shades. I get a lot of good reviews nga with the girl stuff nail polishes! I’ll but a lot this sunday after the BDJBox event! Sorry for the super long comment

    • I’ve read it somewhere that you can use it for your lashes. I just don’t remember where. I haven’t tried any Sephora brand lately. Maybe I should try those. Haha. If you have that kind of lashes, then I envy you to bits

      Love the comment, so no worries. See you this Sunday!

  • Teri

    Is that how the sunflower oil works? I’m curious of this, I’ve seen this multiple times in other blogs. I like the false eyelashes #216 just barely looking at it. I like the nail polishes to except the pink.

    • You can also use it as a moisturizer. I just read it somewhere that it’s effective for your lashes as well and it just so happened that it worked.

      Love those lashes too

  • You always have a nice choice! Love the nail polish try nail art tutorials too! hehe, sana makagawa ka ng what’s on your bag or what’s on your daily make up kit

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    I cant say any.. I just LOVE all of your favorites! I really enjoyed reading and seeing those pretty pics on this blog post and I ended up smiling and informed at the end. Love it! Ive been using the falsies too which I bought at an online shop (im an online shopper and love it! The hard part for me is looking for a nice falsies glue to pair with it. Haha. Anyways, have you tried the browhaus perming lashes chuchuu? I forgot what it is called but it looks so good after the procedure Though it is a bit pricey and medyo masakit ata after, but the longevity and those pretty full long lashes are the bomb! Next thing I have noticed is the benefit hoola!! OMG! That’s my ultra mega favorite too! Ang mahal nga lang, bakakaubos ng allowance. That’s why the last time I bought it, nag SG na cosmetics na lang ako which is around 200 pesos lang ata. The same sila, mas longer nga lang ang staying ng orig, and no pimples naman ako after. Good thing! Haha. Next thing is the foundie, it looks super gorge sa face. By just looking at the bottle feeling ko magkakasundo kami sa paghahide ng aking blemishes. Hihi. Matry nga siya You could try the covergirl olay tone rehab too. Anyways, sabi ko wala akong masabi, pero I ended up with this long comment. haha. Natutuwa kasi ako magcomment sa blog mo Ms. Yhette, f na f ko Hihi. Thank you for sharing this super awesome and gorge post, and dont feel sorry. Kahit madelay pa yan ng 1 taon, love na love ka pa din namin Take care Ms. Yhette! :*

    • You should try the NYC Sunny Bronzer. I haven’t tried it yet but they’re saying that it’s a dupe of Hoola. I don’t see anyone selling it kase. I mean I know some online sellers but they don’t take paypal and I’m not fond of doing bank transfers unless I really like the product, lol

      Aww, thanks Aegeane. Your comments are so sweet and I love the way you comment! <33

  • I love everything here! I kinda agree with the Girl Stuff packaging, I used to ignore that brand before because their old packaging/label looks tacky to me (and I know, thou shall not judge a book by its cover but when it comes to beauty stuff, the cover adds credibility factor…at least for me), their new label is actually an improvement but yeah, it could still be better.

    Anyway, don’t ever worry about late and long posts, we still love reading them and actually, I enjoy reading long posts because I learn a lot more.

  • Rae

    Yette!!! Hope you’ll write an in-depth review of the SPF50++++ sunblock. Sucker for sunblock