You’re Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

You're Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

Hi loves! So this will just be a tiny update regarding this upcoming event which will be held this October. I am so excited and what’s more is that it’s not just a Beauty Fair. It’s Beauty Fair 2014 Back to Back with Boys & Girls Bazaar.

This year, they’re not only opening their doors to beauty enthusiasts and makeup addicts like moi. They will also be catering to fashionistas, gadget geeks, collectors, etc. They will be offering basically everything under the sun. Well that may be an exaggeration but you do get my point. The Boys & Girls Bazaar will definitely showcase most if not all of the trendiest fashion products, newest gadgets, and unique collector items. AAND of course there’s all other stuff that I’m sure you’re going to love.

You're Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

And my personal favorite, though I may be biased, is the Beauty Fair 2014. I was in their first Beauty Fair with my good friend Eyah (of and I remember did some major damage at my wallet (click here to read all about my collective haul).

You're Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

This year’s Beauty Fair will feature most of your favorite online shops such as Make Up Hub, Digital Train case, Chedelyn’s Cosmetics, Beauty Cosmetics, and a lot more. There will be stores selling make up (of course!), skin care products, nail polishes and oh well, I’m sure you’ll be overwhelmed when you get there! (just like I was last year :P)

You're Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

The main event will also feature services like Brow Makeover, Waxing, Threading, Eyelash Extension and many more!

So are you coming? If yes, then see you there!

You're Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar
will be held on October 17-19, 2014 | 12nn – 10pm
at Elements, Eton Centris
Edsa corner Quezon Avenue

You're Invited! Beauty Fair 2014 X Boys & Girls Bazaar

For further details, please refer to their event page here

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  • abegaill villacruz

    I’ve seen your previous haul and the prices are cheap nga. I hope I can visit the bazaar after work. Thank you for sharing this event. It’s more than a month from now so I can save money to splurge on this event. Haha. I bet I would get to buy a lot. I hope I can find cute and unique nail polishes.

    • Yay! Hope to see you there!

  • Aegeane Mikka Brioso

    OMG! OMG! I love itt! My first time to hear a back to back boys and girls bazaar! It looks so exciting! Plus my all time favorite online store, make up hub was there! Love their auth make ups so much, afford na afford at pak na pak! Do they have an entrance fee Ms. Yhette? Sister and mom wants to go to this wonderful event. We wanna see you!! Where are you located ba Ms. Yhette? This event may seem to far away from our house, pero I wanna go talaga, Im thinking of having my own blog soon by October and I wanna feature this event on my blog! Hihi. Super thanks for sharing!!

    • Oops, I forgot to mention that. There’s no entrance fee.

      I might be there either on Friday or Saturday. It depends on Eyah. She’s coming with me. Kaming dalawa ulet. haha. I live near SM San Lazaro.

      Oh and Good luck to your upcoming blog!

  • Never attend bazaar! Huhu I hope i can experience it sometimes!! Really far away from me (nueva ecija) .. i hope i can plan someday to go on bazaar like this or maybe blogger bazaar

    • Aww, sayang naman.

  • I think everyone who will be on this event should better get their pocket ready. It’s hard to stay on your budget when going to events like this and I’m sure many can’t resist buying stuff from the trusted online beauty stores as they offer affordable items. The Boys and Girls Bazaar is also something to look forward too. Since this event will be held on October, I think it is also perfect to do an early Christmas shopping here. Thanks for exciting us on this announcement.

    • True! Would love to see you there!